World 9 Blog: Entering the New Year

December 27, 2009 in World 009 News

World 9 Blog No. 10

This week, we are featuring music from the composer Harry Gregson-Williams from the movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ to finish off with our ‘Sounds of Great Fantasies’ series (blogs 1-10). Now, we move on into the waters of the unknown in our next series of blogs, volume 2, which will begin production and release in 2010! This current blog is not the end, nor the begining. It is a good example of how far the blogs have come, as well as how far our world has come. Since I took up to making these blogs last winter, there have been many great wars, mighty players, and glorious empires that have risen… and fallen.

I would also like to take this time to wish everyone a happy New Years’ and I hope everyone who had Christmas had a great one and everyone who didn’t had a wonderful day. 0

Without further adue, the blog:


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World 9 News: November Issue

December 2, 2009 in World 009 News

Since I  have moved down to possible monthlies, I have been able to focus my attention on some new features and background art. I hope this blog shows that I’m not here to be a slacker or a quitter.

It’s a hard thing, to be forced into being not able to provide what you promised, but time always seems to run too fast whenever I am around…

We’ve had some new wars come up (=D-N= declared on DNS earlier in November, and some treaties have been signed with RAW… no one really knows where all this is going to end up…) and some changes (=D.N= disbanded; INVITE, [IB], AND [IB]NX have semi-merged into a single tribe, SETO).

Moving on, here’s the blog:



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 or want to view the other blog videos (4-9), follow this link:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me ingame, on the forums, send an e-mail to Samulis@live.com.



World 9 Blog: What’s going on?

October 19, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 009 News

Due to my lack of time to formulate blogs, I will now release Monthlies, starting next weekend. These will be (hopefully) as good as the old weeklies and should hold us till summer, when the blog will hopefully expand again. I have been working on a large animation with a friend, so Adobe Flash has been cluttered with that among other things. My dayly schedule is thrown into chaos and I can’t find the four hours of straight work (or the focus) to formulate a good blog.


This does not mean i’m quitting, it just means i’m going to work at a gear that is more approachable with my wacky schedule. If someone with either skills in animation, time to gather information and resorces, or someone who is willing to take on a column for the blog approaches me, I may be able to produce bi-weeklies. Hopefully winter = more time on my hands, but you can never be too sure…

Over and out!



World 9 Blog

September 21, 2009 in World 009 News


This week we are met again with our several great wars. The video blog has some great new features, and we have a winner from last week’s contest! Please enter this week’s contest. I hope some of the previous problems brought forward by watchers have been fixed, if not, that’s a different problem.





World 9: The end of the Beginning

September 15, 2009 in Random Thoughts, World 009 News

Hello fellow citizens of Tribalwarsland!

Well, it’s not the beginning of the end, it’s more of the end of the beginning of this war.  Now it will enter a more subtle phase, with scattered mass OPs and such spread throughout the durration. This is when the real test of strength and endurance begins and several world superpowers collide and come apart in a sort of dance of death.

Anyway, Flash practically drove me insane in the process of making this, so I will probably make a SECOND HALF of the film instead of just one part. Edit: I found the high-quality sound was making flash go crazy, so I changed it to high quality mp3 files, which flash LOVES. This week is John Williams week, featuring some of his most known compositions. If you can name all four pieces and/or which movies they are from and either mail the list to me or post it in the W9 Blog discussion forum, your name will be featured in next week’s blog. I also added some fun side-features and such so you don’t all get bored to death. The War Stats are MISSING. I will add them tomorrow. There are a few un-removable glitches that pop in and out, so don’t panic if it freezes on a blank page that says ‘nobling map’ in the top corner, just refresh the page.



In other news:

Half-Priced coins are to be implemented in the upcomming weeks (according to King Wenseslesas Shugarpuff of Tribalwarsland in a recent mass message to the world).

[IB] has sprung back and holds a fair-sized harvest on the nobling map.

DNS is continuing to run over RAW, however, according to the numbers, ~DNS~ has mysteriously lost over half their points in the last several weeks.


Roger, Roger!