World 7’s Final Frontier

April 30, 2010 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

As usual, I’ll begin this post by apologizing for the HUGE delay between updates: I’m sorry.  Now, down to business…

As anyone who follows the gameworld knows, the two remaining powers have finally gone to war. That’s right, about a month ago, -WE- and FxF became official enemies, ending a long, and sometimes tenuous alliance with a long-awaited war declaration. It all began a couple months ago after -WE- had crushed the only two enemies that -WE- and FxF had in the gameworld–the PTT family and TATEC. Since then it had only been a question of when -WE- and FxF would war, with both sides not-so-secretly bolstering defenses along their 7-continent wide frontline.  On the fateful day of April 4, 2010, -WE- duke Lord Lazerus Of The High Heavens sealed FxF’s death warrant by officially declaring war.

Now you may be wondering certain things at this point, such as “Why did -WE- declare first?” or “That was a month ago–what has the result been thus far?”  These questions I will address in due time.  The reader must have patience at all times–particularly during moments of intense anticipatory angst and fervor, such as… now. Come back next week for answers!

Here’s a world map from the end of March, which was just AFTER FxF had done their mass-recruiting in the south, but just BEFORE war started:

w7 map prior to fxf war


World 7: Utter Domination

February 10, 2010 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

It appears as though -WE- is dominating this world more than any tribe is dominating any world on the entire server. Please write me and link me to some maps or stats if you have information information to the contrary, but I checked the first 10 game worlds and have seen nothing closer to winning a world than this right here:

The daily ennoblement map looks like this pretty much daily, with -WE- nobling more than all other tribes combined, and controlling a land area of over half the globe.  It looks difficult to read so here is a secondary key:

Red = -WE-

Maroon = FxF (NAP of -WE-)

Green = NEK*K (Ally of FxF)

Blue = VF (remnants of PTT)

Grey = TATEC (noob tribe harboring remnants of PTT)

Yellow = SOCOM (3 fat targets waiting to get rimmed)

Black = PTT

It appears pretty evident that the PTT family is all but nobled out/deleted/inactive.  There’s not much else to say about this world now, other than to watch for the red to continue spreading.

Here are some basic War Stats from the past month (from twstats.com):

-WE- is beating PTT/VF/TATEC/SOCOM (also know as, “the rest of the world aside from FxF) by an ennoblement score of 1,136 to 76 for a +1,060 differential.

FxF/NEK*K is beating PTT/VF/TATEC/SOCOM by a score of  222 to 93 for a +129 margin.

People have been chattering in public forums about when the -WE- and FxF crews will turn on each other and war, but it looks like they both have a lot of villages in the southeastern quadrant of the game world to keep chewing on for a while. After that’s through I imagine a final FxF vs. -WE- war will be inevitable.

In order to put the net growth of all relevant tribes of the world into perspective, I have provided the following graphic which displays all tribes’ village ennoblement statistics for the past week.These numbers are from twstats.com and incorporate all gains and losses aside from account deletions/bannings.  The only missing statistic is that of tribeless players, which is not tracked by TWstats.


World 7: Finally, some Changes!

December 16, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

Fist of all, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE HUGE DELAY IN UPDATES! Here is a nice recent map for you all:

map 12_15

(the black and pink tribes can be ignored… they will either go barb or merge into other tribes)

Now, down to business…

We have some tribe shake-ups for the first time in well over 6 months here in world 7.  A chunk equaling what was initially nearly half of PTT‘s tribal body split off under pressure of war to bring back the extinct VF tribe from the grave, far away from the -WE- warfront.  They initially tried to secure an official NAP with their (former?) enemy -WE- but were refused such an official agreement.  As it stands currently, the bulk of their tribe is far enough away from the -WE- front that FxF will remain their only real battle partner for a while.  During VF‘s first month of existence their overall impact on the world has been slim to none, though, as the following stats indicate:

Total conquers against opposite side in the mini-VF wars:
Side 1 (VF): 0
Side 2 (-WE-): 31
Difference: 31

Side 1 (VF): 89
Side 2 (FxF): 155
Difference: 66

This split was performed largely in order for this “active” section of PTT players to break off from the -WE- war in order to win the war vs. FxF, who they deem to be their only real/main enemy in this world. Unfortunately, FxF has not been crumbling to the newly reformed VF, and seem to be slightly winning–and also winning against the remaining PTT tribe, might I add (70 to 1 this month).

On the plus side for the main PTT crew that didn’t run away from the fight, they did experience a nice successful ennoblement spree on a -WE- frontline account since the last blog update.  This was a long time ago now, but it should be noted that PTT ripped up 2krazykills of -WE-, taking over 200 villages from him while he was AWOL and sitterless over a 2 week period. -WE- *finally* got control of the situation though, and during that month, the -WE- vs. PTT war was pretty even in terms of war ennoblements.  That period is one which -WE- refers to as “The Dark Ages,” and what PTT now remembers as “The Glory Days.”

But now all seems to be back to normal: PTT‘s latest operations have all failed, and -WE- has been gaining ground in several regions–from k55 & 65 all the way into k66,77, and elsewhere. The most noteable major takedowns were Mario2007, a formerly esteemed PTT pr0, who was all but rimmed from k55 (over 200 vills lost) and the long-time PTT duke Irispeace, whom -WE- absolutely rocked.  All her villages from frontline k65 to backline k66 & 77 are falling at the hands of -WE- ennoblers.  This operation is young and still ongoing, but already nearly 400 villages have been taken from her, with minimal takeback efforts by the remnants of PTT.

On a side note, TATEC seems to STILL be alive and kicking. In the wake of the destruction that has been wrought on PTT, TATEC picked up a few new refugee recruits and now appear to be the most active group of the original PTT alliance.  Despite this, their ennoblement stats vs. -WE- this month are less than impressive:

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1 (TATEC): 63
Side 2 (-WE-): 293
Difference: 230

In summation, I cannot resist posting these overall stats from the past 3 months:

stats 12_15


World 7 Update

October 1, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

The alleged FxF/PTT merger remains on the back burner for now. PTT tried hard to jumpstart an all out East vs. West war by sending some key players over to the fledgling tribe -EE- (eastern empire), which was created to combat -WE- (western empire). Not many FxF players seemed to be willing to move with them and join in the war vs -WE- aside from a few non-warzone simmers. -WE- had a bit of a scandal of its own though, seeing a couple players break off to reform ARES in a bit of a disgruntled movement. Gotta love it when players get nostalgic for old tags, heh.

-WE- vs PTT: Seeing as its been quite a while since the last update, warstats for the past month seem prudent. Now I should have included TATEC on PTT’s side since the revelation that they share forums with PTT, support them, are at peace with them, and war -WE-. This would have added another +100 or so to the -WE- side, but I figured I’d keep the stats simple again; no nonsense, no booted PTT players, no other tribes, no excuses:


On the FxF Front: FxF vs. PTT stats for the first time in a long time are looking promising as well, with FxF carrying a +66 rating vs them this month. Oddly enough though, TATEC is a +73 over FxF somehow, which makes the overall villages changing hands on the FxF front still looking rather neutral.

Recent War Operations: On a plus-side for the PTT family, -WE- had a major offensive vs. Benjiebyro stymied pretty well by a hefty PTT/TATEC defensive effort, which loaded him with ~7 full D’s in nearly all villages targeted. Of the 100+ villages targeted, -WE- still ended up breaking through and nobling over 50 of them, but then lost all but a dozen or so of these to Benjie’s sitter(s) and other PTT players sniping them back.  Hats off to the PTT members involved!


World 7: Pounding it Out

September 8, 2009 in Special Features, World 007 News, World News

Newly Unfolding Events: The most notable occurrence in world 7 this past week was the combining of PTT-G and PTT-B into one tribe: PTT.  The move apparently was not without its stressors, as one of PTT-G’s top players and 3rd largest player in the gameworld did not join the new tribe. Instead, Mynizzle, the disgruntled -G player, temporarily joined with Kylan in a reformed T.F.B Elite tribe, then left to create his own solo tribe just a couple days later. What does all this mean?? Has PTT become a slum of internal unrest, or has the merge brought them closer into a single unified team? The same questions could be asked of -WE-, with kylan leaving and recreating T.F.B.  On top of all this, reports have been swirling (Enhanced by PTT propoganda) of FxF and -WE- relations turning sour.  So are new changes afoot in world 7 that could bring back a glimmer of hope to the PTT team?  Who knows.  Only time will tell, but it is clear that at least some things will remain the same forever: PTT will always boot members that are getting nobled rapidly.  

Random Stuff: Lazerus had the idea to come up with some of the worst tribal plans/ideas that have been made thus far in world 7.  This was his short and abridged, albeit funny, list:

1. Troy/EMP attempting to backstab TFB and thusly getting themselves destroyed in a hasty manner

2. THE’s requirement for all players to noble five(5) 100-point barbs this past spring (almost none of the players survived in THE long enough to see their weeds grow up)

3. PTT attacking carlyle… again and again and again with a unique type of failure on each major operation.

I couldn’t think of anything worse/funnier than these three, so I figured it was a pretty good top-3.  Thanks, laz!

WarStats Summaries for the past month are actually the best that PTT has seen since the start of the war.  Here they are :