Chaos or Talent…. A War Edition!

January 19, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog!

I am Ampatriot, bringing you the latest news from World 46! This edition will be focused on presenting the latest on the largest current war: Skill? vs Anarky.

Both sides have been skirmishing for months, but lately, the larger statistics have started rolling in. Skill? has taken an imposing lead of late… but the ever resilient Anarky has barely been swayed. Will Skill? continue to eat away at their eastern foes, or does Anarky have something up their sleeve?

Skill? and Anarky have been battling for months, merely skirmishing at first, but gradually escalating into full scale operations.

Skill? is currently leading in conquers,  especially during recent days. This could be one of two things: either a breach in Anarky’s defensive border, or the destruction of one, or a few inactive players.

Either way, the momentum in the war is definitely in the favor of Skill?. Conquers… no matter the route to obtaining them, can be only a positive in war time.

To discuss these matters in an unbiased matters, I arranged for an interview with the dukes of Skill? and Anarky. ChachiINcharge and Fireyflame, respectively.

However, the latter turned down my offer however, so I was forced to search for other Anarky players willing to take part in the interview. Unfortunately, I spoke to 3 of them, and all 3 turned me down.

On a positive note, ChachiINcharge did agree to participate so we had a nice chat together.

For all those who do not know my guest, ChachiINcharge is the duke of the rank 2 tribe named Skill?. He and his tribe are currently at war with Anarky, and is quite vocal about himself and his tribe. A good personal friend of mine… and a great leader… here is ChachiINcharge!

Me: Hello Chachi!

Chachi: sup amp  :)

Me: How are you doing this morning?

Chachi: tired, but awake

Me: Ahh… well that happens. Did you have a late night tagging incomings?

Chachi: haha…  I tagged some incoming, but I haven’t been impressed just yet.

Me: Well what our audience really wants to know is your take on you current war

Chachi: well, remember, it’s not a war per say ;)

Me: Your tribe (skill?) is fighting Anarky, correct?

Chachi: Yes, we are fighting ANARKY

Me: So how is your tribe faring so far? If I remember correctly… you are in the lead as far as conquers go.

Chachi: Decent enuff…  as any leader, I would always like to see better production and better coordination

Me: Yes… no one is quite perfect

Chachi: The conquers are just the surface of what we are trying to accomplish, make sure you pay attention to ODA/ODD as well. Troops are dying.

Me: True, very true. Can you delve in depth with this? What are the stats looking like exactly?

Chachi: I have not looked too deeply myself, but just gauging by the number of “Attacker of the Day” awards, and the units killed for those awards, it is getting impressive. We seem to be having a competition each day to see who will win the award

Me: Didn’t you have a member with over 800k ODA in a single day? That can never be a bad thing

Chachi: 800k+ units killed. It is never a bad thing to have an aggressive bunch, and I believe everyone is aware Skill? is such that kind of tribe

Me: Yes, well judging by your success at the moment, I would agree with you. So what do you think will happen in the future of this war? The leader of Anarky has just left us…. do you think that Anarky can hold together without him?

Chachi: Firstly, I have my suspicions if the Flame himself has truly left us, or just gone into the shadows to lead the tribe in a better way. Anarky members have, in the past, tried to convince us they have quit/left/gifted their villas to other players. It will not change our methods

Me: So you are not planning on treating this war any differently now that Firey is gone are you?

Chachi: If Firey has left though, it would take a good couple players to step up to control the tribe well enuff to succeed, and ANARKY has a couple players like that I believe

Me: Yes, they do have quite a few good players in their tribe, and they will not give up easily. So what do you see for the future of this war? What do you think will happen?

Chachi: Skill? will not change course because of the announcement. I would guess that a few players from ANARKY will drop out due to circumstances, although I would not be surprised if a member of ours or 2 did as well, RL is a PIA sometimes for anyone. I also believe that if we keep the pace at which we are going, we will reduce the number of Anarky members close to us

Me Yes, that would be the logical conclusion, seeing the conquers that you have against them now

Chachi: Yes, the war will end, but not by a merge or ceasefire

Me: If things go as they have been going…  And you do defeat Anarky…. what will happen? Will you recruit them like BOA?

Chachi: No…  I have my eyes on a few ANARKY members, but they will not be recruited like BOA was. We respect Anarky in their play as a tribe, but BOA was respected on a whole different level. As for what will happen if Anarky is defeated…we will have 3 options…  eat the rim tribes (or what’s left of them), go south, or break a long standing Alliance. The last will not happen until we are the last 2 tribes on the map.

Me: Oh… quite interesting, this is getting a bit away from our original subject, but I have heard whispers of this before… an endgame war between TSL and Skill?

Chachi: That is what we are aiming for as long as I am Duke of Skill?, that is the goal

Me: Really? Doesn’t it seem… a bit unproductive to announce the fact that you will be turning your sights on TSL as soon as the rest of your food is finished? Wouldn’t it harm your relationship with them to announce that?

Chachi: How would it? They have experienced a backstabbing in 3DX before… they would lose all their respect as a top tribe if they decided to be hypocritical

Me: That is a good point

Chachi: Open and I have had clear conversations that we want to fight against each other at the end, so no reason to hide it.It’s just like the Alliance we have, it’s public news.

Me: Very true. I had just never heard this as straight up as you say it now.

Chachi: I am a straight up guy, no matter what Firey believes ;)

Me: Well I am looking forward to that war… should it happen, however… there are many people in front of you… before that conclusion.

Chachi: Yes there are a few players before we get to that point

Me: Half of the world remains :)

Well any final thoughts Chachi?

Chachi: I am just sad that this could not be a “round table” with Anarky, but I do look forward to seeing the print :)

Me: I am sad also…. I invited Fireyflame, Grinreefer, and Pawprints, but they all turned me down. Anyway, thank you for your time Chachi, and good luck with your war on Anarky… and then your war with TSL

Chachi: Thanks

Me: Stay golden ;)

And that is all from ChachINcharge, duke of Skill?! Below is this weeks updating map…. and that will wrap things up for this weeks edition of the World 46 Blog!

Tune in next week folks… and remember…. stay golden :)

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