Closing Of World & Half Price Packets – Issue 10

December 16, 2010 in World 033 News

Hello World 33 .

This is the 10th issue of the blog, just before my blog with an LKJ council member comes out some time next week. This also includes an interview with rhandaltor, of the Legion tribe.


Yep finally this world has under 1000 players as detailed here.

Here’s the Tribalwars message we received.

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The Vote Ended as  this;
Yes 106 59.22%

No 73 40.78%

Votes cast: 179

I would consider that you all should have voted for what you believe should have happened. Its a shame out of the 900+ players we have, only 179 voted. Now as many have questioned on this world, half price packets on a 1-fixed noble world doesn’t really help you end the game quicker and/or make the world easier . As this quote below sums up nicely. ‘ It seems no one realised we are one of the few worlds with non-increasing prices for nobles, so no coins and packages to store. So making them cheaper is useless, we can already build as many as we want. ‘  Rhandaltor.So there has been a few suggestions formulated, ranging from no morale/time based morale to no fake limit anymore. Also a unanimous decision for the world to close to new members. I encourage everyone who plays world 33 to offer a suggestion and comment.Here is Rhands interview with me .

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Following on from that interview , it has now been announced this world is officially closing on Thursday the 23rd of December. Well Done TW.

Lastly ,

Something to note about the church is people tend to believe the tactic is to cluster. Another thing is not many barbarians are nobled at this game with ‘abandons’ usually going up as more and more people delete. Like I said , this worlds interesting.

The war against Barbarian villages has begun

Lets say thats 4k barbarian villages nobled in 1 month . Another year and a half going at that rate (including a few other people deleting) and all the barbarians would be nobled out . Would this be a good thing ? The first world to do that? Or something embarrassing ? You decide.

Thank you World 33 for making my job as blog writer easier.

Congrats to everyone on getting so far in this world .


Last 100 days of conquers from the top 5 tribes in world 33

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Thank you to John (domin8rix) for providing the map .


HAWKS = Blue
TW = Green
LKJ = Yellow