CoA vs. CoA

May 13, 2011 in World 056 News, World News

This blog issue will include an analysis of the Top Players of W56 as well as the clusters they have built with their nobling. I received a good deal of blog suggestions but the winner for this weeks blog is the CoA vs. CoA challenge. Also, we’ll take a look at the beginnings of the Warg! vs. MoM war and the PnP that announced it all.

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We’ll start with the top 10 players first

As you can see MoM has four of the Top 10 Players and Tutti is the next highest with two. Each stat is doubled in the top 20, with MoM holding eight ranks and Tutti holding four.

Now let’s look at the players themselves…

1 ) mohua.

mohua. has held rank one since the 27th of april according to TWStats, and so far has been the most consistent rank one yet. His nobling record stands at 25-1, with a 2.9k village loss to FEAR. Rank 9 ODT shows mohua. to be an active attacker and defender along with his nobling, and there is little to worry about with his stats. Watch the next couple ranks carefully for any large point village caps that could push them close to mohua. in points.

2 ) Saeldur

10k points seperate Saeldur from rank 1, and 14k keep rank 3 from catching him. At the moment he is in good position to maintain rank and grow without much hassle. He stands at 22-0 in nobling with the rank 74 ODA. However, his ODD rank of 1826 leaves much room for improvement. This could easily be explained by players fear of attacking him or MoM, but to be sure he will need to improve that rank to discourage attackers.

3 ) arrow123

arrow123 has recently taken the rank 3 position from CarMander by just 5k points. One nice conquer would eliminate this distance, so watch for a lot of jockeying for position until one or the other falls short. His rank 6 tribe should help keep him up in the ranks for awhile unless they fight a major war with another top tribe.

4 ) CarMander

Consistent, non-internal nobling will be a key factor for CarMander to reclaim the rank 3 spot or higher. 9 of his 21 conquers have come against MoM players which is pretty poor for this stage of the game. Internalling becomes more of a factor in late game and there are plenty of players to split those villages with rather than nobling all for one’s self. The OD stats truly show where this player should rank without the internals, but it is very possible we will see him nobling players that fight back to keep his rank. Only then will we know for sure if he deserves it or not.


This player as of late has had some nice conquers, including 5 villages over 5k points in the last 5 days. These along with 2 other smaller villages (4k and 3k) have brought him up to rank 5. He barely holds the lead on rank 6 however, so I expect this position to change hands multiple times in the next few weeks. If GGTTW can continue to find strong conquers he should have no trouble remaining in the top 10.

6 ) MommysLittleBrat

First off, props for choosing a name that fits your premade theme. We should not, however, considering you a little brat anytime soon. Rank 6 is a great achievement for any player, and not only that but ahead of rank 7 by 15k with the same number of villages. Smart nobling equals a strong rank and demonstrates a good knowledge of the game. Two losses to MMCP are easily overwhelmed by the 9 caps against them. Keep up the good work and we’ll see MommysLittleBrat around the top 10 for awhile.

7 ) Robben7

Robben7 will need to be careful that the rank 8 player, only 2.5k behind, doesn’t catch him in a flash. With 3 less villages, it is almost certain he will be surpassed for rank 7. Not to worry though, all around decent stats should keep him in the top 20 at least. Watch for climbs and falls on this players graph for an indication of whether he will stay in the top or fall short.

8 ) Gregoun

Eight tribe changes to match his rank 8 are a bit unusual for a top player. Normally the top players have switched tribes only 2-3 times before finding their fit. Hopefully by now Gregoun has found a good match with Tutti. Consistent steady growth is very promising for him, and the clusters we will look at later will determine which of the steady growers are in most trouble.

9 ) Xeiristos

Xeiristos holds the highest village points average of all the top 10 with 7.6k points per village. 1.5k points seperates him and rank 8, but a difference of 7 villages will be the key. Nobling will bring points faster than growing villages, one of the main reasons point whoring is frowned upon often. Usually, point whores don’t last long. It will be interesting to see what happens with this rank in the future.

10 ) Leanne.

Ironically, mohua. and Leanne. seem rather similar ingame names. The stats however prove different, with Leanna. at an extremely poor ODT rank of 318. Some low-point barb nobling lately could prove to be her undoing as the ranks below search for any weakness to break the top 10.

Next we’ll look at the clusters these players have formed and what it will mean for them!

As you can see from the above, Robben7 who was formerly a Tutti member is mixed tightly with Leanne. who remains in Tutti. This could prove to be a problem if they fight it out in their area over nobling rights and any ill feelings. arrow123 is very close to the top 3 MoM players mohua. Saeldur, and MommysLittleBrat. CarMander represents the northern extreme of MoM’s territory and the lower number of top players in that region. GGTTW and Xeiristos are both relatively safe from any interference from the other top players, but could have problems with the lower ranks due to their low rank. This gives us an important look into the strength of players clusters as well as their location, but we will go more indepth with this analysis in a later issue.

In recent news, Warg! has declared war on MoM. This will be an interesting test for both tribes, with MoM holding the upper hand in top 40 players and villages. If MoM can hold together and fight them, it shouldn’t be a problem. The big issue for this time of world will be the individual players playing for their own rank and points instead of for the tribe in time of war. Definitely keep an eye on this one, and the first war stats are posted below.

Side 1:
Tribes: Warg!
Side 2:
Tribes: MoM

Timeframe:Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1:180
Side 2: 170

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0

Difference: 0

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 806,517
Side 2: 861,802
Difference: 55,285

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0

Bare in mind, I posted the last week’s worth of nobling and there doesn’t seem to be much action. However, take a look at the total conquers during this time. Warg! actually has a 10 village lead on MoM in nobling the last week. This is a good sign for them when nobles start flying, they know it is possible to outgrow the rank 1 MoM, at least for a week.

As for the war declaration PnP, I decided to create the ~AoL~ PnP Ranking System. Details of this system will not be disclosed(and are ever changing), but it will be used to rank PnP as the world goes on. Any topics I view as potential PnP I will rank. Make sure if you see a topic as Propaganda to contact me via forum mail!

Warg! vs MoM -May 12th, 2011

This PnP gets a 6 for originality, particularly the picture explanations, and the use of unusual pictures. A couple of mistakes like saying the founder of MoM was Morthy(Community Manager) instead of Muldie(MoM Leader) lowered the ranking, as well as the lack of interesting quotes, funny comments, and just plain attractiveness. Consistency throughout a PnP in your text is important, but you don’t want your PnP to look the same the whole way through. Variety and appeal is an important part of propaganda, include more!

Last but not least,  we will view the world through the eyes of a six year old and decide who will win the CoA vs. CoA Challenge!

For this challenge, we will compare the CoA’s of the top tribes to see which one a six year old would pick to win.

First off, TBH vs. Tutti!

Both CoA’s use unique animation to their advantage, but the coolness factor of an imploding planet gives the advantage to TBH! Tutti appears to be tooting their own horn a bit too much…

Next up, Old vs Lazy!

Will Ferrell? or a sleeping cat? This no haul world should be anything but boring, so Mr. Cat should join one of the older worlds and fall asleep with his hand on the farming key. Will Ferrell wins it! Hopefully for the sake of comedy films, he never grows Old or Lazy.

Finally, the most important matchup in W56 history…

Warg! vs MoM!

Talk about weird, both have very little color and look a bit creepy. A knight in armor and a horror movie woman, which would a six year old pick…

And the winner is…

Warg! Any six year old knows that a knight in shining armor always wins plenty of babes in the end! Okay, maybe he doesn’t know that yet, but he will eventually. Most won’t see a horror movie for another ten years, so Warg! gets the final win.

That is all for this issue of the W56 Blog! I apologize for being a little late on my post estimate, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed the read. Players interested in receiving an ingame mail every time I post a new issue of the blog, send me a forum mail with your ingame name. Any suggestions and comments as well as tips on future events are also welcome! Til next time!