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June 23, 2010 in World 044 News, World News

Good afternoon world 44, It’s time for your weekly update.

Firstly If you were not aware there have been some new updates and tweaks introduced to the game on Monday the 21st of June.

TAB key can be used in tribal forums now

Combined overview: Changed some inconsistent texts and graphics

Awards: Also give players “Resurrection award” if they were nobled

Some fixes and improvements to in-game help

Minor visual improvements

“Ennobled” report now contains the custom name of the attack

If account deletion is in progress, premium accounts are not prolonged anymore

PA: Attacks can be renamed in the confirmation page

Fixed some issues with forwarded reports

Fixed map pop-up layout for some versions of Internet Explorer

Bugfix: Browser offers to save password again

Bugfix: Publicized reports: Troops can be transferred to simulator again

Bugfix: Clicking link in a publicized report does not link out of sitted account anymore

Bugfix: Paladin does not get new weapon also if no statue has been built anymore

Bugfix: “Spied” hint was not displayed correctly

Bugfix: “Manage groups” was displayed without having a group

Bugfix: Queue in smithy did not show up correctly

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June 15, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 044 News, World 048 News, World News

Hey guys.

Real Name: Nathan Ballard.

Age: 17 [29/04/93].

Occupation: Student.

Location: Uk, Glasgow.

Favorite Animal: White Tiger.

Favorite non alcoholic drink: Tough one, either between Irn-bru or Coca Cola.

Hobbies: I am a very sport type person, I am very amused with anything to do with sports :p My favorite sport has to be Football and at the moment I am loving watching the world cup. Hmm computers, has to be the ps3, the games I mostly play are MW2, Fifa 10 and Red dead redemption.

Favorite music: I like a bit of anything really, Really depends on what mood I am in. Though the song I love at the moment is Eminem – Not afraid.