Congratulations – Issue 13

March 25, 2011 in Special Features, World 033 News

Congratulations to Nick aka Mavarok, who reached 750 conquers against the enemy first. Narrowly pipping stiker de grey to the crown. Well done Nick !

As promised you will receive an invitation for an interview from me.

If anyone else wants an interview, just mail me :)

On another note , the main blog will be out this week. Detailing the recent events and another showing the Christmas ops !(yes I haven’t forgotten !)

I also apologize since the latest blog is well overdue.

I look forward to getting back into the flow of things.

Finally, I would like the creation of a new banner. The prize I am giving away is one of three boxes . You choose the box , You choose the prize. I supply the prize. This ranges from pp to a free interview to even ingame help!

Have a good day/night