World 28…Week 1

August 15, 2009 in World 028 News

After my first week blogging on World 28, not much has happened. All major wars are still going much as they have. My tribe moved up 2 slots, now putting us in the high twenties.  I grew another two villages. Someone from my tribe went inactive, so we decided to noble him after a week and a half. As we are doing this, he started attacking me. Sad as it is, this is the first time someone has actually tried to attack me. His attack failed…miserably and he actually made defensive OD skyrocket from where it was. Since I make it a point to not tolerate this,  I will now be taking his village. On a positive note, I just hit 100K points this week.  At this point, I consider it no option to have a premium point. With 11 villages, things must be done with premium points.

Next week I should have an interview with a big player, as well as some other goodies. Stay tuned to the blog for improvements as I can make them. For now, I will give you the current tops. Perhaps by next week our top player will have hit 3M points. and our top tribe will have 50M.  “PWO” was the biggest tribe for a long time with around 30M points, but has recently been surpassed by” DRINK!” since PWO just hasn’t grown at the same rate. Perhaps they will make a comeback, or perhaps they are landlocked and can’t expand as quickly. These are the disadvantages of having many NAP’s, one just can’t grow like he should. On the other hand, it keeps you safe.

Top Players

1 BedirCephesi MTS 2.912.703

2 maitt ~L~ 2.762.562

3 VonKaiser SITH 2.605.745

4 Ragd0ll SITH 2.321.346

5 becktest ~APOX~ 2.270.094

6 northcampus PWO 2.254.764

7 swoobuDagu SITH 2.253.882

8 Winter Druidess PWO 2.214.416

9 redhotz SITH 2.213.370

10 Petulos PWO 2.188.244

Top Tribes

1 DRINK! 47.658.422

2 PWO 46.445.729

3 SITH 39.697.085

4 MTS 33.621.097

5 BEER! 31.515.211

6 PanDa? 30.449.352

7 *MTS* 30.185.112

8 [KK] 29.048.609

9 =EoN= 25.001.217

10 RAGE! 23.143.923

-The Kaisar


New Blogger on W28

August 7, 2009 in World 028 News

Okay, so this is my first blog on here and I’m just starting and getting a feel for it, so cut me some slack.

W28 has been up and running since last November and I’ve been on it since April of this year. I’m on the western border in a tribe called the Templar or T-40. My tribe is currently in 30th place in the world, but we’ve gotten that far rather quickly. I am impressed with our progress since we’re on the edge and doing so well.  Since the world hasn’t expanded to the border yet, much remains to be seen in this world. I’ll give you updates as I go, but the top tribes are currently as seen in the below image.


As you can see, my tribe on the left is big enough to appear, yet we’re not one of the top ten world powers. Tribes to watch on this world will be PWO, Sith, Drink, Panda?, MTS, and so on.

The limit is 40 members per tribe, therefore most tribes have family tribes under their wing. Hate!, Fear!, Rage! and anything else anger related are one big tribe. Furthermore, anything alcohol related are one big tribe. Drink! and Beer! are a family. They are also at war with the Anger related family, so we’ll see how that goes.

More pressing to my tribe is that we are at war with =EoN= and their family.

It seems that most of the big tribes have NAPs with each other and so change occurs slowly, but this whole game goes slowly.

That’s it for my first post, I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

-Kaisar Wilhelm