No More Tribal Wars, its Merge Wars

July 27, 2009 in World 026 News

Hello World 26.

Yes it is true, World 26 has merged tribes together, Disbanded and Merged again.

[H] has Disbanded and Merged into Clear! The last lot of [H] changed to the tribal tag DP or Dr. Pepper.

Nomad Merged into ~ SW ~, SM-A, ~ SM ~.  Forming the The Shadows of Nomad

With the looming threat of Clear! Lets hope to god these Merges will be able to bring peace long enough to grow stronger against Clear!

A dark cloud rises of World 26. Will all World 26 band together and fight this Cloud? called Clear! or will we fail, and tremble to there power?


2 x 2 = DR mathtest

July 19, 2009 in World 026 News

Thanks for taking the time to do this Tripp/mathtest, Why did you leave Clear!

i had… issues with a member of clear! and left to avoid fighting him and to stop mucking up their forums with our argueing

Did you Enjoy your time in Clear!?

lmao, and yeah it rocked. Clear! is a great tribe, and they will go far in this world, even if their members are a bit.. rowdy

Do You believe that Clear! will declare war on every tribe in World 26, Just for the hell of it?

nah. Clear!’s goal is to be the first tribe to win a world, i think they will take out ~ SN ~ first, or T4H and then grab BUL once they get a major border, and IMK last (because if they want to win the world it needs to be done eventually)
although im betting they will either merge IMK soon, or bail them out by taking on T4H now

Do you support the whole “lets take [H]” inside?

yes I would have done the same in their spot, however it doesnt help my tribe any :( now im surrounded by clear! and i only managed to get one [H] player… and im nobling another :D

Would you change anything about World 26?

yes. Id like no moral. moral is killer, especially if you are like me and have dominated your k. *sigh* its sad being double the 2nd player onward. and worse i cant touch them because they are in clear!

What do you think about World 26?

I love it. this is my only world at the moment, and its the best world besides w7 for me. i can only hope the next world i join will be similar (minus the moral of course :D)


100% FruitFilledEvil

July 18, 2009 in World 026 News

1.) Hello FruitFilledEvil, Thank You for Spending the Time To Do this, Do You Feel Clear! Will be a Tribe to be Feared With?

Hello NML! Of course Clear! will be feared – we’ve got war lust!

2.) What is the History behind Clear!, I would add a ? mark, but it be a tad contradictory.

There was a deadlock between the 3 NorthEast tribes: Storm, WAB, and Visine. We all had either a NAP or Alliance with each other, and we knew that a war between any two would bring one of the others into the war. i.e. if Visine fought Storm, both tribes were worried about WAB interfering. AND there was a huge threat from Moogle – all 3 tribes had good frontage on Moogle but it would have taken at least 2 of the tribes to be involved in order to bring Moogle down – and getting 2 of the tribes, let alone 3 of them to war Moogle at the same time would have been impossible. It was almost never brought up as a topic because we knew WAB had alliance with Moogle and Storm had a NAP. So there was a whole lot of boredom as nobody could commit to any single plan and get moving.

*Rampage* and I both said screw it and decided to force action. We were hellbent on either getting rimmed or making something work. I left Visine and founded Clear! Rampage soon joined, followed 24 hours later by a mix of Storm and Visine people. About half of WAB joined up a few days later. We quickly set about warring Moogle and the rest is history.

3.) FruitFilledEvil is an Interesting Name, Where did you come up with it?

It popped into my head seconds before creating the account. I know a guy named EvilErnie and a friend named HateFilled. Maybe that’s why.

4.) What happened with The War between [H]?

It was missing something for one. We wanted to pick a fight on the biggest baddest target we could find, and [H] needed to be tested on defense. Their ODD was terribly low, but their reputation as an elite tribe was really high. So we knew it would be a huge fight, but wasn’t sure how they’d do on defense.

It turned out that [H] had just undergone a massive loss in leadership and there was basically a civil war going on in the tribe as more and more players were quitting and there was a small power struggle to see how H should be run going forward.

As a result, the H counteroffensive was puny. As the duke of Clear! I should have had thousands of incoming attacks (fakes at least!) and our frontline should have been under massive assault. I think the highest number of incomings I had during the whole campaign was 24. There were only 2 or 3 of our players that recieved any serious attack, and the planning by H was clearly slapped together rather than being created by a functioning elite tribe.

Before the war started, all of the H frontline with Clear! appeared inactive. We thought the majority were just saving packets and preparing to war us, but it turned out that a lot of them were just inactive. This didn’t make a lot of our players happy. We really were itching for a long hard fought war.
Raging Thunder declared on [H] a few weeks into our war. This was pretty much sealing the deal – this war was NOT going to be tough. We granted cease-fire and walked away with the respect of [H] members and a few new friends. Focusing our efforts elsewhere sounded more fun that being involved in a gangbang.

I’ll try to make the rest of my answers shorter so we don’t break WordPress.

5.) Your Tribe doesnt seem like huggers, Are you in it to Thrash it, In It To Win it? or Lets just Have fun, Screw Everyone else?

My philosophy is this: Keep busy, and keep friends. If you do these two things you WILL win it. In response to your question: We hug, we thrash, we win, we have fun, and we screw with everyone. Finding balance between all these things is the real challenge.

6.) What Do You Think about World 26?

I LOVE world 26. I’ll be here until they close the doors.

7.) What Would you Change about World 26?

I’d like to have Moogle back. That war was too short. The only real problem with World 26 is World 27 through World 40. Too many new worlds have caused a lot of people to leave. When things start to get the least bit difficult people just pull up stakes and join a new world. That’s no fun.

8.) What do You do Outside of Tribalwars?

A lot. Full time job and I’m a full time Dad. I’ve recently started rollerblading again so I can cut down on the tribal wars fat I’ve gained in the past 6 months. I like to play chess, build furniture, remodel my kitchen, and get drunk with friends when I have time.

9.) Who are you going to Fight with next?

What was your name again? ;) We’ll take on anyone who wants a piece of the action. But until somebody declares on us we’re turning over some stones to see what pops out. We liked the idea of fighting something bigger than us – that’s why we picked Moogle and why we picked [H]. We wanted a shot at fighting RT, but that never came to pass! For now we’ll keep turning over stones until the world is ready for the next great series of wars!

10.) Thanks For taking the time on this, if you would like to add anything, it be great.

Yeah – Remember, if you don’t look forward to logging in, figure out why that is and fix it. This game is exactly what you make of it. Thanks to my great team at Clear! for making me excited to log in every single day. Thanks for the interview.


In the Mind of a Warham.

July 15, 2009 in World 026 News

Warham, Leader of IMK, the #7 Rim Tribe. Strong Fighters.

During the War with Moogle we were shown the true force behind IMK. Destroying Moogle. But IMK arent a bunch of point whores, recruiting a 100,000 Point player.

IMK was created on the 8th of November 2008. with warham joining in January. We all know warham from the PnP Forums.

with warham as the leader he kicked the rankings up to #7, not just by allowing people to join, but by actually allowing him to grow his members to grow with his strong guidance.

The Founders of IMK, OmniPo & his brother were able to create IMK as a strong tribe with very little to no Tribalwars Knowledge.

As all tribes there strategic settings were the same “Dominate The Area”, but they actually did this. alot of tribes with “n00b” leaders fail in the first few months. So IMK I take my hat off to you.

The Original Picture was found on google.. But has stayed the same for ever. Who doesnt love a great picutre?

The fight with Moogle was a Good one, and by searching through the forums you can see they changed there name for temporarily.. To: IMK (International Moogle Killers).
IMK had an alliance with Moogle who had a coalation with Risen and Bruvas, You Cant Seem to find them anymore. Bruvas had died with out the protection of Moogle. So who hates Huggers? IMK Does!

Moogle wanted to get more “cuddles” With DARK, Visine & Storm. So Moogle wanted to make a coalition, IMK did not want to make a coalition but signed an Alliance with Moogle, Well Done!

Visine made Clear! IMK asked Clear! For a NAP, but Tensions between Moogle & Clear! arose, Moogle asked IMK to fight on there side.

But it was a simple ploy for Moogle to take out a future threat, Oh oh.. Some one failed that!

Simply Moogle fell hard and fast. because Clear! didnt want to take any of there crap, and Bye Bye Moogle :)

Outside of TW, warham is a busy person. Good at Basketball, Soccer, Also can play music, quiet well! Drum & Guitar..

Other than that, Its his Girlfriend, In real life and Tribalwars… Yeah… Player :P

Even though warham is modest, and doesnt believe he is the #1 Duke, Sorry We need to beg other wise. Well, when we saw warham as #1 or “The King”.. Lets hope it works!! We all love the lion King.

Thanks Guys,



10 Minutes with Josaph

July 14, 2009 in World 026 News

Josaph, Possibly the #1 PnP poster on the Face of World 26, Starting out in World 26 [H] recruited him. While [H] was growing So was Josaph.

Alot of players may remember Josaph from the world 26 Forums, the Gentleman who can make a member cry, And most likely already has.

The way he is able to post everyday with strength and confidence is with the simple Quote “Its only a game. Don’t take anything anyone says personally, and you can never look stupid by responding out of anger”

Sadly It hasnt been a happy story for Josaph, Alot of his friends had left the world, and so did [H]’s leaders, leaving him to run [H] for him self, With Several Wars happening e.g: [H] vs Clear! & [H] vs The Shadow Family

As We all must agree, World 26 is the Greatest World on Tribalwars, We have Several Wars at once! We have Great Players, Michael Klashnikov, SeanQuincy, My Self, Josaph, Booza, My Self & Most importantly.. My Self :P According to Josaph we have less families, Three That I Know of.. The Shadow Family.. [H]/[H][D]/[H]2 & ~ Fate’s Family. Great tribes rarely hit 100.

But one thing made me think, He like all of us, hate our friends leaving. He has lost many over the year. Josaph said something honest, which actually hit home for me, I lost a good Friend, So Remember this World 26: “Many people I admired both in-game and on the PnP forums have left, and its like watching a friend leave for military deployment. You don’t want them to go, but they have to. I wish people stayed on W26 longer.”

Josaph, outside of Tribalwars, he loves Zombies. I believe he could be the person standing on the street corner yelling “The Zombies are Comming”, We just walk past and laugh, But when it happens, Who’s Going to be laughing then? Not us! We will Be zombies..

So just remember, Dont Mug Him, Dont Try and Rob him, he may be sleeping on a sawn off Shot Gun… Who Knows?