Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ + New Updates

August 23, 2010 in World 018 News, World News

Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ + New Updates

Hello, and thanks for reading this blog, in this blog post, I will be talking more about the Apoc+BA vs ‘The World’ War and about the new updates.

After my previous blog post, a lot of conflict between Apoc and ‘The World’ went on in the thread about me being bias about the whole Apoc-BA vs ‘The World’ thing, so in this blog I’ll try and find something good about The World to put up.

In recent weeks Apoc-D and Apoc-C merged into the tribe Apoc. This involved 98 member being moved all into one tribe, now there are many good things about this merge, this means it will be easier for Apoc-BA to try to finish the world off as the TribalWars Staff won’t want 4/5 tribes still with over 200m points ending the game off, but all good things must bring a flaw, The name Apoc may seem to others as favoritism because other tribes are called Apoc-F and Apoc-N, this may cause sparks between the tribes but will probably not, but it will be something to look out for.

Time to give credit to ‘The World’ one player has proved that they don’t want to give up, this player, (Emmanuelfr) is probably the one the best player that is roaming on ‘The Worlds’ tribal forums, he is, still, only 1 out of 5 players even trying to attack Apoc-BA back, so well done to him! And good luck in the war.

New Updates

On Monday the 9th of August 2010, the Tribalwars Staff updated the server to 6.4, these updates include:

Global Awards.
Players receive a report when achieving and award (plus option to filter such reports).
Premium: Players can add Village Notes to each separate village.
The target of catapults in an attack is now shown on the attack info.
Players can now receive an email when they receive an in-game mail.
Ignored attacks can now be made visible again. + a lot more, this can be found at:


The most loved updates of all these wonderful improvements and updates are the Global Awards and village notes, the Global Awards are loved because it brings in awards for the very old worlds, there were many good things about this but one mighty flaw: They did not include half of the awards that they should have done. But it is also good because for worlds like World 18, a lot of players don’t have much to do anymore, so it gives people more things to do, also it is good because you can share your other awards you have on other worlds with the same account.

Another good update are the village notes, these are good because it allows you to help out a sitter and maybe even yourself of what you want built in that village and what troops you want built, when to send attacks, farming runs etc, this is basically a Notebook but you can have one per village.

Thats it, sorry for the short blog but I have just come back from holiday, peace!

Max vs George


Apoc-BA vs “The World”

August 5, 2010 in World 018 News

Apoc-BA vs “The World”

Recently, I have become the new blogger for world 18, and because the old blogger Akitar quit as a blogger just over 11 months ago, so I will first bring you the stats from his reign as the blogger and my new reign as the blogger:

Credit to 0u1ncy

Compared to this graph that has been taken over a period of 3 months:

Credit to 0u1ncy

As you can see, (click to enlarge) Apoc and Allies in September addeded up to just under 500 members and 879m points while enemies with 495 members and just over 826m. These past 11 months have made a huge different with Apoc and Allies added up to just 290 members but a whopping 1.243 billion points while enemies are suffering with 76 members and 230 million points left.

I’m sure you are thinking, “How did this happen?” Well, while some of us think it is not confusing, it is. Enemies has dropped a lot of members due to the fact of constant rimmings and constant deleteing of accounts due to Apoc-BA’s big threatening nukes and incomings, whereas on other worlds such as World 12 that is just about to close in October, Apoc-BA’s ODA mounts up to a whopping 8 billion while “The World”‘s ODA only amassing to  3.5 billion.

Also, another thing I am going to talk about are the constant trolling from certain members such as MsBella, now MsBella in one of her posts said that:

“As for my posts regarding Apoc, I have never made it a secret how little I thought of your game tactics. Whenever it was brought up in the UA chat, I always said the same thing – I think your mass recruiting was cowardly and not in the spirit of this game.

She says this while the graphs deny her, “The World” had more members than Apoc and Allies in September 09 but after constant incomings and the ones who showed they didn’t have skill or had to quit due to in real life commitments, (including Apoc members as well) Apoc-BA have shown the world how to win, and winning is what they are doing right now, I give my farewell to those who have deleted because of these reasons this fortnight, these include:

- Bellatrix Camilla                                                                                                                               –  jmkdunwoody                                                                                                                                   – GenTed                                                                                                                                               – ZZdragon                                                                                                                                            – swordmonger                                                                                                                                    – sheash                                                                                                                                                 – And many more

To those also about to press delete or those who already have, we would like to say, good game, it has been good playing with you! We hope you enjoy your new found time in real life!

Thank you for reading this blog update, I’d be very happy if you would comment on this blog, but please, no spamming or trolling, thank you!

- Max vs Georges, your w18 blogger


New W18 Blogger – Max vs George

August 5, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 018 News

New Blogger

Hello world 18, I am your new blogger; Max vs George.

I have been blogging on Tribalwars for the past month on High Performance and now have decided to do world 18 as well (because I also play this world) . As my username may hint, my name is Max and I am a young age of 17. I play Tribalwars for fun but sometimes I might get a little serious about things.

My Tribalwars experience dates back to world 2 and throughout world 2 all the way to world 18, 51 and High Performance, I have had short month breaks of the game. Many due to the fact of important exams and other things to do with my education.

I will be writing at least 4 posts a month  on the world 18 blog, I will also be giving interviews to the leaders of mostly Apoc-D, Apoc-C, Apoc-N, Apoc-F and the Balkan Alliance because I don’t think any of us know who the new Barons and Dukes are of “The World”.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and my first one will be out today or tomorrow. Thanks!

– Your world 18 blogger.


W18 Blog

September 6, 2009 in World 018 News


About the Blog

Yeah, I realize the fact that I haven’t been on tribal wars as much as usual lately. I understand that everyone is emotinally crushed during any periods of my absence. Who would have thought going to college could cut into tribal wars time? :S

After a conversation with my accociate blog administrator, and after taking into account the opinions of a few team members (not just because of my time crunch), we would like to give players the option to obtain subscriber level wordpress accounts. A subscriber level wordpress account will allow you to comment on existing blog posts.  All comments will have to be approved by an editor before they can be publically viewed to prevent spam.

If your interisted in aquireing a subscriber account, please contact me by skype at “Akitar11″, over the forum, or in game.

World War Standings

These are statistics revised September 10th origionating from the Apoc vs. “The World” Forum. Amazingly, as you can see below, both sides have exactly 492 members each. The origional format for the stats were courtasy of mister.wolf and bomberace101.


Side 1:
Tribes: Apoc-R Apoc-W Apoc-D Apoc-N Apoc-C Apoc-H Apoc-F

Side 2:
Tribes: ~MM~ ~MMM~ ~INF~ INF-AM ~S~ ~S2~ BANZAI FEAR

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 7,978
Side 2: 7,384
Difference: 594

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,648
Side 2: 1,620
Difference: 2,028

Points (Total)

Apoc-C — 140.930.635
Apoc-D — 271.036.874
Apoc-F — 132,363,782
Apoc-H — 24.060.680
Apoc-N — 86.407.307
Apoc-R — 34,503,764
Apoc-W — 190.558.806

Total — 879.861.848


~MM~ — 319.231.780
~MMM~ — 38.066.084
~INF~ — 169.384.700
INF-AM — 27.942.421
~S~ — 187.491.645
~S2~ — 19.349.338
Fear — 66.994.056

Total — 828,460,024


Apoc-C — 83
Apoc-D — 95
Apoc-F — 79
Apoc-H — 38
Apoc-N — 52
Apoc-R — 51
Apoc-W — 94

Total — 492


~MM~ — 100
~MMM~ — 41
~INF~ — 85
INF-AM — 54
~S~ — 95
~S2~ — 47
Fear — 70

Total — 492

Terminal Countdown

  • 1’724 players
  • 151 tribes

W18 Blog

August 24, 2009 in World 018 News


A World Divided

Tribal wars politics is always a cacophany of allies and enemies, war and diplomacy. World 18 has matured to the point where alliances and the wars are clearly identifiyable by everyone involved, one battle of East vs. West. Much like a game of chess, tribal wars worlds follow three main phases of gameplay. First is the the opening, roughly the time from the worlds start, up to the point where nobleman are widely available. Second is the mid game, from the point nobleman are available, roughly to the point the world closes. And the last phase, the end game, has a very tricky description. A world will know its in the end game when tribes no longer fight over single continents, the point at which all the tribes are settled, leading up to the end of the world….


  • -MM-
  • -MMM-
  • ~S~
  • ~S2~
  • -INF-
  • INF-AM


  • Apoc-D
  • Apoc-W
  • Apoc-C
  • Apoc-N
  • Apoc-R
  • Apoc-H
  • Apoc-F
  • {BA}
  • [BA]

Number 1 Opponents Defeated: Total

So after a year or so of trying to ignore him, I figure it might be time to give some recognition to W18’s most controvertial player, Adanouch.

Rank Name Defeated
1 AdAnouch 131,63 Mio.
2 mhausig 124,83 Mio.
3 Alf Hucker 120,29 Mio.

Adanouch has always been an all together differant breed of player than most of us. It is nearly impossible to distinguish if his ego is just a facade he puts up to attract attention, or if these are his true views. Just this past month, Adanouch switched sides from the UA in Apoc, to the Mayhem Makers (-MM-) despite the fact that he is compleately surrounded by Apoc. Though most people would dismiss this as a move of terrible strategic value, Adanouch is skilled enough to play successfully in this position. No matter what your views on Adanouch are, his 5 minutes of fame on W18 are well deserved.

World Statistics

Most people use TW stats regularly, but just how often do you get use out of the World Statistics? Where else could you find information such useless information as the total amount of messages sent, total points, or average troops per player? With the magic of the WordPress format preservation, this trivial information is now available for all to see. Maybe sometime in the future, we will look back on this post, and see just how far we’ve come. (or how much we lost)

Number of players: 1.826
Total villages: 333.768 (182.79 per player)
The following values were calculated today at 00:32
Messages sent: 3,81 Mio. (2084.7 per player)
Total points: 2.047,25 Mio. (1,12 Mio. per player, 6.134 per village)
Total resources: 44.490.080.928 43.009.535.950 49.937.514.572
Total population: 5.453,90 Mio.
Total troops:
684,21 m 451,95 m 612,54 m 376,63 m 61,92 m 197,63 m 37,38 m 149,46 m 22,90 m 6,71 m 2.605 72.884
Average troops per player:
374702 247510 335456 206261 33909 108230 20470 81850 12541 3672 1 40
Average troops per village:
2050 1354 1835 1128 186 592 112 448 69 20 0 0

Terminal Countdown

  • 1826 players
  • 165 tribes