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April 12, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Hello World 46! A story has stunned our beautiful world, and even while I seem to be a day late, the story’s full magnitude has yet to be realized.

Well… TSL has won their war. As of April 11, 201, TSB (a tribe that TSL has been fighting for many months) dropped in the rankings after a max exodus of players to join The Sith Lords.

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Now Effectively controlling half the world, TSL will undoubtedly focus on cleaning the mess of the southern continents. While many TSB players did join the Sith, many more inactives and some die hards still remain, which will impede progress.

The western half of the world though, does now belong to TSL, which brings the world closer to the inevitable endgame scenario that it will eventually face.

Congratulations to TSL of course for achieving this victory, and taking another large step towards winning World 46. The below map was created on 4/11/11 after the recruitment was partially under way.

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