World 9: World War III

September 7, 2009 in World 009 News

for the sake of simplicity, I will keep my regular dialogue short. There is one thing, and only one thing that has been uttered out of the many mouths of World 9 for the past week- war. As I last stated, DNS and the RAW family have declared war on each other, finalized in a statement on the forums by the duke of DNS. In this standard blog edition I bring forth into the light the events of this past week, mostly the war stats. Added onto new backgrounds is the newest edition of interviews, brand-new features, and the return of commentaries on the nobling map.

And, of course, the greatest improvement in the last two weeks, you now only have to click a button once to move, and the weeks’ theme for music is Lord of the Rings- showcasing several beautiful pieces by Howard Shore for the trilogy.

Without further a due, The Blog:




World 9 Headlines: DNS Declares War on RAW!

September 1, 2009 in World 009 News

You heard me folks, DNS has declared war on RAW today, September 1st, at 7:53 GMT-5 time on the forums:


This brings forward an important issue I covered several days ago: What WOULD  happen if they warred? Well, the stats say DNS will sweep RAW clean off the map, but mabye our friends over in RAW will have some tricks.

Here are the official sides for this World War:

Side 1:
Tribes: RAW SOFt EDGE EDW Devil

Side 2:

This war encompasses several of the top 10 tribes, thus making it a true World War. Be prepared for a week of blood and slaugter worse than any this world has ever seen, my fellow world 9ers, be prepared. The first stats have been a pretty clear sweep with DNS delivering some crushing blows. In only the first 24 hours, there were over 60 noblings (that was just after war was declared). More information on the war and some opinions (very slanted towards DNS) can be found at the thread above. I will release more info atleast twice a week from now on, to supliment the regular weekly flash video, although most estimates claim that RAW will be crushed within 7 days…


-Samulis for World 9


The Silence before the Storm

August 30, 2009 in World 009 News

I’m not kidding when I say ‘it’s the silence before the storm’. RAW and DNS, the two largest tribes (with the two largest families) officially canceled their diplomatic agreement of ‘Alliance’ this week, and, as a result, the world is thrown into anarchy and fright. If these two mighty super-powers collide, this could be one of the largest wars in W9 history- and perhaps the most damaging one.

With all that aside for now, I would like to apologize again [for the 50th time]. It appears that the last four hours have flown by again. This time, I’m stuck in the middle of either banging my head on a wall from frustration or collapsing from exhaustion. Luckily, I managed to convince myself that I can add on what is missing tomorrow. I have added a basic ‘updates’ page on the video, so feel free to check out the updates. The one big thing you should know concerns the music and the ‘home’ buttons. You must click the home buttons twice, once to stop the music, and a second time to go to the home menu. Also, STATISTICS ARE MISSING FOR TONIGHT. I did not have enough time to publish up the statistics, so please wait for tomorrow evening (or morning).

Without further a due, the video. Please note, it is VERY big (12.4 MB about), so it will be on the non-Tribal Wars website, DeviantArt.

TW 4

Thanks for watching! Comments and Questions may be directed either in-game or on the forums at http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=157305.



World 9: A Changing War

August 22, 2009 in World 009 News

World 9 News: A Changing War

Once again, thanks for visiting the blogs. To me, blogging is not just a privilege, but a job, and one that each blogger must work hard to achieve the highest quality work. I take this both literally, and physically. For the past two weeks, you (the viewers) have been treated to Flash movies instead of the standard. Last week, you got the special privilege of being able to travel through the post using buttons. This week, I have brought some new technology along- Drop-down menus. You will have complete control of the interactive video… more of what I think of as a PROGRAM! I just spent THREE HOURS on this build, using every ounce of knowledge on Flash, Drawing, Buttons, ActionScript (flash’s version of code), and whatever else was sitting in my head to make this.  Without further a due, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest project I have ever put together in Flash to this date.

tribal Wars Flash Video 3


World 9: A Silent World

August 17, 2009 in World 009 News

For the first time in TW Blog history, there will be a blog release WITHOUT any information in the release itself. If you watched my last release, I made a rather simple flash animation. This time, I really went overboard with graphics, sound, and quality of information.

Thanks everyone for waiting this long. Right now, it’s 2:00 in the morning and I just spent the last four hours working on the latest flash version of the blog. Please be aware that the movie is INTERACTIVE, meaning you can click the buttons. I’m sorry if it is lacking information compared to normal releases, but I want to see what all of you think about video versions vs. text and graphics versions. Please, even if you aren’t on world 9, give me your feedback in the forums at http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=157305.



And without further adue, the blog. Just click the link to the video which is attached to this release.

tw2 redo