W43: A Tribb-ute to dhksththtl

February 8, 2011 in Questions of the Week, World 043 News, World News

Drum Roll Please…!

Last week I announced that we would be looking to see who the voting population of W43 sees as the most valuable players for the North and the South. Read the rest of this entry →


Player Questions – Week 2

March 9, 2009 in Questions of the Week

And here we are, player questions for the second week. As you should already know, this is 10 or so questions that you players mailed us to answer. There’s a good few here that made us laugh, so i threw them in there for the heck of it.

“whatever, i do what i want!” – Eric Cartman

So, to start, we have a few questions from a player that didn’t give an in game name, so we’ll call you Curran. Hi Curran! He/She asked us a few questions, and I think all need to be addressed:

Will Velociraptor troops ever become real or will it be a fantasy army to me and my Village?

Will a Chuck Norris Noble ever be available to train?
We tried one on a separate server, but when one person nobled a village, all other villages were nobled at once, and the server crashed. As we tried rebooting it, Chuck’s face popped up on the screen, and smiled. The server then caught fire. Chuck Norris cannot be coded; he cannot be contained on a mere harddrive either.

Will a Paladin be able to obtain a weapon that allows them to use the Force?
We are currently considering that, but are busy creating a weapon that allows the paladin to use the juggler as a weapon first.

Thank you Curran.

Next comes from a player who also decided not to leave his/her ingame name, so we will also use his/her first, Mikhail. Hi Mikhail!
Mikhail asked this question:

Is it possible for only one tribe to dominate a whole World in Tribal Wars?
While while theoretically possible, I don’t believe that you could get that many players to work together and stay together as long as it would take to do so. It would mean that everyone would have to have every village, and then there would be no one to attack but themselves. While that war would be interesting, I highly doubt that the world would last long enough for that to happen.

Thanks Mikhail.

Now, this player actually did leave his in game name, so kind, Inshonotai. Hi Inshonotai!
They ask:

What happens when Worlds are completed or declared completed by the game staff? Will they be reopened for the public to once again be able to play them (reset)? Or will they be closed permanently only to viewed in the annals of Tribal Wars history?

When we decide that a world is to be shut down, the world is not completely erased, as you can see by the first world on the German version, instead, when you log in, you will be able to view the final rankings, and you will be able to view the map. I would imagine that the rest of the data is removed and the resources are used for another world, but that’s just what makes sense to me.

Thanks for the question, Inshonotai.

Our next question comes from Ken, and Ken didn’t give a ingame name, so here we are again. Hi Ken!
Ken asks us:

If I see somebody is about to attack me but I destroy his/her Rally Point first, what happens to the attack.
The attack still comes in, it’s just harder for the person to track it.

Thanks Ken!

I feel so kind and nice doing this, it’s weird…
Moving on

Another person who’s too scared to give us their ingame name, Harris, asks us this:
Oh, hi Harris.

What happens if one player conquers a whole world?
If one player conquers the whole world, he gets made fun of by everyone for having absolutely no concept of a life. Also, if one were to do that, I would hope they get a pile of free premium, because it seems that we should give someone something for that much work, don’t you?

Thanks Harris.

One of our own wrote in to ask a few questions, and i’ll answer a few of them here. Hi Typhi!

How do I complain about a moderator?
You send in a ticket, you don’t have to worry about someone deleting it, because we are constantly on the lookout for them, and they go straight to the top.

Are you single?
I am not single, I have two wives actually, Tribalwars of course, and Lizy, the love of my life!

What ever happened to hoodoo?
Hoodoo was promoted, she works with another game that Innogames developed, called The-West. She is the product manager for The-West, which basically means she oversees all 15+ languages/versions of that game and works with the Community Managers there.

Thanks Typhi.

Another question from someone that was afraid to say their ign, so we’ll call you Matt, Hi Matt!

I have been wondering, will tribal wars ever stop making new worlds? or will it always go on!!!
Tribalwars worlds will go on being created until there is no more room to continue making them. Also, question marks come at the end of a sentence that poses a question, not exclamation points…

Well, that’s it for this week, We got a large number of questions, and i’m glad. I do wish that more people would send in a few more funny ones, they really make the day better when you get those.

Happy reading!

Tribalwars Support/Blog Admin


Week One!

March 3, 2009 in Questions of the Week

Week one of the questions you guys sent in to blog@tribalwars.net! There were quite a few to choose from, plus others that made us laugh…like the one asking how to build troops. To the person who asked, If you read this, read the HELP guide first!

  • How long do you think it will be till a world finishes? Well, world 1 has been going since 2006, and it has less then 1000 players on it. There are a lot of variables that go into a decision to end the world, mainly whether players are even being active on the world, and the settings of the world. I believe that world one for Tribalwars.net could last until 2010, depending on how active everyone remains, and world one is a 1x speed, so a world like world 10, which is 2x, could last 2 to 2.5 years.
  • Where was TribalWars first started? Tribalwars was created by two brothers and their friend. It was mainly as a hobby, a game that all 3 guys would actually want to play themselves. It was originally released in 2003 in German(die-staemme.de) and it grew from there, being introduced in many other languages over time. The second market was Tribalwars.net  released in 2006. Now a days there are 20+ languages all with different communities and plenty of players on each world. In fact, Tribalwars has prospered quite a bit, over all the versions there are over 3 million players world wide.
  • What powers/abilities do players that join the In-Game staff have? Well when you first join the staff you are only trained on basic tickets, like “how do I make troops”, or “What is with that juggler that appears in my village sometimes?” – once a moderator is trained they are given access to tools on 2-3 worlds to hunt for multi accounts, ban players breaking the rules, and answering player tickets. The strictest rule we have on the game is that you can NOT moderate any world you play, so you definitely dont have to worry about that. Level 1 In-Game Staff, which is the most common type you encounter have access to view mails, forums, logins, and commands from accounts – all things to make their job of finding the rule breakers easier. Of course they are always kept to only worlds they do not play, and every action is logged, so we have complete control over our volunteer staff incase anyone makes a mistake or does something they shouldn’t.
  • Does Tribalwars hire staff under 18? Sure we do, our policy is that you need to be 16 to join the team as a forum moderator, as is almost every other version. For In-Game staff we follow the 18+ rule.
  • Each time I take over a village I lose my noblemen.  They are not lost in battle but just disappear after the village is won.  Could you please explain why I lose my noblemen? Fun question! So when you noble the village, its like a change of sides, and the only way the village is going to change sides is if someone stays there and protects it. So this measly guy who dies when you send him alone somehow is able to protect an entire village by himself until the backup troops arrive. Which means he really doesnt disappear, he hangs out in the village you nobled.
  • Are the setting choose from suggestion forum or just have to be different from any other world? When we choose world settings we look at a few different things. What people have suggested in the forums. What players have talked about as being an ‘interesting world’ if it were implemented and then what settings haven’t been used lately. We always release two worlds together so they are basically opposites of each other, as far as speed and nobling systems/smithy techs go, but each world varies, as to where we get the settings from.
  • How is the “middle of the tribe” determined when one selects that option after having been nobled his last village? Its a really simple math equation. You take all the X coordinates of your tribe mates, add them together, get the average, then you take all the Y coordinates and do the same. That normally comes up with a number that can be located on the map and your village is set down there. Now if that village spot is taken, it takes the next closest one to that X|Y location.
  • Will there ever be a new troop or new PA feature introduced? Well I cant tell you about future updates until they are official…but YES, there will always be new PA features added as the game goes along! As far as new troops, that is a mystery! Though I wouldn’t mind seeing a troop that explodes while it hits the village walls and damages 3 of the major buildings down to zero in one level if you dodge your troops out…just my imagination at work!

That concludes the questions for this week. Remember, if you have a question that you want me (or a team member) to answer, send in an email to Blog@Tribalwars.net and we can read them from there!