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June 28, 2011 in Questions of the Week, Staff Spotlights





Today is the first of a many potential blogs, doing spot lights on random mod’s, today is for the young Mr. Charmander.

First off a little bit of Information about our young Moderator who looks after World 24, World 52 and the High Performance World. Whilst many people may not be under his moderation, Some players are.


Lets get the formalities out the way, Charmander also known as “Mike” or “Omg, A N00b” by some people who play against him, Well OK, It was me. Charmander is a friendly little bloke, and is a good bloke to sit around and have a chat with.

Charmander lives in England, UK, For those who don’t know it is +1 Hour from Server time (So take care planning those OPs against him now that you know this information, Just please don’t tell him I told you.)

An Important note would be that he likes to go out rowing, so this should also take a few hours of his time, also causing him to fall behind and attacks land wiping him out. I am just kidding… Don’t Wipe him out.. Too much.

So now, Some random images of Charmander Fused with other pokemon ->

Charmander + Blastoise

Charmander + Blastoise

Being a Standard Pokemon is Too mainstream



Here is my Five minutes with Charmander:

1.) Hi Charmander, Thanks for taking the time out to do this, So what worlds do you play?

Hi NML0089 (can I just call you K?) I don’t play any worlds seriously right now although I used too, ish. ┬áThe only In-Game account I have left is my Charmander account on W55 (I think) that I use just to mess around with, mostly call out militia to annoy people trying to farm my useless account.

2.) Where did you get your name from?

This is going to be the worst anti-climatic answer ever, My name comes from the fact Charmander is just awesome and I wanted some thing. So I took it’s name also I thought it’d look cool for my red mod name to be a fire Pokemon.

3.) What do you like to do outside of Tribalwars?

I currently work at McDonalds in the Metrocentre, Gateshead. Until very recently I worked part time but after finishing my exams I decided to go full time for a while mostly as it’s a job so I get paid and I have no clue what I want to do with my ‘fiery’ life.

4.) What was the largest account you have every played?

It would be 3 mio points on W44. I managed to get my own account to just over 1 million points on my own merit (and a bit of ‘stormy’ protection) however I got bored and life decided to steal my time so I merged acocunts with GOldenchildtheoriginal and kinda co-played him for a bit but then I became a mod and quit IG.

5.) Would you re-consider rejoining The Game if given the chance?

Yes, after things have settled down at work I intend to re-turn to the game. I have several co-playing offers on the table too so I kinda had to say yes then.

6.) Why did you decide to join the moderator team?

I actually cannot remember why I wanted to join I imagine it was because I love the game and wanted to help out on the moderation side of things. I was not expecting to be hired at all though so it was a great surprise when Typhi mailed to say I had been bumped to the next level then an even bigger surprised when Jirki hired me at 2am.

This is it for today, So here is my question to you, Who is your Favourite Moderator? InGame, Senior, Forum or even Admin, And I will interview them!

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