Here We Go Again

November 14, 2011 in Special Features, Team Writings, World News, Worlds 51-60 News


Times are changing, and the same is true in Tribal Wars as it is with anything else. With These new changes, we would like to introduce a few new revolutionary changes to the game…


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State of the Game

October 15, 2009 in Special Features, Team Writings, World 042 News

October is a busy month for most people. It is a time when people are going back to school, college, jobs, and other elements of what many refer to as “Real Life”. These things are seriously beginning to conflict with our abilities to play the game. In this conflict, we must remember that we as players, play the game, rather than the game playing us. Over the past few weeks, many great players, staff members and bloggers have left us, moving on to bigger and better things in their RL adventures.

But every member of the Staff is committed to the continuation and advancement of the game as a whole. This includes our blog department, so I have refined and expanded the Blog Application, and will be hiring new bloggers for the open worlds.

World 42

In other news, world 42 opened today, accumulating over 17’000 players before the #1 ranked player reached 100 points. Nothing shows the general enthusiasm of the tribal wars community like the opening of a new server. Here are the top 10 tribes out of the gate:

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 HnK 3.047 4.297 63 68 63 68
2 FAD 2.950 5.074 80 63 80 63
3 D*44 2.909 4.913 78 63 78 63
4 PacMan 2.861 2.906 41 71 41 71
5 WLFPAK 2.800 4.835 80 60 80 60
6 Or-D 2.647 4.426 75 59 75 59
7 H.O.T 2.645 3.992 67 60 67 60
8 Google 2.643 2.691 41 66 41 66
9 SQUAD 2.559 3.015 49 62 49 62
10 Boom! 2.546 4.057 71 57 71 57

I wish good luck to the players of W42 as they lead their village and tribe to glory and power in a world full of new opportunities.


A Video.. For us all to watch

August 29, 2009 in Music, Random Thoughts, Team Writings, World 026 News

Hello Guys & Girls.

This isn’t anything to do with tribalwars, But my sister made this and it’s very sweet & lovely. Please watch, I know your going to flame me about it, But I dont care.

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Sorting SysOp Applications

May 30, 2009 in Random Thoughts, Team Writings

Since my last post, I’ve been made an admin for the wiki. With the help of Lizy, I’ve placed an advertisement to lure decent people to help as system operators. My main goal was stressing that each applicant should take an adequate amount of time to fill in their application in order to be considered. Otherwise they were just wasting everyone’s time. A couple of days have passed since the advert reached the frontpage news and farrrrrrrrrrrrr out there were a lot of quality applications submitted—more and more falling into the inbox every day. I’ve taken the time to sort through each application and moved them into the appropriate folders. My (currently) final collection of possible candidates is a huge ~20 people! Towards the end, I threw away anyone who:

  • Didn’t set out their application in an easy-to-read fashing.
  • Had shockingly poor grammar and/or spelling e.g., forgetting to capitalise “I”; not inserting apostrophes where they should be.
  • Anyone who wrote their whole life story, as it implies they expect me to read it and think greater of them but basically, I will hate you more.

Unfortunately, choosing the final candidates will only be separated by a miniscule difference and will probably come down to something stupid like which applicants respond the quickest. Whether or not the people selected will stick around for a substantial amount of time, there’s no way to find out now. I also have the feeling that a number of the applicants are under the impression it is a paid job. Not true! I must stress that

the position of a Wiki System Operator is purely on a volunteer basis.

The next step in the recruitment process will be to have the in-game and forum accounts of the shortlisted candidates checked. After they’ve been deemed not to be idiots, the team will be complete and we can get to work.

Overall, this process of selecting applicants has taught me a lot. I haven’t done anything like this since the death of the OptusNet gaming network. It’s shown me the ideal number of lines for each question is roughly three to four and as always,

the less words you write, the better you will sound.

Since it’s a written application, keep the language formal and save the casual verbal chat for the phone or the face-to-face interview.


An Epic Post

May 15, 2009 in Random Thoughts, Team Writings

This post will be the most overrated post in the history of the TribalWars Blog. First of all, I’m Jono. Hi. I’m a new wiki sysop and I’m determined to make a number of fat changes in order to turn it into a more used resource of the TribalWars collection of goodies. The changes that I’ll make will most likely piss a lot of people off—manily those who previously maintained the wiki—but trust me! It’ll be awesome and for the better of the community.

Aside from that, I’m just an average guy from Australia, working as a computing guy in astrophysics.

One of my recent awesome thoughts is I believe the world would be a much better place if vegetarianism were uninvented. I’m sure all you fellow meat-lovers would agree. How annoying is it when you’re buying food for a barbeque and you’re thinking, “OK, sausages, nice. Steak, yes we’ll buy a whole heap of them. Meat patties? Sure why not.” and then you realise that you have a friend or two who are veges? I seriously have no idea what they eat, so I panic and decide they can eat these meat-looking, “non-meat” things. Still… it’d be a much better place if everyone just ate meat.

Ever been stuck with the feeling of, “Arghh… I have to write her and email or she’ll get annoyed?”. Usually the ‘her’ that’s used in this sense is some girl who’s close to you. Or at least thinks she’s close to you. Let’s get one thing straight.

Girls like to hear from you.

They most likely do not care about the content of an email/love letter/snail mail etc. They simply notice a whole lot of words and think, “Awwww… he really likes me”.  I’m only 23 years old so I’m either very naive or very cynical. So in order to combat the mundane task of forming an email, I’ve decided that it’d be an awesome idea to write a program which simply generates the email. Don’t get me wrong. Girls are pretty awesome and talking to them is great fun but seriously, I’m now convinced that any email sent to a girl should be in point form. Leave the lovey dovey stuff to the phone, Skype or even the next time you see her.

Back to my sexy program… It wi’ll be a program that randomly generates an email. Prior to running the program, it’ll take a number of variables which are related to your life such as, Boss’ name, where you work, your favourite couple of hobbies, number of siblings etc. Basically anything you’d normally talk about. Once it has that info, it’ll fetch a pre-compiled chunks of a sentence and put them together, forming a number of sentences which in turn will fill the paragraph and thus, write the email. I believe if/when I pull this off, it’ll be a genius idea and I’ll make billions from it.

I’m actually not sexiest.

I may have some male chauvinistic character traits but I sincerely apologise to anyone who’s offended.

I also encourage anyone who reads this to jump on IRC for a chat—where all the cool people hang out and get banned—and also check out the wiki. I’m under the name ‘Booper’ on both. Who knows why I have such an effeminate name for a freaking war game but I’d love to hear any wiki-related feedback and your random ideas on how to improve the wiki.