W57 Core meltdown, world stabilizes

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Hello my wonderful viewers, I Hope today find’s you in good cheer, and high spirits. A lot has changed in our cheerful little world as of late  it is my hope I have been able to catch and record those changes in a sign cant enough way that I can relay it back to you.

One such example of recent changes is the power houses of E.T. and pch have fallen to the road side.  So it seems we would have some splits and merges due to these actions. Also dream is gone, as ILL stands tall as the victor of that northern battle that will be remembered for ages in the future. Merges are something always talked about and everyone always says such and such world merges too much and these merges are ruining such and such world; Which is similar in a lot of ways how older people talk about how the younger generation is bad. Well merges take place on every world and while most might not like or agree with them the fact is that they make the world and the tribes that shape the world, there a fundamental part of the makeup of this game.


Enough talk let’s look at the top 5 tribe rankings.

1              Happy : This seems to be the largest  splinter of the once mighty E.T led by xenthyl this tribe seems to be growing steadily and seems to be pretty solid member wise. They have a semi low member count of 31.  And seem quite confident  for the future, there greatest challenge will be solidifying there K’s so they can then move on outwards and maybe challenge some of the larger tribes in war. They seem to have 4 inactive members with their duke internalling one of the 4.4 is also the number of people they have in the red for the weeks running total of growth.

2              Infamy : It would Seem that PCH has split with the larger of the two parts joining infamy. Infamy then kicked some of there in actives recently, while the amount of members has gone up some it seems they tried to limit this as well, they firmly control 4 k’s with a presence in others. They have a large amount of members which is often seen as a negative but it seems infamy knows how to control their members and this isn’t much of an issue for them. They only have two accounts in the negative for the weeks total. There inactivity seems small and hard to catch, but then again maybe it’s just hiding in there bulk of members.  It will indeed be important to watch this tribe and see what they do in the future, but for the time being it seems infamy has a firm spot in this world.

3              4Play : A formation of some smaller players, in the east and a couple of the former pch members near them they started off with a bang by attacking train and forcing them to disband. With a few good members and the solid leadership it seems to have this tribe is indeed off to a good start. They need to secure there region a bit and fill in the gaps between there players.  They seem to have 4 players in the red for this weeks growth period, as well as 2 in actives.

4              Ill : the proud victor of the war of the north , they seem very strong and very proud. At the start of their war no one would of guessed the winner, but with dream gone, only Ill remains now.                With strong control in the north they remain a bit spread and could use some condensing and cleaning up there region a small bit. But this is indeed a tribe that is holding their own in this world. They have no members in the red for this week’s growth and seem to be very active and very dedicated.

5              Lucky!   Former where members, and former raov and former e.t. this tribe is indeed a nice mixing pot of various tribes in there region. They have a nice area of control they could use with some strengthening in their core region as most of the top tribes could.   They have the smallest member count of the top 5 tribes which is always a positive, don’t seem to have many in actives, and only have 1 player in the red for the weeks growth. We will see what the future holds for them and if they will remain in the top 5.

It seems things are shaping up and even out. For yes dear readers because from the looks of things that time has come on w57 that has come on many past worlds, the core is starting to crumble a bit and the rim tribes are stepping up to bat.  This may be a time of unrest and change , but from experience in past worlds things will start to calm down a bit after this now. But then again every world is difrent, but it could be that we are truly leaving behind the early days of our world and stepping into the mid-game era. Times change and everyone has to change with them or else you end up with the dinosaurs

 top players

Now let’s see what of the top 6 players remain from the last time around.

1 TheIlluminati  in the past this player seems to have gobbled up a lot of internals, while keeping a high ODA count. Lately they seem to have been munching on barb noblers in there region. It will be interesting to see how they hold up in the future and if they will keep there rank 1 spot, or if they will be forced to actually fight active, dedicated, good players instead of picking on the weak and those that have quit or gone barb.

2. noobsonice: banned

3. DontworryIamnotverygood  this player has recently merged and gave the account two new co-players. It seems to be ran 24/7 and is very active; there growth has slowed now that the merging of the two accounts is over. They seem to have a solid area and could use some expansion maybe towards the west and Tw Player who seems to be there biggest competitor and whom they have attacked in past wars, but maybe not as train disbanded and their targets have found refuge in Vodka, in fact ex-train seeking safety in vodka could slow the growth of this account, time will tell as we keep an eye on them.

4. Pain.Carbon  Has a steady village growth and small villages overall, but lots of them seems to be a active farmer, getting a lot of res and coins to use for more villages, his noble rate seems to be about equal to that which he can noble or has troops to clear, in English he is doing wonderful and will probably rise a rank and will definitely stay in top 5.

5. wingedpig  Has been growing steady, fighting in the amigo war, gaining good stats and nice conquerors, his growth is pretty  stable and it seems he has excess nobles to keep his current rank where it is at.

6. lion lio spread over 3 k’s there growth has been nice and stable, they seem to have lots of excess nobles so there growth rate should remain stable, and should sky rocket if they can find a target to noble, or if they get any internals. Look to see them rising in the ranks a bit.

The lead of the top 5 is starting to widen, as is the amount of surplus that some of them have that will make a continued growth easier. Anyone can always challenge them but this may get harder as this gap starts to widen.

Interview Time

Next I have some pretty Interviews for you all too read; With various players and tribal leaders that I haven’t been able to talk with before. I am slowly but surely trying to get all the top players and top tribes an interview week by week.

First we have a interview with the leader of 4play, a very friendly and nice guy named chomp of the dontworry account.

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Next we have the duke of kgd , for a brief interview.
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Followering up we have a interview with the duke of infamy kato


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That about wraps things up, folks I hope you found the blog decent enough, if you have any thoughts, comments or concerns, as always give me a comment or give me a message or such. Next week if things remain constant we should take a look at some of the other tribes of the world, as well as some of the other players.