The Activce w6 Blogger Arrives!!

March 10, 2009 in About Me Paragraphs, Uncategorized, World 006 News

Well let me start off by saying hello everyone, Hope you all come to love and enjoy my juicy and heart-rushing posts because I plan on making them very intresting and exiciting and making it where it’s a habit or addiction for you to read.

 I never actually thought i was going to get this position though i just seen the post by Lizy and said what the heck, It’s worth a shot and wrote in my long good application and my good old quick grammar and writing skills i guess did the job.

 Because I here never thought I would see myself writing blogs over my most Favorite world; World 6 the world known for aggressiveness, Toughness, No-pity for the weak, & lots of PnP posting.

Now just to give you a taste of who I am and better suite you all in getting to know me : )

 I am ddog456 member of World 6 since December 2007, I am in ~Or.d~ one of the best tribes on World 6 and one of the best in War

Also lead by one of the best leaders in World 6; Cazac,

Who i look up to in hard situations but my highest amount of points there o far is only 1.3million.

I also play World 30, I’m baron of Rank 15th REBORN dominant tribe of K36.

 So i didn’t want to continue writing on and on about myself and world 6 until my big post which is soon coming so i hope you all enjoyed my simple introduction.


_ddog World 6 Blog poster