Chasing The BUL

August 8, 2009 in World 026 News

What do you like about World 26?


This world isn’t as active as other worlds and there really has been a real war.

When I first started in thsi world I was playing World 18 and world 24. They where really active worlds and always had some good battles.
World 26 has little skirmishes and when people start running our of nobles they request a NAP or merge.
It is a harder world which is the reason I am still here.
But from the war side of it it is very slow.

I came from Aggression on World 18 we would always be fighting one time we even had 5 tribes seriously attacking us. You had to be active to stay alive in that world.
This world you can check in twice a day and survive,
Right now this world is starting to settle down with Clear owning a 3rd of it. BUL will still see action but Clear will be controlling how the battles goes for awhile. Do I think they will last no. You need a good tribe to last long in this game. I see Clear disbanding in the next month.
Of the tribe in World26 I would rank them as following.

1. BUL because we fight and support each other. We take just enough time off to restock out villages and we are back at it.
2. IMK they are like us like to fight.
3. Clear because they will fight
4. T4H because they do have some good players but what wars have they really fought.
5. COLD- Useless just a bunch of point whores.

What is the History Behind BUL?


Bumbai started with a few members i beleive
As the world of 26 progress major tribes were built like AZRA,PillsJS,LOS and 1984
BUL was nestled between FOE,1984
Most of BUL wared the FLAME family i berleive
The war died out after they merged with 1984
After the war with AZRA v. 1984 BUL left to form again
Months after this Pills,CIA wared AZRA
Bumbai had no targets that would really be a good fight[LOS was 3x bigger than BUL]
So BUL wared W-P and other little tribes to gain dominance and a seat on the world top 10
Soon after CIA disbanded gathering the most elite
Forming SPUD
At the time Pills merged Tribe to form RT
This was a menace to Spud and we knew e would greatly be outnumbers so we merged with BUL