World 9 is active again!

July 22, 2009 in World 009 News

Hello everyone, I’m very sorry for the fact that I have been out for so long. Summer hit me like an atom bomb, I could barely find time to even use the computer with vacation and the sudden influx of time to relax. I’d like to take this time to do some updating on the world. I have, however, been rather active on the world with diplomacy and such. Sitting around in a tiny village is actually a surprisingly good idea. =D-N= and SOFt/RAW/EDGE appear to still be at it, constant skirmishes along the borderlines. To make everything better, I will be making short Flash Animation news casts about the world, uploading them, and posting them instead of these huge, chunky blocks of text and piles of pictures-don’t worry, you’ll still get your Nobling Map and TOP 5 Countdown, but this time, it will be in a easy to read and watch format.

Thanks for bearing with me this far, I know that was boring, but here is the flash movie I made. If you missed something, the info and maps are below in the traditional style (the video will also repeat). All feedback, information on new wars, and tips are welcome.

 Tribal Wars- World 9- Number 1



Here’s the location map:

Raw, as usual is hanging out in the middle. =D-N= has taken its usual position in the NW, with the small but growing tribe of NEUQC next-door. DNS is split by a huge rift of RAW, but takes a strong position taking up the south-center of the map, with [IB] holding the South East. A mixture holds the central East and South West. It appears everyone is content around the center, but some conflict in the Southern and Northern poles.


Side 1:
Tribes: =D-N= =D.N=

Side 2:

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 3,625
Side 2: 7,589
Difference: 3,964

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 401
Side 2: 328
Difference: 73

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 32,306,136
Side 2: 68,285,955
Difference: 35,979,819

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3,745,139
Side 2: 3,109,597
Difference: 635,542



And now for our most popular feature, the nobling map WITH commentary! (sorry about blurry image. The bitmap isn’t that good quality)




Top 10 Players of World 9

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1              coatsyuk                               DD 14.830.650 1447 10249
2 gandalfalix DNS 13.870.873 1333 10406
3 southerenboy DNS 13.862.549 1343 10322
4 consult13 RAW 13.771.289 1420 9698
5 Ripperfield RAW 13.747.292 1408 9764
6 vitkus RAW 13.521.670 1365 9906
7 Psihic DNS 13.412.045 1357 9884
8 BadD =D-N= 13.289.981 1313 10122
9 andrei2007 DNS 13.179.504 1242 10612
10 smokefield RAW 13.087.715 1391 9409



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A bit of a filler

June 13, 2009 in World 009 News, World News

 World 9 Reporter frame

Well, once again I find World 9 quite boring. To be to the point, nothing has happened but more little noblings and battles. To be able to talk more about the miniscule happenings, I have begin to look once again to my favorite tools- TW Stats, the in-game rankings, and the Statistics page. So, I will (durring this next week) be recording the number of players every day and will come up with a graph, and estimate some cool facts for everyone to look at.

First off, the facts:

Top 10

DNS retains its position as number 1, but RAW and =D-N= (who, by coincidence, are warring each other) are practically fighting over second runner, with RAW closing in on Number 1, only 1 mill points off, leaving =D-N=, F:M, and all the other tribes far behind them. Now, let’s see how the world is doing as a whole.


The first thing I thought when I read this was ‘Woah, who is spamming up the mailboxes?’ I mean, 2485 letters per player! We either have some insane diplomats or alot of curculars going around!

Also, I am rather disapointed that only about 2/3rds of the players are smart enough to get a paladin and a village like the one above would not be a very effective village, defencive OR offencive. What is kinda cool is that we have 7.6 billion residents between all our tiny kingdoms, also the fact that there are on average 240 villages per player. If I had that many, I would be insane without someone taking care of the people for me!


Now for your favorite part, the maps!

Noble Map

Map settings

First off, the noble map. Here we can se alot of growth of =D-N= in the North-West and DNY in the center, with some growth of F:M in the south. RAW is strangely not on the map anywhere!


map settings2

Well, this is interesting. OMG!!! RAW IS TAKING OVER!!! yeah… DNY seems content to keep to the middle, =D-N= in their corner, with likewise with FEMA and SOFt. This era is rather interesting afterall…

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Any questions or things that I should look into, please mail me in-game on world 9 under the name Samulis.


A bit of background

May 19, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 009 News

I wish I could dive into the trove of information and events that occur on this tiny world, but simply, nothing of notable occurance has happened in the last weeks. Thus, I will use this time to explain a bit about my position and about the common lives of the many small players of this world

It started almost a year ago, joining Hard Mage 77’s Gods Warriors, the same tribe that I am now Duke of. I found myself a capable diplomat, securing several relations and stopping two wars. The one thing I always hated was the guys that just came in and took your villages, just when you finally thought you were somthing. The ones who just sent catapults to ‘play’ with you were especially fun. I remember once holding off some noble trains, and by simply using the basic training I had gotten by then, it was a sucsess.

After Hard Mage left, we practically had a period of Anarchy. Many players know how it feels when the rest of the tribe doesn’t agree with you and you think someone will kick you out shortly just to become the leader… that’s how I felt. I took comfort in having some allies, notably Mana.k and Ash312, both also Barons and capable leaders. I soon found myself as Duke of the tribe, along with Mana and Ash. Working our bums off, we began to re-forge our tribe, which at this point, was down to 20 players. Mana had to leave for testing, so I began sitting his account too. For months, I struggled with the loss of Ash and the absence of Mana, promoting players to become equals and supporters, preparing diplomatic agreements, and on and off making huge players very, very angry at me for sending them complex and often very phillisophical replies to their attacks, often followed the strange disappearance of a noble chain.

As I said above, the one thing that really irks me is the complete dis-reguard of the term peace in this game. A simple concept really, that when not at war, tribes are at peace. Yet for some reason, about 80% of noblings happen between tribes not at war. I am sure most players say ‘all reds are far game, too bad’, but really, if you think about it, why not save the poor noob, mabye he could be useful. Once, I became friends with a large player (probabily had 2 mill or so). When another player began to noble his villages, I sent troops (yes, I actually had troops at 2000 points!) to help his strongholds and actually helped save it from a train. Although this was just a little player, think what could happen if I had more villages and mabye if he had more tiny allies, he could hold off many enemies.

Another thing that was brought up in a discussion with an ambassador from a very large tribe who was studying  (yes, studying) our tribe was the simple fact of activity and devotion. When a small player gets taken out, he gets more devoted to sucseeding, same with most other people. As humans, we don’t want to fail, and will do everything we can not to. He found it facinating how our little community could intergrate our defences so well and how we handled every little detail of our kingdom so practically. I also find it incredible to think of a tribe in the top 5 managing their government as well as we do, the simple complexity of it all and the fact that they have thousands of attacks and reports to file through every day.

Now our orginization will be put to the test. A stronger player (I will refrain from saying whom) has ‘declared war’ personally on our tribe (although that is legally impossible) and will try to kill us all. Working with allies, we will put co ordination and strategy to the test in this game, and hopefully I will be able to report a bit on this war, in the absence of any large action.


After all, a war in the top 30 is worth mentioning, right?

As a side note, if you are on world 9, I am looking for your own sucsess stories- How you came to be, and what advice you have on being a good player. Also, any wars you may be fighting would be interesting to look into.

Thanks everyone,



World 9: Growing Tension

April 26, 2009 in World 009 News


Latest Occurings:

Flux (Tag: -~X~-) has overtaken DA in the position of 5th place. Congrats! I’ll focus on Flux a bit more so we can learn who they are and how they came from 20th to 5th in under 3 weeks.

Plague has dropped out of the top 10.

Here are our most recent events and war news








Here are our most recent events and war news

The Noble Map

Recently, we have had some new noble paths.

What is going on here? Just noblings!


Who are they? A Closer Look at Flux

Many people saw flux rise. I was one of them. It appeared that the small tribe would never grow or account to much. At 20th place, they were not much to look at. This was all until they started rising. It was steady at first, just a few thousand points, but then they exploded with points. Within a time of two weeks, they had become number five. Their tribe has managed to grow faster than most, so now we get a closer look at this amasing growth and those who made it happen.

Number 5: -~X~- Flux

1. A flowing or flow.
2. The flowing in of the tide.
3. Continuous change, passage, or movement
This is a tribe formed to help our friends, and destroy our enemies.
We believe personal alliances are more powerful than any tribal alliances, and embrace this ideal in the way we play.
Flux is a collaboration of active players who want to keep TW fun and interesting, rather than always talking diplomacy and making long range alliances.
Our diplomacy will be limited, and we will function primarily off our network of personal alliances. You will hardly ever see us declare a full war against an enemy tribe. Rather, we target individual players who have made themselves our enemy.
Every member here has strong alliances in other tribes, and we will not do anything to disrupt them. However, some tribes also have players that our members would like to see destroyed, and we intend to act on those.

Our format is designed to let every member play TW in the way that is most enjoyable for them.

This is also a tribe designed to be free flowing and flexible, or always in a state of Flux. Things continually change in TW, and we want to be able to change with them.

If you have any questions, contact our diplomacy member listed below.

For tribe issues contact the founder member below.

Surprisingly, we’re very friendly and easy to get along with. You just wouldn’t know it by the way we noble.









If you do not write a full application, you will not be considered.
We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
We shall fight on the beaches,
We shall fight on the landing grounds,
We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
We shall fight in the hills;
We shall never surrender
- Sir Winston Churchill.
Official Coat of Arms Designer






What really shapes flux is its leadership. I had an interview with Bigchiefpowwow, their diplomat and duke.

1. Do you like playing the game?
Very Much so, playing this game with Wrightinator12345 and Stormspirit has taught me valuable life lessons. You see they are both mildly handicapped and it helps me a lot to better understand them. That and I have learned how to deal with jackasses. Pretty much every other player on this world without exception is great, just those two are bad apples.


And the game itself is just great.

2. Are you currently involved in any wars? Which ones?

We actually had a very big war planned against 3 other tribes, but due to the incompetence of Stormspirit and Wrightinator12345, we were unable to go ahead on Schedule. I know have Violett who is a far more skilled player helping me with the plans, and I think with her we are going to be successful.

3. Which tribe in the top 5 do you like best?

Definitely Soft, Flux was actually top 5 for a while, then Soft took the spot back. I think it is a really fun competition we have going. I wish them the best of luck.

4. Is there one thing in this world that you dislike?

Stormspirit and Wrightinator12345. They have terrible personalities.

5. If you could account sit one player for a day and assume their powers, who would it be?

Probably Indelacio, then I could get him into Flux.


He also got a chance to answer some more questions:

6. Any advice small kingdoms about growing and/or tips? I have heard FLUX has grown very quickly.

Cut the inactives fast. Noble them, kick them. Do whatever you have to do. Noble any villages you can get your hands on, at this point you are very small in comparison to other tribes.

If you ae lucky and can get good relations with a bigger tribe, you can take barbs other small players etc while giving them support in exchange for safety.

At this point for a small tribe made of small players having skill is not enough to help you. 250 Million points against 10 is going to win. So you need to think outside of the box and come up with new survival techniques.

7. As a diplomat and a duke, what kind of skills do you look for in players to recive bonus privilages/promotions? Do you use points or skills as a referance point for players (eg would you kick a 1000 pointer who has had 1 year experiance as a diplomat or a 100.000 pointer who just joined and is just lucky)?
You need a combination of the two. And depending on the position needed you have to judge.

Having someone to organize Op’s that is organized, charismatic, and smart is a must. They need to be able to choose targets that are going to put you in a tactical advantage, or are going to be easy to noble. Once that is done they need to be organized enough to get targets to specific players, organize nukes and support and get fakes going. And finally people have o be willing to follow the leader.

For me, personality, intelligence, and skill as a player has to be well rounded. A person that is hard to speak to, and uses terrible written language is going to be hard for members to follow.

8. Who do you think is going to win this era (what tribe, one other than yours please)? Do you have a personal favorite other than your tribe?
Well the obvious contenders are DNS,RAW,SETO, And even DN.

But I don’t think we’ll see one of those tribes come out on top as is. There will be more mergers, tribes dye of inactivity etc. SETO for instance is probably 300 members or more, try keeping that many people active long enough to noble the entire world.

I expect to see one of the major tribes dye eventually due to inactivity or being beaten in a war and eventually get down to 3 massive tribes that control the world. As for winner, it’s still anyone’s game at this point. But I would like to see DNS win.

9. How long have you played on this world? Have you ever had to restart?
Hmmm, I actually started this world Late. October/November of 2007, and I believe it started in August?.

I’ve never had to restart here, but I did get pwned pretty good on another world that I played. I attribute my staying here to the friends I was able to make early in the game. The other world that I got played on I was in a tribe that refused to support me then kicked me so that they could recruit my attacker HAHA. I’ve also played 10ish other worlds, but I always quit when I get to 1-2 villages, and usually play under different names ;)

10. So, would you rather be as strong as you are now and in the same position on three worlds or just this one world?
haha, This amount of villages on three worlds? Three tribes, three separate groups of comrades….I am getting a headache just thinking about it.

To be honest, if I got paid to play this game I’d consider it but not now lol.

Thank you, Bigchiefpowwow.
That’s all I have for now, folks! Remember: questions, nominies for the interview, or new ideas can be submitted in-game to me (Samulis).
-World 9 news blogger Samulis Quintus Augustus

World 9: A War Revealed [special edition]

April 4, 2009 in World 009 News

Wondering through the ruins outside of my little city on world 9, I found a strange old stone with cryptics on it...

Ok, everyone. Sorry for the delay. I am working hard to reveal the whole world’s status and this will be a special feature, holding a bit less than the last one, but more to the point on the status. As a lower player, I don’t have access to things like the diplomacy board for RAW or the forums of =D-N=, so I need to find informats. After a bit of searching, I found a few players willing to help me. Their names will be posted next to the quotes. Any bias that you feel in their writings is not my fault, and is probabily regular. As most journalists know, we are not here for propoganda, but for informing the public. I hope I am doing that job for both residents of world 9 and people outside of world 9. Also: this blog post will not follow my normal tree since it is mainly about wars.

The Big Table

This is going to be the suplement for the top 10 table and all of that. I hope you enjoy this new feature better.

This is what is going on in diplomacy. Note: There may be errors, and I need more info on some of these wars! Contact me with info!



This is what is going on in diplomacy. Note: There may be errors, and I need more info on some of these wars! Contact me with info!

News from Rouge Prince, War Reporter

I’ll start with SETO’s war. It is a part of the larger war against DNS. SETO is fighting against DNS along with Plague, OB, and SWAT. QC is probably at war with DNS too, but I’m not certain of how they stand currently. SETO itself is made up of the three familes F:M, INVITE, and [IB]. Depending on who you ask, they may be considered a single family, or 3 separate ones as I gave them too you. SETO is currently in one of the best positions in this world right now. They are fighting only DNS, unlike SWAT, RAW, or DNS who are each losing at least one of their wars. They are not stuck between two large portions of their enemies as OB is. They have a reasonably large number of players to keep them from succumbing to inactivity as Plague likely will soon. And unlike TFTP, they are winning their only war. The only other tribe of note that I can reasonably compare them to and haven’t yet is =D-N=. We are winning in stats for our war against RAW, but that is only because we had a good start. Now the stats are mostly leveled out where as SETO is still doing quite well against the failing DNS. I can’t compare FLUX and QC as they are too new to determine anything about.
As I just mentioned SETO is doing quite well versus DNS. The F:M portion is the most successful at the moment in taking villages. They recently came into control of the entirety of K84, which is a first for world 9. They have received some criticism for this as it means they also had to noble a lot of barbs, but I think the those who criticize are just jealous. Part of the reason I believe F;M is doing so well is that they are driving into territory that was gained by DNS during their war with Order. Order left behind a band of barbs that can still be seen on the maps today. With DNS having such a weak control of the Ks since there are fewer villages held right near each other, it makes it easier for the villages there to be taken.
RAW is fighting 3 families officially right now. SWAT, TFTP, and =D-N=. They also seem as though they will be fighting FLUX though I do not know if such a war would ever be made official. Recently they merged in the DA family, which may have actually hurt RAW at least as much as it helped. FLUX was formed primarily by members of DNS who broke off from DNS due to not liking how the tribe was going, and players wanting to fight the DA members, as well as former DA members who did not want to join RAW. There has been fighting between members of each tribe already, but whether or not it will be declared as a war is still unknown. RAW is making most of its progress against TFTP, which appears to be mostly inactive now. SWAT is also doing poorly against RAW, not sure what their problem is. Against =D-N=, it is mostly a stalemate for RAW right now.


-Rouge Prince, March 30th, 2009 quoted directly from an in-game message

This Week’s Interview

As usual we have our weekly interview. This was done with the top player on world 9! Please welcome Coatsyuk!

The Questions:

1. Do you like playing the game?2. Are you currently involved in any wars? Which ones?3. Which tribe in the top 5 do you like best?

4. Is there one thing in this world that you dislike?

5. If you could account sit one player for a day and assume their powers, who would it be?The Answers:

1. been playing for about 2 years now and yes i still enjoy it and spend way to much time on here.

2. Raw has a few wars going on and i am doing what i can to help.

3. got to say the tribe i like most has to the RAW family

4. got to be making coins. when you get to a certain size it takes so many coins to build just one noble.

5. if i could sit an account it would have to be hibakusha a legend and one heck of a player.

Thanks Coatsyuk!


That concludes this episode of World 9 news. I am sorry about leaving out some of the maps and some info, but I have been short on time lately. I hope to put in extra info soon.

-Samulis Quintus Augustus