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Some so-so about something…

June 25, 2010 in World 043 News


You know you want to…
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The War Continues…

June 20, 2010 in World 043 News


War and World updates inside!

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World War Two

June 8, 2010 in World 043 News


Welcome back!

We’ve had a bit of excitement this week, with the declaration of war between FRST and WMD family. Hopefully it will be enough spark to rekindle some of the fires of World 43. But before we get into that:
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World 43: A Journey #2

May 28, 2010 in World 043 News


Hey there!

It’s good to be back, some of you World 43 readers may be aware that i had some personal issues, but the solutions are in the works, please bare with me as the blogs may be slightly erratic over the next few weeks.

World 43 tribes:


World 43 rankings:


What a world we live in. As many of you will know, the two largest tribes appear to be drawing closer and closer together, that being FRST and the WMD family. Rumors are flying every which way about war, ┬áNAP’s, allies, and enemies, but none of them can be confirmed. With the north in shambles after the collapse of BORED!, and the south divided between FRST, AAA family, and WMD family, things are going to heat up real soon.

In smaller news, the northern members of LighT. have joined GORE, after the departure of General macLean, a well known veteran of tribal wars who played a key role in the defense of XPRED against former giants BORED!. Feeling that they needed a tribe closer to home, they searched their local area, deciding that GORE was the best place for them to be. This has dropped LighT. down to rank 8, and a rather large territory loss to go along with it, however with allies FRST still at their backs, it will be likely they will soon regain their size, unless of course they disband, merge, or are taken down in war, neither of which seems likely for the ┬álegendary LighT., gaining respect from the world after their impressive “David Vs. Goliath” maneuver against BORED!, In the first World War.

For those who are interesting in the possible upcoming war, here is a few predictions of how it may look, if other tribes were to involved.

Possibilty #1:

FRST, LighT., GORE, AAA family
WMD family, Nuts!


Possibility #2:

FRST, LighT., Nuts!
WMD family, AAA family, Sv


Possibility #3:

FRST, LighT.
WMD family, Nuts!, Sv, GORE, AAA family


All hypothetical of course, but as you can see, any number of the smaller tribes could make a huge difference in any upcoming wars. The most notable would be the AAA family, due to their position next to both FRST and WMD. In a war between the two, they could prove to be the deciding factor. They are definitely one to watch closely.

Interview with headlights (Duke of AAA):

harbinger: Hello, and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you please tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience?

headlights: My first world was W2. I only briefly played there, as it was far too developed for a new starter.

I have played W5, W7, W11, W13, W15, W31, W33 and this one.

I have held all possible tribe positions and previously ran a tribe that had to war a Pro tribe. The war lasted 3 months. We started in that war as newbs but after 3 months we were experienced in combat. The enemy was experienced and I learned a lot from them in that war, which I use now.

I would like to add that I do not run AAA alone. We do it with a team of 7 players. I like to mention: stuvbird, duhrigs, pez de diablo, bidbrooken, Cuthroat and Traxson. More and more members pick tasks and I am very happy with that. As the downside of a large tribe such as ours is that there is a lot of work to do to get and keep it all organized. But it is the whole tribe, all the members who have made possible what we have achieved so far.

harbinger: AAA is currently ranked 4th, and squashed between FRST and WMD, the rank 1 and 2 tribes, who rumors are circulating may go to war soon. If this happens, what are AAA’s plans for this situation?

headlights: We are a tribe that has become accustom to fighting for its territory. We also know our strength and our vulnerabilities. That is why we are where we are. If we attack we are like a fire that can’t be stopped and when needed we are like water. If you try to hold, we slip through your hands.

harbinger: Some rumors have been speculating that AAA intends to side with either FRST or WMD. How do you respond to this?

headlights: if we do pick a side we will honor our commitment to them, they will have our full trust. For our mutual enemy, they won’t be faced with water, but wild fire and like wild fire, we will spread through their territory unchecked.

harbinger: Given AAA’s location on the map, as seen in the maps above, do you not suspect that if WMD and FRST went to war, the winner would not attack AAA afterwards? Do you have any plans for this situation?

headlights: Yes we do. As a tribe from the rim that has worked our way to our position we have always have had to look several steps forward and plan accordingly. At this stage of the game we are ready for anything.

harbinger: AAA has been quiet since the war with BD/wolves, have you had any interesting wars since, or have you been barb nobling/nobling inactives?

headlights: We did get after our spoils of war. Got some spoil of the FRST – BORED! war and we clear our K’s, some call it war, we just clear our area, while we are enhancing our procedures. Currently we are in process of nobling AOD and have nobled a third of their villages in the past week and will continue till we have full control of our area.

harbinger: What is your opinion on the “families fail” theories and accusations? Do you believe that AAA, as a family, will have what it takes to succeed in this world, and why?

headlights: We are a completely integrated family. There is no difference between membership in AAA or AAA3 and we all work together. The fact that it is not a academy tribe or a bash tribe but a fully integrated part off AAA is an important reason we became successful. We have also in fact the same name both are triple A.

I think academy tribes don’t work. Bash tribes the same. Very important is to get it organized and develop a mutually supportive atmosphere where all will all fight for each other and support each other. You need to ensure that all members are committed to the war that has to be fought. That is exactly what we have. And that is why we have success. Motivation and a good morale are very important. If not you will get de-motivated place holders, which will backfire on the whole tribe.

harbinger: What is AAA up to at the moment?

headlights: To win our wars as we did and have fun.

harbinger: Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

headlights: Thank you.

It will certainly be interesting to see the future of World 43, as it all hangs in the balance.

Until next time,