W27 Bloggery!: A Distinct Lack Of News.

September 1, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 027 News

Hello all you TWites.

I do hope that you are well, and haven’t been too disappointed in my late blog. Unfortunately it seems that as time ticks by slowly, this week there has been a distinct lack of news in w27, so much so that I can sum up the world in 3 bullet points!

– The ‘world war’ between Shadow and Most other tribes in the top 10 continues, with Shadow continuing to extend their impressive gain over the rest of the world.

– The Coalition remains leaderless, and seem to be adrift. Unless someone steps up to lead this fight they may be crushed sooner than later.

– REF have remained fairly silent, only having skirmishes with Shadow, with no real commitment being put in by either side (although REF still seem to have better stats against Shadow than some of the tribes that are at war with shadow).

Because there has been a lack of reportable news instead I decided to pen down my thoughts on the state of Tribal Wars. Recently I wrote an article on the state of faking within TW which was intended for this blog (despite getting an early publish in the TW27 weekly), so I hope you enjoy; any comments, criticisms or gripes will be happily taken on board (and mocked!)

The Death of the Fake

Over a couple of conversations over a number of worlds it’s come to my attention that many players no longer really understand what faking really is. A couple of recent attacks against my accounts and some that I sit have shown that faking seems to be almost a lost art.

I was recently asked when setting up a recent attack, why I didn’t just rely on fake scripts to send fakes. This question perplexed me for a while, as I’d never really thought about it seriously, however after a conversation with the player I was able to show him why scripts aren’t particularly great at the job that they are meant to do; it was my realisation with the advent of scripts that have the ability to save us allot of time, many players (especially the newer ones who have grown up exclusively using scripts) don’t really understand what faking players is really meant to do, and that just running a script a couple hundred times doesn’t really provide adequate cover if you are planning on attacking targets with a large amount of nobles and nukes.

The whole idea behind a fake attack is that they are meant to mask attacks that are being sent at a player in an attempt to significantly deter a player from supporting the villages that are the real targets of the planned attack, they do this by confusing a player and hopefully drawing support to other targets, which makes the real target more vulnerable than if the fakes had not been sent. Unfortunately fake scripts do not realistically have this effect. Fake scripts (or at least the ones that I have seen knocking around) choose a random village from a pre-selected set of villages and send a single ram (or whatever troop input that you’ve chosen), while this does up a players attack counter, there is very little else that the attack does; because the attack is an isolated attack and not part of a series, anybody with any amount of experience and nouce will recognise it and either move troops (in case it’s a random nuke) or worse ignore it. Now I’m not saying that fake scripts don’t have their uses, used in conjunction with effective faking, they can add pressure to players and significantly improve the chance of attacks being successful, however their use as the exclusive mode of faking is severely ineffective when it comes to fighting anyone of experience.

Now not all players will do this, newer players who haven’t had the dubious pleasure of being attacked often may panic purely at a swarm of attacks and scream for support to all of their villages purely by seeing a mass of attacks. However if there are experienced heads in the tribe they are often able to calm the player down and show them how to navigate these attacks, analyse what the attacks are, and diagnose what is actually getting attacked by nobles and what actually needs support and what can be ignored. While some players are impervious to this brand of common sense it does help many players see what is there and subsequently navigate the attacks and any subsequent attacks with minimum losses to their village count.

The crooks of the problem is that many players on offense do not really see the need to change the way they attack, often finding that in the early/mid game, that players are that inexperienced that fake scripts are successful, and it isn’t until they come up against someone with a bit of skill (or someone who’s being tutored by someone with a bit of experience) that this ceases to work. This leads to a situation which we have today, where many players no longer understand what faking really should be, because they simply haven’t had to rely on anything more than a fake script and will enough to press it a couple hundred times.

So the question is where does this leave us now? Will there be a situation where real faking slowly fades out as the older worlds wind down, or will this skill slowly permeate the newer worlds as players become more experienced after finding that fake scripts are inadequate? I guess only time will tell.


W27 Bloggery!

August 24, 2009 in World 027 News

Gudday Peeps and Peepettes

I hope all you guys out in TW land have been having a good time whilst you’ve been waiting for your weekly does of w27 news, gossip and my random ramblings which will keep everyone (or no one) amused.

To be honest in a world like ours real news is few and far between, partly because it’s the smallest known world in TW, as well as us all being really quite dull people when it comes down to it!

W27 Speeds Up!

That’s right folks, one of possibly the slowest nobling tribes of the world has finally bit the big one… Our internet space is now free of LA-G (sorry couldn’t help myself). Despite being the butt of many jokes the tribe has been one of the institutions of W27 as it gradually taken form. The former number 2 tribe however was continually blighted by a lack of stable leadership, and a player base which in all honesty lacked any kind of skill or talent save for a few players who were quickly adopted into other tribes.

Although my memory may be sketchy, I will try to give a brief timeline of notable events.

– Formed as soon as the tribe lock was lifted

– Recruited heavily getting a solid base in K44/43 area, as well as a small base in the K75 region.

– Merge with the tribe BAN after BAN were mocked out of existence by prominent forum members.

– Attack (predecessor to Shadow) declare war on LA-G and take out many of their ‘core’ players leaving a sporadic bunch in K34.

– Merge with the predominant K24 tribe (sorry I’ve forgotten their name)

– They win a ‘nobling competition’ against the author of the blog in K34.

– They join the coalition and subsequently re-declare on Shadow (despite technically still being at war).

– LA-G disbands citing a need to consolidate members in other coalition tribes.

World War Snore?!?

As the world war continues to “rage” on the coalition still seems to lack any kind of momentum, only taking 15 Shadow villages in a single week, leaving them with a deficit of 186! However members of the coalition remain defiant suggesting that the coalition will win through. There is two predominant theories how this will happen circulating the boards at the moment.

1)      The prediction that [IRON] will become a force and fulfil the ‘prophecy’ and turn the tide against Shadow.

2)      The coalition will fight on until REF joins them in which REF will be able to fight Shadow on an even footing.

Although these predictions have been made evidence of either coming about at the moment seems unlikely with [IRON] only managing 4 conquers against Shadow, and REF remaining uncommitted to any side (despite taking villages from both sides).

The *TKP* Dilemma:

A question on a number of players lips is what is *TKP* doing. Much has been made of REF not committing to the war however there has been little in the way of communication from the worlds 6th rank tribe of their intentions. As far as I know they have yet to enter any wars in this world (I will stand corrected if they have and its escaped my notice), and as yet are doing fairly little in the way of expanding into other tribes in the area.

Within the last week they have taken 6 coalition villages, is that a sign of things to come or is that just a coincidence and cases of cross nobling? I will leave that for you to decide.

So there you have it, that was the news of the week, you’ve been a great audience and I hope that you remain as enthralled as ever with my blogging…. I’d like to give credit to stampcoin and Yahiko Myojin who have created the banners for the W27 news. Any comments, issues or general gossip you may wish to discuss will always be welcome, until next time.



W27 Newsery!

August 15, 2009 in World 027 News

Good day TWites

I hope that you’re having a good time out there in TW land. It’s time for another week’s edition of the W27 Blog, I’m sure you’ve all been sat on the edges of your seat waiting in baited anticipation.

Unfortunately it’s been a rather slow news week this week, very few things have happened which have been worth mentioning, however the show must go on.

World Wore Bore:

When the declaration came from the ‘coalition’ that they would stand up united against Shadow; the rallying call went out to their troops to their troops and their leaders decided that they would stand strong against the dominating tribe… Or at least that was the theory, it seems like at the moment the coalition is more a rag tag collection of players than anything substantial.

Now maybe I’m being harsh on them, and yes its true some of the coalition have had success against Shadow (notably IRON), however when you collect most of the world’s top 10 together to try and do something, it really should be doable, however it seems that many of the players from the tribes haven’t been participating against Shadow, which ultimately is at the determent of the cause.

The message the leaders need to convey to their troops is “get your thumbs out of your asses!” however I doubt that this is something that they are able to do. Unfortunately there seems to be little organisation from most of the tribes, leaving it up to individuals to try and take on Shadow on their own with little help or back up. The coalition is far from a spent force, however you have to question how long they can survive in this state of disarray; a casual observer would suggest that they lack any strong leadership that is willing to pull the various parts together, it is only then that they could start to become an effective entity…. However the question remains who (if there is anyone of that ability) is willing to step up to the plate?

Shadowy Alliances?:

It has come to the attention of the author that the tribe ~NW~ has put in motion a plan to attack Dstlk*, the reasons given have been that Dstlk* players have been taking ~NW~ villages, and they want a bit of payback. Although this is not too uncommon what is uncertain is the fact that they have messaged a number of tribes with a message containing this sentence:

“They are currently in war with Shadow so fighting off the joint efforts between all of our allies they have no chance.”

Could it be true that Shadow have begun enlisting the help of other rogue factions in an attempt to quell the coalition?

Everything in Moderation:

It seems that W27 is no longer moderated by Gilestel, and that Gil is no longer a moderator for TW. Although we may have had our differences in the past, I can only admire the time he put into moderating the forum was admirable, and I’d like to whole heartedly thank him for his dedication.

The Reformation:

The biggest news story of last week was the creation of a new tribe ‘The Reformation’, or REF for short. Now I’m not going to prattle on about them too much (as it’s my tribe), however it is yet to be seen what REF is actually all about, in the past week they have taken as many villages from the coalition as that of Shadow. Some questions have been asked about who they are fighting and what their motives are, so far the response has been muted, with replies of “we will fight who we want, when we want”. This along with a seeming lack of diplomacy seems to indicate that REF are indeed a tribe who isn’t following the coalition line, yet their willingness to attack shadow also suggests that they aren’t afraid to mix it up with the big boys. Who or if they will declare allegiance to one of the two sides in this world remains to be seen, however it is quite clear that they are a tribe which will give as good as it gets.


W27 Newsery

August 7, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 027 News

Good’ay Boys and Girls. It’s time for this week’s rendition of the W27 weekly rag.

This week there have been two important changes within the world; this being the official declaration by the ‘coalition’ and formation of the Reformation tribe.

One For All, and All For One (the saga of a world at war):

As predicted in the last blog post the ‘coalition’ have officially declared war upon Shadow, the tribes Nstlk*, Dstlk*, [IRON], LA-G, TK and FURY have all banded together in an attempt to topple the number one tribe Shadow. This world war has been something which has been in the works for quite some time, and players such as myself called for it 2-3 months ago. Despite a not so professional declarion the tribes have all began a concerted effort to take on Shadow, and although you would expect the coalition to have a huge advantage here is the match up.

Nstlk* – Ranked 2nd – Top 40 = 14 million

TK – Ranked 3rd – Top 40 = 13 million

[IRON] – Ranked 4th – Top 40 = 12 million

LA-G – Ranked 5th – Top 40 = 9 million

FURY – Ranked 8th – Top 40 = 3 million

Dstlk* – Ranked 10th – Top 40 = 1 million

Total = 52 million (240 players)


Shadow – Ranked 1st – Top 40 = 48 million

Although the coalition does have advantage in numbers, and points, its general points per player are much, much, much lower than Shadows. They will also have to deal with communication issues, not being able to support each other, being on the edge of Shadow (who dominates the core) and having no identifiable leader (at least at the moment). Certainly this is an interesting development as the world bands together to try and stop Shadow who look like if they aren’t beaten will easily run through the world unopposed. Now there remains only two tribes undeclared in the war *TKP* and SAM, with these tribes able to either add or relieve pressure on Shadow, they could be important players in the next few weeks political game of chess.

The Birth Of A Tribe:

The other event this week was the creation of the Reformation tribe by a few members of Nstlk* who were fed up with the tribes unwarlike attitude. And have created a small tribe who will fight on their own without the help of other tribes. Currently ranked 8th with the largest average points per player in the world, they have already declared that they will not be joining the coalition, and will be having most of their maps ‘red’. Whether they can make an impact remains to be seen, however one thing is certain, they can’t do worse than Nstlk* has done over the past month.

The World As It Stands:

Attack – Red

Coalition – Blue

REF – Orange

*TKP* – Green

SAM – Pink


W27 News

July 31, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 027 News

Good day TWites

It seems that this may be the world war issue (if Dartship is to believed); with tribes possibly banding together to try and stop Shadow’s domination of the world. Although this hasn’t been the first suggestion that this should happen, it seems that 2-3 months into the Nstlk/Shadow war other tribes have finally seen that Shadows domination is a bad thing. Although the exact tribes who are entering the war is yet to be officially confirmed.

This will come as good news to the leaders of Nstlk who have been taking a panning over the past few months as they try to weather the storm which is Shadow.

Side 1:

Tribes: Nstlk*

Side 2:

Tribes: Shadow

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 125

Side 2: 356

Difference: 231








Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5

Side 2: 71

Difference: 66








Recently in the General Forum there has been a running discussion about whether or not having an experienced leader (and experienced players) is the most important part of a tribe. And I would like to pen my own ideas on this topic.

My answer to this is no it isn’t the most important aspect to creating a successful tribe (although don’t get me wrong it certainly does improve the chances of success) or to even be a successful player. My suggestion would be that activity and continual willingness of the leaders/players to be active in the aid of the tribes goals is the most important attribute (as well as the ability not to get board over a long period of play). Experience is all well and good, and yes its undeniable that a player who is more experienced at the game will have an advantage when it comes to playing, you just need to look at the types of players who dominate early in almost every world, experience helps these players be more effective early in the game, and subsequently they are able to dominate, but ask yourself, how many of these players dominate in long term games? Many quit after a couple of months, as they don’t have the mentality to play long term often citing that they are bored (maybe at lack of competition) and subsequently quit. It’s often the case that the ‘best’ and ‘most experienced’ players aren’t the players who have an impact long term on the worlds its players who are willing to put the most time into the game.

To highlight this the Nstlk*/Shadow war is a perfect example, at the beginning of the war Nstlk were able to match Shadow blow for blow, however after a month or so they began to drop off, their players not willing to put in activity into the war, and subsequently having several leaders quit due to frustration that players wouldn’t fight for them; Shadow on the other hand have players who have continually put in the effort against Nstlk and have come out the stronger because of it. Although it could be suggested that many of the Dstlk/Nstlk players have been soft or easy targets, you can only ever beat what is put in front of you, and as long as the Shadow players are willing to put their activity into the tribes wars then they will continue to dominate until their opponents begin to match them.

Also I am running a little competition to try and create a banner for the w27 news (inspired by bl00dlust023’s w11 banner). All entries should be entered at the below link, good luck to anyone who enters.