Breaking The Habit

March 9, 2012 in World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News

 As we are so accustomed to the olden ways of playing, where there are always farming needs to be done, scripts needs to be used and made, and a war to finish. The thought of perhaps there might be a secret in the world already never really came across anyone’s mind. As all eyes and attention seems to be focused on the top tribes, and most exciting wars. No one would ever realize that there might be a secret in the world!

Is there a secret in the world?  

Well no one knows, as when you go investigate through the rankings > Secrets section, the message above would appear. However, the sentence is phrased as in “The secrets of this world have not yet been discovered.” Not, “There currently is no secret hidden in this world.”

Making people wonder and second guess, could there possibly be a secret in the world already? If so where is it hidden?  Is it far or close from me or my tribe? The game tells everyone that the secret has not yet been discovered, perhaps meaning that there is a secret already in the world waiting to be discovered by someone.

When can we know there is a secret? Do we get a mail personalized for everyone single one of us? Is there a world wide announcement? Most likely not, the name secret as the name applies, would most likely pop up, while … in secret.

The truth of the matter is, that in order to win this world. It is not who has the most points, or the highest OD. To win this world, a tribe will need hold a full set of secrets for a certain amount of time, to lead them into a new age.

 As the description states, the secrets will pop up in a set time in the game. However, this set time was not told to us, so who knows when these secrets would pop up. Perhaps, secrets were there since the start of the game, located within those tiny barbarian villages that no one wants to take.

As people understand, sometimes those who only conquer and fight barbarian villages are considered “noobs” in some degree.  That nobling barbs would only make you look bad as a player, and is heavily frowned upon. However, we got to learn to break the habit of this thinking, as secrets will appear in barbarian villages, and players would ultimately end up having to noble these villages. Regardless of how good or “professional” you are at this game.

It may be bad for your reputation, but it is time for us to start breaking the habit that we need to stick with the traditional and olden ways/styles of playing. Move on, learn, grow, create new styles of playing and strategies, and allow the secrets to lead you into a new age.

Whether there may be a secret out in the world right now or not. We should never stop trying to find this said secret. As this secret holds many of the hidden secrets of how one could learn to break the habit and grow into a brand new age.

So let us set forth, in this adventure for treasure…