World 40 Weekly News~UN W40 Wars~

July 4, 2010 in World 040 News, World News

Welcome back to the world 40 blog. I hope that you have enjoyed last week’s blog. If  you did, then you will definitely like this one because I got to interview an interesting  figure of this game, the  leader of the UN W40 tribe…Axilles. We talk about the wars that the UN W40 is having and how he thinks that these wars will end. I also interviewed the Baron of the UN W40 tribe, Moulson11. This interview was from  the perspective of the UN W40 tribe. I will try next week to get the leader of NMS and the week after the leader of the CB tribe. So anyway shall we begin? Read the rest of this entry →


World 40 Weekly News~Number One Player~

June 30, 2010 in World 040 News, World News

Hello world 40 Blog readers today is our first blog in about a year, today i will have a map of this world and the top 20 tribe and people.  Today i will be interviewing the highest player this world has ever seen so far, Dacritta. So i hope you guys enjoy this !

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World 40 Blogger

June 29, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 040 News, World News

Hello World 40,

My name is Ahmed,in-game name is Tato7100 i am the new Blogger for world 40. You can contact me on skype: xxahmedownzyouxx.

A little about me:

My name is Ahmed Hassanin i was born in Detroit, Michigan, but i live in New York  now. I have been playing tribal wars for about a year now. My favorite sports is Football and soccer. I really look forward into hearing you and interviewing you.

See you soon,



W40 Blog

September 1, 2009 in World 040 News, World News

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Hey guys so I have been away for last week, I will explain why. It seems since I something has come up and if I have any chance of getting somewhere I have put a lot of time towards it to get somewhere. Along with that I am fasting meaning I can eat for around 16 hours which makes me extremely tired and it is very difficult for me to produce anything in that state of mind. I hope that clears things up. Fact is because I missed last week I have missed a few major events and for me to understand what has happened I have to be there to catch reactions and different views to be able to put something together so it was very hard writing some things up so I have stuck with stats to make my life and to not get you guys confused. Anyway shall we begin…

vsga copy

Since I have been away I missed the conflict between –GA- and PARAS which makes it difficult for me because I have to be there to understand what exactly is going on, so I got some help especially from a good friend enark who broke down what has happened this week so far. Okay so let’s begin.


Over the last week, tension began to build as the NAP held between PARAS and GA began to wear thin.

GA’s alliance with Empire was the greatest giveaway that something was brewing, as just hours beforehand, Empire had “declared war” on GA. Of course, the fact that there were multiple war discussion threads created in GA’s forum after the NAP added to the uncertainty.

Dezachu posted on our shared forum on the 28th of August, that at 18:00 server time GA would break the NAP.Both sides began executing their attack plan; GA’s including the nobling of as many barbarian villages as possible….PARAS clearing and taking as many -GA- as possible.

Being completely surrounded, the K45 PARAS members have somehow managed to survive 1000 axe men nukes, and rough it out through noble attacks consisting of 100 swordsmen and a noblemen.

NOTE: This is not very accurate since it is all based on comparison of points. I have looked for loss in points meaning dealt damage or have been nobled. This doesn’t mean the casualties have been caused by the opposite side. This just gives you a rough idea of where the tribe is currently at.

Players that have taken causalities:

Side 1



pure jonat


Contessa Catherine


- -GA-




The Dark Lord Of War


Maresal Antonescu











- Empire












This allows us to look at tribes current situations.

We can clearly see PARAS aren’t having many problems with the fact that they only have 4 players up there; I can’t say the same for side 2. It seems PARAS are displaying they are rank 1 for a reason by clearly dealing with the situation with great accomplishments. We can see the total causalities to look at it in a different view:

SIDE 1: 4/46

SIDE 2: 25/162

Now looking at the figures like this you can see the difference in figures. Sure PARAS have lower casualties but they have fewer members. Looking at side 2 they have 6.25 times the number of side 1 but then again they have 3.52 more members than side 1 meaning there is much more opportunity for attack and a high probability of it. Considering side 2 have much more members it should be easier for them to plan strategic attacks and we should be seeing a large sum of severe injuries towards side 1 but it seems they have prepared and dealt with them. Now this all being said I have no idea from when this war began since like I said I missed it so I had to do a little digging. Overall for we know these injuries might be caused by other tribes inflicted before this world, we can say this because of the fact the lower ranked tribes seem to have more injuries either meaning there rank is less intimidating leading to more attacks on them and that may be why PARAS have a few scratches.


Kuchiki: Hello Nima, and thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these questions for me!
Nima Unknown: Hi Kuchiki
no problems. thank you for taking your time to interview me
Kuchiki: Great. Now, how long have you been playing Tribalwars to date? And what interesting figures have you met across your times playing that have followed you to this world?

Nima Unknown: hmm. i started playing TW the day world 5 started in .netWorld 8 was one of the most interesting worlds for me. i created a mass recruiting tribe there. we came up to rank 5 and it was a decent tribe. after a while we merged into REL that was a part of bloc alliance there
i made a lot of friends and almost no enemies in the worlds i played and i turned into an ok player after a while.
world 40 i was Rank1 ODA1. after a while, i got bored and decided to leave that world. .co.uk server catched my attention and it was close to w2’s start there. i tried to find a premade to join but none of them satisfied me to be honest. so i decided to make my own premade

Kuchiki: Has your past experience or the famous figures that you have met helped improve your game play or knowledge of the game?

Nima Unknown: I think my past experience. i made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from them

Kuchiki: Nima Unknown is an interesting name; can you tell me where it originated from and why you chose this name?
Nima Unknown: Nima is my RL name it is a persian name.
and Unknown… well, when i came on internet for the first time in my life, my friend told me i should select a name for myself. in those first days i didn’t want to be known by anyone on internet so i selected “Unknown” as my nick
Kuchiki: So why leave w40, such a s succesful world world for you where you had a big name and were in a big tribe?
Nima Unknown: I joined w40 only to be in spaggy’s last tribe. i didn’t like it’s settings.

A lot of people i knew in that world and had fun being with them left the world. it wasn’t as interesting as before for me. so i left

Kuchiki: So why a tribe on uk2 I meanwas it something you felt you had to do or wanted to do?
Nima Unknown: No. it was simply the first world that started after i left world 40
Kuchiki: what do you think you have acmplished on w40?

Nima Unknown: I had fun, got some good reputation and experience, and made a lot of friends

Kuchiki:How is your tribe doing on w2, I understand BP is over so has your experience rubbed off on them?

Nima Unknown: I think we are doing OK. We have many great players who I know and trust. And we have a lot of helpful players who accept to sit others and help when needed. Quite a good tribe in my own eyes

Kuchiki: since I have asked every other  question through moneyman I think thats it.  Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for me!

Nima Unknown: OK. Thanks Kuchiki


A tribe most of us loved have died. It all began when h0llygh0st founder of APATHY decided to leave TW, reasons I am not too clear on. The main reason is that H0lly was quitting the world, and didnt want to stunt the other members of Apathy to much with a war that he wouldnt see to the finish. so please take time out of you day to shoe some respect to the fallen comrdads. Wish h0lly all the best and members of APATHY.

Okay I would post the weekly awards but they arent very popular anymore since I am not seeing much votes coming in especialy none this week so I am sorry. If there are any issues feel free to PM me.

Okay I am working on a new interactive crossword for w40 wich should be up next week, hope you like it.

If there are any issues you would like to talk to me about regarding this blog feel free to PM me.


W40 Blog

August 21, 2009 in World 040 News

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Ok so my post has been a little late than usual, you can find out why by going through my threads. I am sorry about the quality of this post since I wrote this with a major headache which I still have so I am sorry I f half of it doesn’t make any sense.

World News

Most of you are familiar with the IBAN v LOST and Myst war, some stats were posted last week to breakdown the situation between the tribes, though the data proved that IBAN were ahead and so did the war statistics, well not much has happened between the conflicts besides the obvious of increase in ennoblements. We can look at the change within a week and comparing how much the sides have adapted to the situation:

Side 1:
Tribes: IBAN

Side 2:
Tribes: LOST (MsO) (MsA)

Timeframe: Forever
Total conquers:

Side 1: 28 (+10)
Side 2: 46 (+31)
Difference: 18 (+15)

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6 (+2)
Side 2: 4 (+2)
Difference: 2 (+0)


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 51,493 (+22017)
Side 2: 71,168 (+47836)
19,675 (+13531)

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 13,214 (+5363)
Side 2: 6,497 (+2529)
Difference: 6,717 (+2834)


Total change in Statistics:

Side 1: 27392
Side 2: 50938
Difference: 16380

You can see that Side 2 has improved by a large amount, Side 2 is made up of: LOST (MsO) (MsA)

While IBAN are on their own. Now considering the fact that there are 3 tribes you wouldn’t be surprised to see their large numbers. But looking at the statistics it seems IBAN are paying more attention to the war than Side 2 since IBAN have more ennoblements on side 2 than they have on IBAN while side 2 have much more ennoblements overall meaning they aren’t taking as much notice or are taking the easy route. Maybe it is some sort of tactic to increase their chances. For all we know we can only say IBAN are taking their war on side 2 more seriously than they are.

Now let’s go into OD yet again.

2 Insert Badass Name Here! 880.654

8 ARE YOU? 487.410
11 Mists Awaken 366.947
17 Mists Over passing 264.056

As you can see IBAN have surpassed their numbers by quite a gap.

Rank Tribe name Defeated
1 Insert Badass Name Here! 531.173

5 ARE YOU? 194.824
14 Mists Awaken 106.789
17 Mists Over passing 105.527

same here, when combined IBAN are still ahead by 100k so don’t count them out.

Searching through the forums there have been bad seeds which rise on side 2, stooping low as cheating. This data may not be true.


Suur T6ll
Suur T6ll
Leon the 2nd

Now I know what everyone is thinking, they think that because of the war IBAN is taking a serious toll and that is why they are dropping ranks. Well the fact is that’s not true. They have lost a few members due to the war but overall it is simply because of the fact people think it is time for them to leave like sowwy, they feel that they have served their purpose and the time has come. The following graphs below will explain what has really happened to Iban:


This graph shows Ibans change in member count, you can follow the line across, as you can see once the war had begun Iban increased their numbers of members, who knows maybe it was a tactic of sort to intimidate the opponents. But within 2 weeks of the war beginning they suddenly dropped in members. This may have been the side’s ennoblement stage as the numbers decreased by approximately 8 so that could have been the enemies’ main stage of offence. Although keeping an eye on IBAN’s member list you can see many people have been ennobled or have restarted. This may be because of the sudden loss of players IBAN have suffered.


Okay this is what iban ODD looks like, you can see how it suddenly increased as soon as the war had begun maybe meaning IBAN were pre-pared and ready for what was coming or it could be bad organisation by the opponents. All we can say is that the war has helped Iban increase their ODD. You know this also from some of the big names in IBAN are also ranked high in their Opponents defeated meaning the war has helped them in a way.


This is what is swaying people’s opinion on Iban’s status. You can see the sudden drop in rank from rank 2 to 11. You may be thinking this is because of a mass number of ennoblements by the opponents but you’ve heard it before, look at the bigger picture. Iban have had many of their players leaving TW for different purposes. We know this by looking at the member graph. We also know Iban have had their growth slowed down of course because of this war. Some of the major high ranked tribes are not involved in any sort of conflicts.

interviewbanner copy


Kuchiki:  Hello MrLove, and thank you for taking time out of your day to answer these questions for me!

MrLove: No, Problem

Kuchiki: Great. Now, how long have you been playing Tribalwars to date? And what interesting figures have you met across your times playing that have followed you to this world?

MrLove: Ok, I used to play Wow. Had a addiction, when I stopped playing that I found this amazing online game Tribal Wars.  Well, I was a noob in 2007, And Rimed the world I joined. But I met some interesting people. They were the days when who? Were dominating tribe’s. Well that year I also had my first child, so I forgot about TW until 2008. This is when I discovered the art of TW, The forums of TW. I have always been good at numbers, and this game was like playing chess and being a politician! Anyway, this year I met h0llygh0st and decided to join in Apathy. I have made good progress there with h0lly, and now I have also been selected for Nima’s W2 .Co.Uk which I’m looking forward to Appling my trade. Sorry for the essay, I could go on all day.

Kuchiki: Has your past experience or the famous figures that you have met helped improve your game play or knowledge of the game?

MrLove: Yes, of course. I would never have started using the forum’s as a form of propaganda, my timing and calculation skills, Sniping, Back timing I have learned from people.

MrLove: I even remember a girl telling me how to use scripts:|

MrLove: Some of the best player’s I have met have also been girl’s…

Kuchiki: MrLove is an interesting name; can you tell me where it originated from and why you chose this name?

MrLove: Well, I wanted to choose a name that was catching ad had a theme. MrLove was the name that my brain discovered that afternoon. My new name I Iz Trollin, Will be .Co.Uk Alias, and a alias I can relate to and has meaning. I am a Troll, and I have a loud mouth.

Kuchiki: Now I see there seems to be a lot of mixed feelings towards you on the forums, can you perhaps let me in on why you think this is?

MrLove: It’s not mixed feelings, It apathic feeln’s. I belong to a tribe who I say is being noob banged. We only have 23 members, but so many tribe’s want to hurt us

MrLove: I devote my feelings on the forum’s, Where I get flamed or loved.

MrLove: I have no care, or what people feel towards me, I have utter devotion towards my tribe. If people were nicer to us we could be friends ya know?

MrLove: And any way, we provoke people to attack, the reason’s for this is darwin’s theory of evolution.

MrLove: Only the best will survive, And through this minor selection we can tell who has the ball’s to be in Apathy, and who lied through their teeth in application stage.

Kuchiki: What is your position for  in APATHY, are you a normal member or do you have some other role to play in APATHY?

MrLove: I work alongside h0llsh0st, I’m what you say a baron in term’s.

Kuchiki: So why APATHY? Did you join before hand and then never made another thought about it or was it that h0llyghost was leading, why?

MrLove: Ok, I hate family tribe’s, Sister tribe’s. Mass – Recruiting point whore’s.

MrLove: I have a very aggressive style, And I hate villa around me that belong to us.

MrLove: h0llygh0st I started with from the start. I made sure I was next to him by luck I believe. Had to restart once.

MrLove: But, all in all, H0llygh0st was the biggest influence in my decision.

Kuchiki: So why is that you made sure you were with h0lly is it so that you could work together, quick income when needed or is he a good influence, or is it a little friendly rivalry?

MrLove: It’s why we don’t care, We have 3 players in are triangle. Me, h0llygh0st and Cory. It’s a foundation. And ‘No’ it’s not rivalry we work together. That is the most important thing. It’s always nice to work with a player that understands you that you can rely on. If it’s sitting, Sending joint train’s. Clearance’s etc.

Kuchiki: Ah I see, so are there any special enemies out there? being currently in a war you can mention the tribes but is there a rivalry between you and someone else that may have originated from your past and followed you to this world?

MrLove: Nop, I have no enemies. Everyone who has a problem with me I invite you to attack. I do not see us at war, We move to the best villa’s we can find. If that cause’s a issue then I’m sorry. There’s allot of people out there who mock us, and think we are a joke. But really, they wish they could be just like us.

Kuchiki: How do you find the speed on this world? Do you think that the “1″ speed is just about right or would you prefer something a bit quicker say, 1.5 or 2? What type of speed do you believe you benefit from the most? (without giving away too much information!)

MrLove: Speed is not a issue, You will find me the most active player around. But I have to admit, Speed 1 is the best. But I have grown to hate pally weapons this last week. I’m still having dream’s now of that bonfire…..

Kuchiki: Overall what do you expect for the next month or so of this world? And how do you think IBAN will play into things?

MrLove: I expect to be gang banged. I have learned from Boxxy that you only become a true TW player if you get a villa down to 300 points

MrLove: iBan, I have high hopes for, Thing’s will settle down. And I hope to see them exceed their expectation.

Kuchiki: If you could tip any tribe to win this world (not including IBAN) that would it is?

and Why?

MrLove: That’s a hard one. I will think for 2 mins…

MrLove: I can only say Apathy, With the right move’s and organization. I like the look of JOUST also. I have respect for any tribe that keep’s to less than 40 members.

Kuchiki: What made you join w40 instead of w41 and what made you join apathy?

MrLove: Ok, w41 I hate the settings. Speed 1.6x is not for me. I don’t really like the smithy settings.

MrLove: And this is my first church world, so it’s a learning curve.

Kuchiki: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for me!

MrLove: That’s no problem.


Favourite Player

Rank Player
iBan You
All nominations

Best PnP

Rank Player
Kuchiki Senbonzakura

Best Appearance

Rank Player
All other nominations

Favourite Tribe

Rank Player


Last week there had been a spot the difference game, this weeks is a jigsaw puzzle. It’s in the link below, Hope you have fun:
jigsaw Jigsaw Puzzle
I would like to end on a thankyou to h0llygh0st for all the help he has given me with this blog. So thanks.