April 23, 2011 in A Word from Jeho, Announcements, Special Features, Uncategorized

Confetti! Streamers! Kazoos!

I am pleased to announce NML0089 and NoelyDeezNutz have both been promoted to Head Blogger and will join Samulis and Klouwe in helping me maintain the blog and mentor bloggers.  Both are very deserving and I am happy they have agreed to take this promotion and increase their impact on the blog.

NML0089 was one of the original bloggers when we first started TW Blog. Unfortunately, real life required him to resign some time ago. But then last fall he contacted me again and announced he was able to return to TW and specifically wanted to return to blogging. I was thrilled and gladly hired him back. Since then he has been extremely active in not only blogging for his own world but also in helping other bloggers with ideas, contests and advice. It’s good to have him back.

NoelyDeezNutz joined the staff in January, but even in this short time he has had a major impact. He consistently produces good blogs for his world and also has been key in some new additions to the blog itself, most notably the addition of the FaceBook “Like” button for all posts. He also started a FB page for w13 that is connected to his blog; that is our first FB page for the blog I am aware of and hopefully not our last.

Please join me in congratulating these two on their promotions. Just don’t praise them too much or it will go to their heads! ;)

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