November 13, 2009 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 019 News

Greetings World 19 and welcome to the blog! =D

Since this is our first blog post and I’m still settling in, it’s going to be short and sweet. I am still putting together ideas for the blog (which will be updated on a weekly basis) in terms of what sorts of thing should be regular inclusions and what things will be done on a rotating/occasional basis.

I think everyone would like to see current war updates (I plan for this to come mostly in the form of stats and maps, there’s enough PnP on the forums :p) and general news for the world.

I would also like to point everyone to the thread I have made on the forums to discuss the blog, here: Please drop in and leave a comment/suggestion…I want your feedback =D

Everyone seems keen on doing some player interviews, so I will start to work on that. I will also keep a list of current wars on the forums too — if you do not see your war on the list, it’s up to the participants to tell me what’s going on! =D

Now for the fun stuff…it’s CONTEST TIME!

Our blog needs a banner! And I suck at anything graphics related! So here it goes guys. Make me a w19 blog banner.


– Make it a decent size (not too small and not too huge, though it can be adjusted a bit)
– Make sure it says “World 19 Blog” or “w19 Blog”
– Make it pretty/sleek/interesting (ok you get the idea)
– Be creative!
– Sumbit entries either by sending me the file on skype, or PMing me a link via skype/ingame/forum PM.

I’ll leave entries open for at least a week, maybe two, depending on how many entries are submitted. Then I’ll post the entries and we’ll have a vote =)

Winner will be compensated in PP! (unless you are in Asylum, then you get nukes…just kidding =D) Show me your stuff w19!