The Story of W49

June 30, 2010 in World 049 News

The fights and battles have died a bit on W49 as it seems with not too many wars taking place at the moment. Everyone’s busy expanding and consolidating the homeland Ks. This might be a prelude to some epic wars yet to come in this world. Read the rest of this entry →


Your Weekly Dose of W49

June 11, 2010 in World 049 News

Ok so here we are. Time for an update on what’s been happening on W49. This world looks to be a seriously promising one as the better tribes are being shaped out, getting ready for the long run. W49 has seen a lot of wars in the last 2 weeks and is currently experiencing at least half a dozen full fledged battles involving most of the top tribes.

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A peek into the world called 49.

May 10, 2010 in World 049 News

So here we have another new world, W49 and a flurry of players, some have left, most have stayed. As with the start of every world, there has been a lot of pre-mades, but unfortunately, a few of them survived. Fame. was undoubtedly the tribe to watch out for, but bad leadership and an early run in with Adroit signalled their downfall. The better players have since then formed a tribe called Haze and are going strong for the moment.

This world is experiencing a horde of exceptional players, most of them are playing under aliases, but who can hide forever? :P  People from W4, 26, 32, 41 and many others have come here, so this should be definitely a world to watch out for, a battle of the greats in a way. The only thing to watch out for is inactivity which can hit any time or the attraction of a new world (namely W50).

Currently, the world is being dominated by 1/0 better known as Undefined. They have taken a splendid early lead over the other tribes. Undefined is a core tribe with an impressive tally of players and with a great leader. They have already fought and defeated a pre-made tribe called Clown!. This tribe is leading the scoreboards in virtually every aspect. (Personally, I would like them to slow down and let the other tribes catch up a bit. :D) They declared on Death. recently and this should be an interesting contest as it would shape the core again. The #1 player in the world resides in this tribe. ;)

Among the other core tribes, Savage is doing pretty good in K53. ~D.R~ (a semi pre-made tribe consisting of players from W41) and MW merged to create [IT] in K54 and holding their position strongly. The players from [IT] have their task cut out with their eastern and western flanks bordered by top 10 tribes who are rearing to go. -?- (Undecided) are currently waging a war against Bears and have all but brought them into submission. A war with [IT] looks to be on the cards as the 2 tribes have been sharing a lot of animosity since the start of the world.

Krusty seems to be having some sort of pact with Undefined, so they are safe for the moment though I don’t exactly know what the terms and conditions are. Adroit looks to be recovering from the early bombardment by Fame. players.

Now, onto the rim tribes. Quit! is dominating its area. A merge between Quit! and Quack has consolidated their hold over K34 and K35 and they’re looking solid for the moment. Quit!’s line-up is another stunning one with the #2 player in the world among their ranks. A bunch of good players from W41 have joined in too (courtesy the merger with Quack) and you have a great tribe ready to take out a prey. Rumours are high that they have been waging war against BMF to their east though none of the tribes have officially confirmed this news.  Coming to BMF, this tribe is also a pre-made of sorts with every player virtually hiding under an alias and no/very little forum presence so the world still doesn’t know who they are. Hopefully, the war (or skirmish or whatever it is) with Quit! should open up some channels and throw some light on this tribe, its all black for now.

Villan, the ranked 3rd tribe has been here for some time occupying the western rim and spread over 3 Ks. This tribe has also been at war with a family tribe, SDA and have recently come out on top. They too have good players in their line up with the most notable being Cer-berus (rank 1 in W39). For the most part, they have been quiet on the external forums. Its known that they are also fighting =CD= to their south in K34 and so far, its looking good for them.

Tribes to watch out for would be: Shinto, Awake, SOA.