Catch Up – Teasers Issue 5

October 2, 2010 in World 033 News

Hello Readers of world 33 .

First and foremost I apologize for my lengthy absent . This will be cleaned up and a blog posted at the latest fortnightly .

Secondly I wanted to just add a teaser of the up and coming blogs.

The next one will be focussed on the tribe TW and what role they play in the war including and interview from Baseball2009star.

After that we have another war based blog focussing on some of the old wars of the world . What happened . Conquers from particular players . A hypothesis from some players there on the events that lead , to the victory and defeat of the parties .

Finally, the next blog in view will be on the smaller tribes in this world and what part they do .

I apologize for my absent ,

Best wishes to you all