w19 News and World Update!

June 16, 2010 in World 019 News

Okie Dokie w19 here’s what we’ve got on the agenda today:

  • World Maps
  • Power Rankings
  • Conquer Maps
  • An Interview with vanislelady
  • Blog Question & Answer

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w19 World News and Weekly Update

June 2, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19! Sorry I am a couple days late, holiday weekend here in the US =) Regardless, I’ve got a good update for you all today! Some major news I would like to report (for those of you on the moon that didn’t hear), Morthy was able to restore Asylum’s OD and forums after the incident last week where Asylum was hostilely disbanded! Big thanks to Morthy for this, it’s the kind of stuff that keeps people playing TW! =) Other than that, there isn’t much major news to report outside of an explosion of arguing on the Asylum gangbang thread hehe =P Let’s check out the maps:

It’s nice to see that Asylum had some philly cheesesteaks last week and they have refilled the junk in their trunk. The rest looks a bit all the same to me lol.

Power Rankings

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 327,971,995 12.92% 31,592,469 0.93%
BRAINS 315,223,449 12.42% 14,922,344 0.27%
VIRTUS 275,880,144 10.87% 5,962,646 -0.05%
All*² 274,995,653 10.83% 6,938,575 -0.01%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
XLR 198,778,903 7.83% 4,225,768 -0.04%
UNSF 187,732,113 7.39% 6,199,577 0.05%
~EP~ 154,107,077 6.07% 2,771,705 -0.05%
CANDY 131,690,200 5.19% 906,144 -0.10%
~TA~ 115,144,533 4.54% -7,052,569 -0.41%
cC 105,990,846 4.17% 10,830,108 0.32%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
~HOME~ 98,593,878 3.88% -1,739,259 -0.18%
BRAINZ 95,255,180 3.75% 1,210,078 -0.05%
Magyar 84,192,446 3.32% 10,699,090 0.34%
WDW 74,220,863 2.92% 2,506,467 0.02%
NIR 50,276,852 1.98% -387,514 -0.07%
HEROES 48,867,098 1.92% 10,406,474 0.37%

Tribes Out:

So we do have a few interesting things to note here…All* have grown to major power size, and Brains have been growing also =o Of course, there has been plenty of easy pickins down in the south with the loss of a couple Asylum accounts. I for one can’t wait to really see some push between these two big beasts =)

Weekly Interview

This week we have an interview with the one and only Nathan Potter! *gasp* Always an active forum poster, Nathan has a knack for drawing attention to himself in w19, and that hasn’t changed at all, even in light of his recent account deletion and leaving UNSF. So here it is folks, read up!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hai! I’m Nathan, aka DFF in a couple of my worlds.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I have been on w19 for a couple of years now, and playing TW for probably 3 years.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

I used to play w7, was a nub there and didn’t really have a clue until I quit =D Now I sort of play w4 when I get time, w19, and w26. I coplay on w49 and w50, but my coplayer and I are thinking about jacking those in.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

Favorite, well theres alot of things. I love timing my nukes and nobles, sniping peoples nobles and the skype side of things. I also love catting the crap out of people who piss me off =P
Least favorite has gotta be the many nights I have decided to stay up and defend/time attacks.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

In the words of one of my neighbours on w49:
‘First of all I just wanted to say that I like the way you play this game. You are an aggressive player and own everyone you do not like.’

That pretty much sums it up. I also love my cats, and put them to damn good use.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)

Okay, this could be boring =D I started in =HK=, was a half decent tribe who shared a border with the early -D-. They wanted to expand in a different direction than I did, so I left and joined 2Angry. Made alot of friends there, and eventually was voted to become leader of AngryQ, another branch of the Angry Mob. I then declared war on QIVA, as that was the only expansion route for us and they were becoming a threat. We did okay being as they were wayyy bigger than us, held our own for a while and then we got raped. I merged into there, and stayed there while we fought XLR the first time. Then I joined BondQ as the duke, and turned them from an inactive tribe into a tribe that was semi decent. After that I rejoined Bonded, was given duke by kest and we co-duked Bonded. That eventually ended in merging with UNSF to create OutFit, in a hope that I wouldn’t have to do everything largely by myself. That didn’t go to plan, so I deleted and took up an anonymous account in XLR, where I am now.

Q: To my knowledge, you are the kingpin behind the Anti-Asylum, better known as the BBC, coalition. Is this correct? What were your reasons for organizing this effort?

Yes, that is correct – me and jrandall75 were the main instigators of the coalition. I was concerned that they would war us now that that their war with XLR and Candy was over, so I spoke to my friends in Brains about a possible coalition alliance to take down Asylum together. From there it went on to include first ~EP~ and then ~UWA~, and we finally got our plans together, set a couple of launch dates and launched.

Q: Why form a coalition? Certainly you couldn’t have been that strongly allied with Brains on the other side of the world. Perhaps EP and UWA, but why not just declare on Asylum alone?

I had friends in Brains, EP and UWA anyway, and really it was a chance remark that I made to jrandall that sparked it off. We realised we both wanted the same thing and decided to work together. We got EP involved almost immediately, and UWA soon after. The reason for the coalition was because we knew Asylum were too good to take on alone. After talking we figured if we all hit at once then we would stand the best chance of winning.

Q: For a long time, Bonded was the large family tribe on the east side of the world. And Bonded was certainly dogged for it. You started leaning away from the label of family tribe and eventually we saw a merger/consolidation of Bonded and UNSF, moving enough accounts over that Bonded was a shadow of its former size and the naysayers were hard-pressed to call Bonded a family anymore. Do you think this change benefited UNSF ultimately?

Well, it depends on which way you look at it =P The merge accelerated XLR’s declaration on us, so that is a negative impact. But, to start off with, it was a huge benefit – there was all those active players in one tribe. I mean, suby and Azzazzel-Ra quit just before the merge, but I had 2 absolute beasts to take over those accounts from w26. Suby never worked out because he didnt transfer his pass to the new guy, and the new Azz guy had his fun for a couple of weeks and then left. In the end, the merge saved Bonded’s active members, but partly to the detriment of the rest.

Q: Nathan! You deleted your account and quit! You were the most fierce defender of Bonded for the longest time! Seriously, you drove me crazy defending Bonded on the forums =D Why the change in heart?

Well, I guess a list would maybe be easier to read:
* I got no tribal support except what kest could spare, even though he had to stack himself from xlr and asylum. There was 75% D players with only a handful of villages on the frontline who had D sitting at home in case they got attacked =|
* the fact that the only time I asked for a sitter nobody would do it
* the fact that none of the players were willing to send off a huge amount off attacks in one go on a whim – except rampton, he used to love it =P
* the number of accounts I was having to sit and actively defend, most of the time I was hovering at 10 or 11 sits, it went up to 13 just before I quit
* Players like mary sending me their sit with no warning, then me logging in to find 3k+ untagged incomings that are 3 days old
* the fact that people expected me to sit everyone and not lose much if anything at all, and still lead the tribe and make ops. I’m not being funny, but thats what the other leaders are for * to share the load. Which rarely happened.
* one of the final straws was when I asked for mary (inactive account) to stack my nuke villages that were being targeted by XLR – the account was inactive and had 700D sitting at home. I made my list, sent it off and the sitter didnt even bother. That pissed me off.
* The main thing though, that made me quit was the pressure xlr put on me. They had me on 4000 incoming attacks for 3 months solid. Sometimes it dipped below and sometimes it rose higher. They sent me huge amounts of cats, they always knocked down the farms and smithies I had just finished building, so that I rarely was able to build troops in those villages. That was the situation with probably 75% of my villages, the farm and smithy was so low that I couldnt build any troops. Later after joining XLR, I found out it was a ‘Keep Nathan Busy’ op, and they now have coined the phrase ‘The NathanPotter Treatment’ =P

Q: There have been many rumors around w19 that you have taken a new account. What is your response to these comments?

Yes, I have taken up residence in XLR, after a brief break from w19. I don’t wish to reveal what account, but it is nice to remain in the same tribe as kest and blow. For those of you who are wondering why I refused to admit this earlier, well it’s simple. I still feel ties to UNSF to this day, and I just couldn’t face telling them I had left and joined the enemy. Sly and Laura though, they are top notch and have been extremely understanding about everything.

Q: OMG! XLR?! No way! =P Why join the enemy? And give up the other enemy (Asylum) you set out after when you formed the coalition?

Well, it’s simple really. We saw how well XLR work as a team, something we always craved back in Bonded/Outfit. We saw that when you attacked one of them, within minutes you had 3 or 4 others sending you a ton of attacks back, and that is what we wanted to be a part of. For kest though there was some extra, slightly different reasons – his job meant that he may have had to go to Afghanistan, and naturally he wanted the best people looking after his account should he have to go. With his usual sitter and defender (me) now in XLR, and sly and Laura there too, he knew it would be the best place to be. As for Asylum, well I was confident in the capability of the rest of the coalition, and remain confident in their ability. Admittedly, I did let them down by moving, but I did inform my two most trusted friends that I was moving, and they understood and gave it their blessing.

Q: In light of this development, would you like to pass on any messages to w19 as a whole or your former tribemates at UNSF?

Well, to the guys back at UNSF – you know how it is. I loved your tribe more than anything, and to leave you was exceptionally hard. But you all know the amount of work I was doing, and the amount of stuff I was doing alone, and I just couldn’t hack it anymore. I’m sorry for leaving you all, even more sorry for not being able to tell you until now, but I felt that I really didnt have any other choice.
To the rest of w19, well, they didn’t think that they could get rid of me that easily did they?! =D

Q: Freebie – anything else you want to say?

I just want to mention one more thing about TW and some of the players here. Some of the people here are absolutely amazing – a guy in my w26 tribe has been jobless for a long time now and unable to find work because of the recession, and recently he put up a thread saying he could no longer play TW because he couldn’t find a job in his trade, and was struggling to pay his internet and so on. Well, a few of my other tribemates there have friends and contacts in the industry he works in, and are now ringing around and asking all their contacts if they can get him a job as close to home for him as possible. Now not many people would do something like that for a person they met playing an internet game, and even fewer would go as far out of their way as these guys have done to try and get this man a job. I think that is fantastic, and big respect to those helping him out. Those people are absolutely amazing, and I think they deserve a mention somewhere, even if its not by name.

Thanks for the interview!!

Blog question

Last week I asked:  What is your opinion of coplaying? There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. Do you support it, or are you against it? Tell us why! And omg y’all actually gave me answers!! Here they are:

“Before the maximum limit on sitting I wasn’t bothered about co-playing however now its very different. Obviously there are massive advantages such as; your account being taken care of around the clock without racking up any days sat and the ability to grow and attack any player in their offline time (assuming they don’t have a 12 hours time difference with a co-player if they have). But what about for everyone else? The fact is we’re at a disadvantage, technically they could snipe any train, tag any attack and operate far better than a normal player.To be honest it’s easy to pick a side if you have a co-player or are fighting one, but what if your not? Then what would you say? In the end I would rather not have co-playing allowed but an extended sit duration before attacking became impossible or just a longer max sit.”

Answer submitted by dragon727272

“I’m against it! (For reasons contact Cabana cigara lol)”

Answer submitted by Jasongreen  (… =P at jason)

“Having a co-player increases the risks of a tribe’s internal safety drastically, and also leaves a fairly large space in someone’s armor if they give their password to a more… “corrupt”… type of person. However, it does leave a lot more time for beers…”

Answer submitted by caleb1705

“A good tool, especially on beginning stage of the game, where it is required to be active as much as possible to grow as fast as possible. However it ruins the purpose to play fairly against all other players that don’t have coplayers. So its some kind of cheating, but it isn’t. But nevertheless, who wants to coplay, please be my guest and do that ;D There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. As mentioned up, covering all time of the day and night of one person. Drawback, I think it ruins the purpose of fair play against other players. But as they say, everything is allowed in war. So is coplaying.No, I don’t support it and I am against it. I never had coplayer, I wanted one some time ago, but I was out of luck to get one. So, I stayed to obtain account alone. But to be perfectly honest, I never needed one, I handled my accounts perfectly fine. And if I really need a help, I can simply ask tribe mate for an account sitting.”

Answer submitted by DrSneider

Good answers guys! It’s not an easy one to answer, because it does give an account a double-player advantage, and also possibly open the account to security weaknesses. Wherever you stand on the issue, though, you should get used to coplayers since there is no effective way for TW to stop them from playing! =o

Next week’s question: What factors do you think make up a winning tribe in TW? DETAILS! =D

Until next week w19!


World 19 News and Weekly Update!

May 24, 2010 in World 019 News

hello w19! It has been a while since you’ve heard from me, and I’m glad to be back. We have a good issue for you this week, so kick back, have a seat, and enjoy the read! First things first, let’s have a quick peek at the maps:

There’s nothing earth-shatteringly different on the maps from any of the recent ones, though I am sure there have been some slowly shifting borders on local levels for any of the current wars going on in the world.  The biggest news, however, in recent days is the disbanding of Asylum.  I don’t know all of the details, but essentially someone who wasn’t meant to logged onto an Asylum account with duke privileges and disbanded Asylum! It was reformed in short order, and thanks to the petitioning of the members of Asylum, their OD scores have been restored (Asylum is attempting to regain their forums–to my knowledge this is still in progress). It’s generated a lot of hubbub on the forums, with good reason. It’s frustrating for the tribe itself, and a low move–especially at this late in the game, when a tribe like Asylum has been around for ~2 years. I don’t like to get preachy, but shame on the culprit behind this mess.

Power Rankings:

(courtesy of Persempai)

Major Power (10+%)
BRAINS 300,301,105 12.15% 2,202,912 0.38%
ASYLUM 296,379,526 11.99% -25,951,258 -0.74%
VIRTUS 269,917,498 10.92% -10,677,668 -0.16%
All*² 268,057,078 10.84% 28,545,486 1.39%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
XLR 194,553,135 7.87% 2,040,438 0.27%
UNSF 181,532,536 7.34% -31,145,497 -1.05%
~EP~ 151,335,372 6.12% 7,366,651 0.44%
CANDY 130,784,056 5.29% -9,332,720 -0.24%
~TA~ 122,197,102 4.94% 884,756 0.15%
~HOME~ 100,333,137 4.06% -8,313,813 -0.23%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
cC 95,160,738 3.85% 14,528,718 0.67%
BRAINZ 94,045,102 3.80% 4,731,947 0.28%
Magyar 73,493,356 2.97% -1,899,118 0.00%
WDW 71,714,396 2.90% 1,033,921 0.11%
NIR 50,664,366 2.05% 1,094,753 0.09%
HEROES 38,460,624 1.56% 5,352,512 0.25%
ARSE 32,803,080 1.33% -1,653,622 -0.03%

Tribes Out:

Conquer Maps

Like omg! they are working! Finally! So let’s have a look at some conquers in the world’s current major wars and see how it looks (and you lot better enjoy it because it still takes bloody forever for these things to load): All timeframes are one month.

XLR vs. UNSF/Bonded (XLR conquers yellow, UNSF conquers Purple)

So XLR is still pushing hard to the east on UNSF into K37 and K47 without much resistance. I’m hoping this war heats up when the fronts meet and XLR and UNSF start trading conquers in addition to the traded cat attacks =)

Next we have Candy vs. Origin and Virtus (Candy on Origin – white, Candy on Virtus – yellow, Virtus on Candy – green, Origin on Candy – blue)

Very interesting! You can see alot of things from this map. First, the size of the front is huge! Also, Candy is very focused on nobling Origin, and Virtus has a nice spread of conquers across the map. Should be interesting to see how this will change when Candy takes their attention off of Origin… =)

I also wanted to do maps for Asylum vs. the BBC coalition, but the disbanding of Asylum messed that up royal. Apologies to the guys and gals at Asylum, and to the rest of w19 as well. We will do some of those maps in a few weeks when the numbers recharge back up ^^ I plan to keep doing these conquer maps from time to time, so inform me if there is a certain war you would like to see featured!


This week we have two interviews, one with RiverStyx of Brains and Rampton of UNSF. Here you go!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hello. RiverStyx here, real name is Steven. I’m a 26 year old soon to be Staff Sergeant in the USAF. Currently waiting to be deployed here soon and I work as an Airborne Tactical Support Operator. Used to be a linguist that worked in Afghanistan but got removed from that since there was a surplus of linguists.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

Jeez. Hmmm… My first world was actually W20 where I was pwnzer’d in about 1 months time. Quite the eye-opener when you get nobled by a guy who sent nobles with 6500 spears/swords in each attack =o Then I came to W19 where it seems the soap opera hasn’t ever stopped =p Been playing TW for 2 years now.

Q: What other online games do you enjoy playing?I don’t really play any other web-based browser games, but I do love some Call of Duty MW2 on Xbox Live and sports games like the Madden series.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?I played W43 until I recently quit. I’ve never seen an entire world hug so much as that one. Then there was W22, and after I got to nearly 1M points I deleted once I realized that archers sucked. I took over for awhile on a W2 account, but nobody really knows much about that one… ;D And W20, which I described above. All in all, W19 has been my most favorite world. Every time I try to leave, I seem to find my way back.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

Watching the tribe work together to support each other and go after a common goal. A single player doing something like mass attacking another player is fine and all, but when you see an entire tribe work in cohesion to take down and utterly destroy an opponent, it makes you appreciate not being on the other end ;D What I dislike… The blame game. The one where somebody always has an excuse for a failure when it’s as simple as just honing up to it and taking the blame head on. Nobody is perfect and sometimes you are overrun or beat out by a superior opponent. It has happened to nearly everybody, just take the beating and learn from it. No matter how good a player you are, there is somebody better out there. Unfortunately, and at the same token fortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of some beatings that has taught me how to be a better player in the long run.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

Different worlds I’ve done different things. This one I’m just balanced with what I think is a very common 2:1 Defense to Offense ratio. A long time ago I found that people hate cats, so I have A LOT of cat nukes for those players who love to turtle the front lines and leave the back exposed. Nice to get those green reports with farms/clay pits/ smithys that are absolutely leveled by a good cat attack.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)This could take forever…. I started off in a tribe called EarthDawn, apparently some sort of name for a board game with a random guy I made friends with. Later, moved on to FUTE until we attacked =DEV= and they merged into Brains during the middle of the fighting. Went back to ED until we had a short tour with the almighty Saints Family (not my most shining moment in W19). Recreated ED and was getting beat on by Brains until the guy sitting me disbanded the tribe while I was on Easter Vacation with my family. FTO/Linda were really let down by that and Linda ended up deleting and taking up an account with Asylum while FTO left for Asylum as well with Jason and later MIvan. Been in Brains ever since the merge between what was left of Brains and my tribe ED.Q: The Brains family has dominated the SW for longer than I can remember. Why do you think this is? Good players, less competition, luck?We actually weren’t a family until nearly the end of our war with NIR. The tribe Growl came to us during the war and was seeking a spark of life as they were dying and so Brains kind of took the entire tribe under it’s wing by renaming them Brainz. As a rim tribe, most of the leaders were understandable that sometimes the quality of player is not what it is near the core and also that activity can sometimes beat out skill as well. The more active members we had, the better off in the future we’d be. It wasn’t a popular decision, and at the time I didn’t agree with it either based on the stigma of a “family” here on W19, but sometimes it’s what’s best for the tribe, and not what others think.NIR was the first major war we were in since I had taken over the reins of the tribe from Linda and FTO. It was a very slow process; the tribe didn’t find its spark until we learned how to work together, which took longer than anticipated. Eventually the leadership was turned over to Jrandall75 as I had too much to do in RL to lead a top 5 caliber tribe, and everything since then has been written in history ;D A little luck, but the SW was bloodied before it came under our power. It wasn’t just gifted to us, that’s for sure. Also the core of Brains players aren’t first time players. JR has been playing W2 for a very long time, we’ve put other W2 and W3 players into open accounts and a few people from W10. However, many of our best players are also first-timers here in W19, which is a testament to how hard work and effort can pay off.Q: Why do you think Brains has always been on the receiving end of so much trash talk from the w19 community? It seems like y’all get it from every angle =D

People don’t understand what we’re about. It just seems like we popped up from nowhere to become a dominant tribe, and the whole “family” thing just adds to the hatred. Sometimes people are afraid of what/who they don’t understand, which is fine by us. We aren’t looking to be liked/loved by the community. We just want their brainssss!!! =pQ: Brains was slow to join up the BBC/Anti-Asylum coalition. Is there any interesting story behind this? Brains has taken the lead recently in the efforts against Asylum. Is the Brains war machine just slow to start up or have Brains found a new motivation in this war?We were in on it from the start, but we were still putting down the leftover remnants of NIR who had a few active members that needed to be squashed. So our launch date was a week later than everybody else’s.
As far as the start up for our nobling, our first target was a bit to munch on, as ForTheOrca was stacked out the wazoo. But as soon as she had been cracked, she got banned then went barb. Then there was our fake OP on Loco where we attacked him to draw out all the support we could… And then went after MIvanoski. In-between, we’ve seen Gulzun delete because of a ban, Sir Icehead who had a new player that was former NIR that quit as well, and then the Jason account was gifted back to Brains after we had started attacking him.It’s not that we aren’t trying, but our targets all seem to disappear as soon as pressure is added, which is fine by us. We may have to noble their leftover barbs, but a dead/deleted player is just as good as getting the stats for them.Q: You and JRrandall are the dukes of Brains right?

No JR has 3 other dukes that lead with him. I’ll leave their names off because I don’t know if he’d want me saying who all our leaders are. I was Duke for awhile but due to time constraints and my military lifestyle, I stepped down for the good of the tribe. I’m just a regular member now that the leadership will call on for ideas and such as needed.

Q: I always had the impression that Asylum and Brains got on pretty well, even if they were not outright allies so to speak. Is this how it was between your tribes, and also, why did things change?When I came into power in Brains, I learned that they and Asylum had a long-standing NAP that continued until Linda came into power during Drats absence. Then they dropped our NAP and soon we found out from an inside source that they had a poll on who to attack next after their second war with WDW, Brains being an option and another option being attacking our war target NIR. That didn’t set well with the leadership and thus talks between Potter and JR started up for attacking Asylum.Q: If you could make an improvement to TW (without having to worry about it being too radical of a change or getting community support), what would it be and why?There seems to be so many useless improvements that TW has made recently. Camps, that retarded SOS button for attacks on your villages. The only thing I would ask for would be another world with settings very similar or exactly the same as W19, seeing as no other world has the type of settings that we have.Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

Good luck to everybody and remember, TW is a game, not a lifestyle. There are some people out there where it seems TW has control over them, but it’s supposed to be a game, not a stressor. If you find yourself stressing over it, take a step back and remember you play it to have fun. And yeah, our tribal COA sucks and we are in the process of fixing that =) Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for all the work you put into the blog for W19 Chris. You’re doing an awesome job.

Next the interview with our good sir Rampton!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hi, my in game name is obviously rampton (no relation to the mental institute in England) and my real name is James.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I’ve been playing TW for 2 years now……I think. Time fly’s when you’re having fun.Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?I’ve played a few other worlds but never really got going because I was always too busy on W19. However, I’ve just started on W50 with a group of guys I know from other worlds so hopefully that one will be a keeper like W19.
In comparison to W19, no world I’ve played has been as good.
Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?My favorite aspect of TW are meeting all the different people (enemies & allies) from around the world. I’ve never played a game like this in the sense where it brings total strangers together and forms a strong bond between them.

My least favorite……why can’t I think of one……wait XLR for declaring on us. No joking. I don’t think I can think of one.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

Well going back some time I would say I was more offensive and loved to attack, but since last November when my little daughter was born my time has been limited so I couldn’t time my attacks as well as what I used to.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)

When I first started W19 I was a noob (some will probably say I still am) and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I started of in the I-WOD family and later moved over to UNSF and I’ve stayed there ever since.

Q: Am I right in concluding that you are now the duke of UNSF?

Yes I am a duke. I’ve been the duke in UNSF since the war with T69T. I first stepped upto Baron during our war with Angels, so I’ve been on the council for around 9-12 months now.

Q: How did the tribe change when Kest and Nathan Potter left?

Well if I’m been honest here when Potter asked to merge Bonded & UNSF I was a little reluctant due to the pointwhores such as Mary & Suby. Potter quitting was coming for a while. He threatened it and came back and then threatened it again and finally ‘quit’ or some would say moved to XLR.

As for Kest moving, hmmmm, I really can’t understand that, but as of now and I’ve mailed him this via skype, he won’t be welcome back in UNSF. If he does come back then I will be gone.

Potter always took too much on and yes he will be missed. Kest loved sending his account round to be sat without prior notice so will he be missed……I doubt it.

Q: Now, I can’t speak for traded attacks, but it certainly looks like your efforts against Asylum have slowed in terms of conquers, while Asylum has mostly been focused on the western front. Is the war with Asylum still healthy or has UNSF decided to focus elsewhere?

The Asylum war is still on going but it has been slowed down slightly due to a certain tribe declaring on us. Ha ha. It started off well and we’re still trading attacks.

Q: Ok, I have to hand it to you guys that you’re facing a tough fight (and I’m not saying that as a backhanded way of tooting XLR’s horn–I’m saying it as simple as the map sucks balls for UNSF). The cards are stacked against UNSF when you consider the map in relation to where your accounts are placed–many of your active players are 2+ K’s away from where XLR is nobling. How is UNSF handling this problem?

The main problem we had is that our borders are/were full of pointwhores such as Mary & Suby so it wasn’t too hard for you guys although I’m not dumbing down the job you guys have done.

XLR are a force on W19 and it will take something special to push you guys back.

Q: UNSF has been pretty quiet on the forums. Is there any particular message you’d like to send out to w19 from UNSF?

I’ve only spoken there a few times as has Karafili. The main person to speak on the forums was as everyone knows, Potter and now he’s ‘gone’ that’s why it’s quiet from us.

We just like to try our best and try to prove people wrong. After all, most people think we’re either noobs, barb noblers or inactives. ha

Q: If you could make an improvement to TW (without having to worry about it being too radical of a change or getting community support), what would it be and why?

I would maybe try to make the cost of playing this game slightly cheaper. There’s a world wide recession going on and not everyone can afford to pay for a premium account.

Q: Please provide a list of all of UNSF’s offense and noble villages, so I can have w19 send free kegs to each and every one…. <=D

**Here Rampton provided me with a list of LoverLover villages…LOL!**

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

Yeah, which account has Potter taken in XLR? Ha ha.I just want to say that I think W19 has some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of fighting alongside or fighting against and some of the most skilled players in TW. The settings that are on W19 make it so, and it is a pleasure to be involved in this world.

Whew! Lots of update! I have no facepalms, but I do have a blog question that I would love some responses to: What is your opinion of coplaying? There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. Do you support it, or are you against it? Tell us why!

Until next week w19! Stay well!  ((PS – I am sorry for the ****ed spacing, I cannot fix it without making the entire post unreadable)).


W19 News and World Update — Guest Blogger!

May 17, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19 and welcome to the blog. This week I have taken over from Lauren as she is away having some kind of fun with a cat….and cheese apparently. I’ll start with introducing myself. I am Ducky from XLR, let’s get down to it.


I live in my XLR bubble so I don’t pay to much attention to the rest of the world, but from what I can tell Asylum is still Number 1 but they’re getting eaten by those Nooby Brains folk from the SouthWest corner. The duke of Asylum seems to have had his private conversations spread all over the forums, I know from previous conversations that he is very crude and rude so I was expecting something decent but instead all we got was some kind of deal been made with that lot from the Southwest.

So news from the west is that Candy are still with us and far from dead. In spite of massive odds against them, their mounds of Candy continue to be safe from the Candy Loving Hordes of Virtus.

The north of the world seems to be Owned by TA who don’t seem to do much. Also up there is the Mighty All* who rock my socks everyday.

To the east we have UNSF, I had to put them into the Urban Dictionary because I don’t know much about them and it came back with this:
“a secret organization and if you say “o I’ve never heard of them” well thats because there secret dumb ass!”
Maybe they noble secret invisible xlr villages that none of us can see on the maps?

The south east has some kind of orange blob in it….I have no idea what it is and it doesn’t move much when I poke it with a stick so I”ll just leave it alone.

Anyway I’m going to put a map here but really you could just go look at the map thread in the forums. Lazy sods.

As you can see XLR has taken 2ks from UNSF and asylum have been eaten more on by brains. Not much movement elsewhere just lots of barb whores.

Power Rankings.

Yeah I’m really not doing these. Go work them out yourself. I’m too busy trying to find those invisible UNSF villages.


I was going to interview myself because none of you asked to be interviewed but I thought I’d find someone more interesting to talk to. So this week we have Dekzy. Nah I’m only joking. This week I have ChronoKaiser from the Candy Factory AND Drattus from Asylum.

Q. Hello Mr Chrono Sir. For everyone that doesnt know you please introduce yourself.

My name is Chrono to those who do not know me, but Ed to those who do. I’ve been around since nearly the beginning of the world, hopping around a few times til finally finding my cozy spot on the Candy van

Q.Give us a quick background of your TW career so far.

I started on world 10 with a few friends from Runescape and moved here to w19 when things went sour with other tribemates. We restarted here, but eventually, they all left for real life matters; I, however, am still here.

Q. Give us a quick idea of what life is like inside the Candy Factory

It’s full of sugary goodness. Tribes are always trying to sate their sweet tooth on us, but we’ve managed to hold off as best we can. We’ve got the best duke ever, Atlantia, and she does her best to keep us motivated to open up new factories across enemy lines.

Q. I have heard rumours that Abi uses Bondage and liquorice all sorts to keep you all in line. Any truth in this? Bondage?

No more than what LauraDestroya uses on those in XLR. At least, not any more than I’ve experienced thus far. =x As for the sweets … I’ve heard whispers of such things from other tribemates, but I’ve seen none of it myself. I suppose this means they were told to keep quiet? lol

Q. Now lets be serious for a minute. Those tribes in the West have been trying to steal all your candy bears for awhile now. Do you plan in sharing?

If the sharing involves them giving their villages to us, then yes, I’m all for that sharing

Q. It was unfortunate for candy to lose Craig but you seem to be managing fine at the moment, especially with the return of the almost legendary Jorska. Has he been welcomed back with open arms and a chocolate fountain?

Ah, jorska. In all honesty, I was concerned we’d not see him again. However, I’m glad he did return. He was welcomed back into the factory by a gummi bear avalanche. Once he got out of that, he set out to get back what he lost. The chocolate fountain you mentioned, I believe, is due to him any time now, if I’m not mistaken.

Q. Candy have always been close to XLR. When candy and XLR had sex it spawned All*. Do you see Candy and XLR having more relations and if so what do you think will be spawned from it this time?

Do I see us having more relations? I think we have relations every day. lol I can’t say that I see anything “spawning from it,” but I would be interested to see what will happen with the two tribes in the future. Maybe a more efficient war machine than what currently exists in both tribes? The only ones that could even begin to surmise that would be the leaders of both tribes.

Q. Any final messages or shout outs you would like to do?

Candy is for Life, not just Christmas (or other holidays). That and I hope everyone enjoys the World Cup next month.

Because I’m greedy I also managed to tie drattus down to give us a quick word.

Q. Hello drattus, please introduce yourself to us.

Ducky I am your father

Q. Your the boss man in asylum. How do you keep the inmates in line?

I shout at them all the time, especially Cabana and Chris.But It’s not very effective.If things get really crazy I have to get the Tranquilizer pea shoot

Q. Asylum have been around along time. It appears you are having a shake up at the moment and trying to get back to core members. Any specific reasons for this?

The old school members are at the heart of Asylum, after all we have played the game together for over 2 years and talked everyday. However Asylum is an ever evolving tribe, and new members are just as important because they have to continue the Asylum legacy. It’s always sad when members leave, but thats part of the game (sometimes they return later for round . Anyway enough of my rambling, we have gotten rid of lots of accounts recently that’s true, but we are not going back to just ‘core members’ because there would only be about 5 of us

Q. I hear rumours you are planning to merge with half the world, this can only mean the end for everyone else. Do you have a message for all the unfortunate people who will inevitably be rimmed?

*Drattus didn’t want to answer this question and decided he would prefer to go poke children with sticks. I told you it would be a quick word from him, Hard to tie this loony Duke down.


Again None of you sent anything. So instead I decided to put this up from our Usual blog writer

[16/05/2010 18:08:19] Liviu Giuran: (wave) hello
[16/05/2010 18:12:23] Lauren: Lauren wants to stick lauren in her suitcase
[16/05/2010 18:14:58] numbers135792468: :^)
[16/05/2010 18:15:57] BitterSweet: BitterSweet lauren is lauren
[16/05/2010 18:16:01] BitterSweet: (chuckle)
[16/05/2010 18:16:05] numbers135792468: :^)
[16/05/2010 18:16:25] Lauren: Lauren runs off
[16/05/2010 18:16:32] NathanPotter/DFF: lol

Final Word

Okay so I know this blog was a bit poor and one sided, but what did you all expect?

I would just like to Add this

How quickly the BBC alliance fell…things change so quick around here everyone needs to be on there toe’s for the next twist in W19’s History.

Lauren should be back next week if not then you got me again (hahahahahaha)

Bye for now w19.




w19 World News and Update

May 4, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19. I hope this past week has found you all well. I know I usually open like this, but it really has been quiet around w19 this week, maybe even more so than usual =P All*’s declaration on TNT is the most interesting development, but that’s technically old news since it happened last week lol. Anyway, here are the maps:

The major changes from last week are yet again in the NE. TNT is significantly smaller in size (between players leaving and All* noblings), and a couple small tribes -RK- and BAND have popped up. How many more weeks until the NE gets sorted I wonder?

Power Rankings:

(Courtesy of Persempai)

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 330,188,617 13.04% 1,633,103 0.43%
BRAINS 269,029,897 10.63% 3,458,833 0.43%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
UNSF 235,839,322 9.32% 3,533,414 0.40%
VIRTUS 234,120,017 9.25% 2,065,215 0.34%
All*² 232,160,570 9.17% 4,681,487 0.44%
XLR 181,377,028 7.17% 2,903,402 0.40%
ORIGIN 176,251,422 6.96% 131,382 0.11%
CANDY 143,037,357 5.65% 819,467 0.19%
~EP~ 141,800,726 5.60% -4,933,247 -0.03%
~TA~ 119,430,126 4.72% 925,104 0.17%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
~HOME~ 96,133,652 3.80% -4,234,699 0.88%
cC 77,815,091 3.07% 1,808,975 3.07%
WDW 67,835,253 2.68% 1,585,107 -0.39%
NIR 61,144,894 2.42% -5,715,598 -0.15%
BRAINZ 56,370,340 2.23% -616,617 -0.32%
HEROES 47,245,117 1.87% 1,900,041 -0.32%
Magyar 31,284,849 1.24% -899,999 -0.51%
Bonded 30,194,699 1.19% -1,825,747 -0.04%

Tribes Out:

Weekly Interview:

This week’s interview is with JeffDS77, another former Panda. I have to say, after all the hullaballo over the Pandas breakup, the whole thing wasn’t nearly as interesting or scandalous as we all thought it would be =P That being said, it’s nice to have gotten acquainted with some of the ex-Pandas though! Forward march,  troops!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

My name is Jeff (obviously), I’m 27, and I reside in the northeast corner of w19

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

Think it’s been a little over a year and a half now. W19 was my first world. I stumbled across the site from a banner ad in my travels and decided to check it out. I’ve been losing sleep over this game ever since.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?

After a while, I had started on w26 with some other fellow w19ers in a premade but that did not last very long. I’m currently on w41 just to mess around but sometimes it’s difficult to give more than one world your full attention with your schedule in real life.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

There are alot of good aspects to this game, it’s what makes it fun. Probably being in a good active war would be best so you get a chance to test and show your skills. If that doesn’t sound fun, then this probably isn’t your game. Which would make the least favorite part going after a player that doesn’t fight back. Nothing more boring than going up against an opponent that doesn’t put much effort into stopping you or fighting back. I actually like having incomings.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

I’d have to say being persistent. I won’t sit back and wait for you and I don’t give up very easily so you may be able to slow me down a bit but eventually I will adapt and get what I want.

Q: You were one of the founders of Pandas, right? What things did you enjoy and not enjoy about being a duke?

Guilty. Stepped up from Baron to Duke of Hard* not long after the -D- war. Due to some inactivity on both sides and a chance to get better, we decided to merge with DYN. Being a duke can be fun, especially seeing the results of a plan or OP you came up with. You can strategize with you own account but you can do it on a much larger scale when planning for a full tribe. But sometimes players tend to cause problems or fight with each other over some pretty insignificant things like a couple villages. Eventually those things take their toll and can suck the fun right out of leading.

Q: Pandas recently broke apart and the former members have gone in multiple different tribes. Nothing was announced on the public forums. Could you give the w19 community an idea of what happened?

The breakup into several tribes just shows the certain clicks had developed in the tribe. Legend and Chucky did a good job after their bump up to Duke to replace me but it didn’t take long for people to question their decisions and imply they could do a better job. Giving your opinion is one thing but when you have players constantly complaining and picking apart every little thing on the forum with a three page novel of a response, it can make things uncomfortable. You really can’t underestimate team chemistry in a tribe and we kept our core group together for the most part in All*.

Q: If you could see any war happen, what would it be and why (in an imaginary w19 =D )?

That’s a tough one. Completely disregarding rematches of good wars like Asylum and XLR that already happened. I bet long time allies Candy and XLR going at it would be fun. But I’d have to say I’d want to go back and see a HARD* versus DYN war. You want to see a war that you would be a part of. Only issue with that war is the outcome would be obvious and quite a few of the DYN players I share a tribe with now would have ended up getting rimmed.

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19 =)

Thanks to all the friends and people who have kept this game fun. Hopefully the PANDAS that became All Stars will continue to show people what we can do. NOM NOM.

Featured Facepalm:

Gonna give this a go, let me know how you all like it! This week’s facepalm was submitted by ChronoKaiser of Candy ….

[17:31:10] Ieuan (Petn): Is Jirki around Ed?
[17:31:33] Ed (ChronoKaiser): She gave me 3 days the other day .. and told me to talk with Morthy about the full month
[17:31:50] Ieuan (Petn): srsly? mad
[17:31:52] NathanPotter/DFF: jirki is a she?
[17:31:53] NathanPotter/DFF: =O
[17:31:56] Ieuan (Petn): no =D

If that isn’t a permaban waiting to happen I don’t know what is =D Does anyone else have some fantastic facepalm they wish to share? Don’t be shy now!

I’d also like to show off Captain Marryat’s ever-amusing world 19 map interpretation:

And only one last note. Would anyone like to do a guest blog for next week? You shall have free reign! I don’t care what you talk about (within reason =P), and it’s a great open forum for sharing your opinion. Just because I try to stay fair and balanced on the blog doesn’t mean a guest writer has to.  Contact me if you are interested.  Until next time w19!