A Wild Bulbasaur Appears!

December 11, 2010 in About Me Paragraphs, I'm A New Blogger!, World 035 News

Oh hello there World 35! I shall be blogging for this world. I hope that people here will be able to put aside grudges of the past, and be able to help me in producing a productive and informative blog every week. Here’s a small intro of myself to *officially* introduce myself to you guys.

Real Name: Muhammad a.k.a. Mo

Gender: Male

Age: 18

TW IGs: Farooq96 on this world, Bulbasaur W51 on w54.

TW Job: Blogging about W35

Occupation: Student and part time Oxfam volunteer.

Location: Secret :x We all know you want my timezone >.>

Favourite Animal: My German Spitz, Lily. <3 Her

Favourite Drink: Mango Milkshake <3

Hobbies: Procrastinating, Reading, playing soccer, hanging out with friends and travel when I can afford it.

Favourite Series: Prison Break, Friends. Don’t really watch a lot of TV though because of time constraints.

That’s all I guess, but if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me on the externals on this account or on skype (farooq396)

Much <3



W35: 14 July 2010

July 14, 2010 in World 035 News, World News

Welcome back readers, this time in the W35 Blog:
– The New Tribes
– War Stats
– The Banner Contest

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W35 The First Update

June 12, 2010 in World 035 News

Hello Readers,

Today we have:

– War Stats + Growing Chart
– An Interview with a neutral Person Read the rest of this entry →


The New Blog Writer

June 10, 2010 in About Me Paragraphs, I'm A New Blogger!, World 035 News, World News

Hello Readers,

I’m Marco, your new Blog Writer of W35. My IGN is Marcotje but I’m also known as Xelite and Batrez. My Skype is Xelite… (Yes, with the dots) so feel free to add me.  Now some things about me and my TW Experience,

W1 was my first World, I started to play there with a friend in real. I was able to get 3 villages but than I quit because my friend lost my villages when I was on holiday. One year later I started to play again in W8. I managed to get 1.3 million points and now I still play there as Batrez.  I will skip a few worlds which weren’t very interesting. This brings me to W35, my main World. I got 1.56 million and I’m the leader of MAGI, #6 ranked tribe. W43 is also a world which I play as Xelite. I haven’t played very active there yet but that will come soon.

If you got any suggestions, questions, comments etc.  mail me on the Public Forums (Marcotje) or at Skype (Xelite…), Ihope you will enjoy my posts,



W35 First Church Times (Issue 2) – K15 (Or It could happen in your K too)

August 12, 2009 in World 035 News, World News

I’ve been in W35 for some time now. Actually, since the beginning. I was never very active since my primary world still is w28. However, w35 is still keeping my interest for several reasons:

1. I’m in a winning tribe (BaseET)
2. I’ve put my experience from my failures in w30 regarding Church influence to good use here.
3. My tribe mates seem to know what they are doing.

At the moment, this blogging makes me feel like an inserted CNN reporter in Ops Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom (or was it Enduring Freedom). As I’m writing this, a major flare-up is going to happen between Base, BaseET, A+E, -NE- and F-6 in the vicinity of K13, 14, 15, 24, 25. It’s going to be huge but i can’t say anymore cos of the confidentiality clause i signed in my contract when i got drafted by BaseET.

Why is it huge? cooooomme on! when an impending war involves 5 major tribes with 120 member limits for each tribe, across 5 Ks (and that’s only the frontlines), it is going to be WWIII.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to it though. W28 is talking about war too (BTW I’m top 20 in 3 Ks there). Soooooo, I’m pretty busy.

And that’s why my 2nd blog entry is soooo late.