[W53] 1st Edition: The World is Shaping Up

November 21, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 053 News, World News

Greetings, W53!

I, FrailBeauty, am your new blogger. Some like me, others don’t; some don’t even know who I am. This really doesn’t matter though, because this blog is about W53 and I am nothing more than a reporter. For this reason I am skipping the usual ‘introductory’ post and getting straight to the good stuff.

The world is now nearly three weeks old, and at Speed 2 that actually means something. The startup rush has cooled down, and now a different set of achievers are making their appearance in the top 20. In this edition I have compiled a watch list of 12 tribes that everyone should take note of. After this you’ll find an interview with the top ranking player (-Stormrage-), as well as a fun Survey Section for some friendly world competition.

As a sidenote, I would like to apologize to all those that I interviewed/contacted for the blog, that won’t find their pieces featured in it. Times change and unfortunately certain things have become outdated at this point in time. I am sorry for wasting your time.

That’s all for now folks!
See you next week.

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W53: The Waiting Ends

November 1, 2010 in World 053 News, World News

So here we go, W53 is finally opening on the 2nd of November at about 17:00 ST. A world for which a lot of players have been eagerly waiting for and a world set to be a rocking one judging by the quality of players and premades, W53 should keep everyone pre-occupied for quite a while. This world is to be premade friendly and for the more experienced players, but nevertheless, we should see plenty of fresh talent arise from the so called “newbs”.

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