Breaking News- FURIE & FREE NAPS!

September 10, 2011 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

I interrupt your random clicking of buttons to announce the breaking news of the century!

FURIE & FREE has Napped!

After years of playing this game and eventually fighting each other and going no where both sides have grown tired of playing w31!

So to fix this problem they’ve all asked…How can we end the world????

Hm…Options Anyone?

  1. Fight till the end? No too long
  2. Mass Delete? Nah, we’ve been here to long
  3. Ally with our enemy so that we are big enough to win the world early? Ding ding ding…We have a winner! :D

That’s right folks, sources says this was the best and fastest way to end world 31.

What about BASH!?

Bash & Free no longer have it’s nap. According to sources FuRie and Free are going to try and get rid of BASH!, ~FHS~, BOA, and other tribes together so their plan to end the world follows through correctly.


This will affect my tribe eventually and I am aware of that, but as ~FHS~ leader I have no fear and no intentions of leaving my tribe behind if FuRie decided they are going to drop the nap.

Why wouldn’t the plan go through?

Well  I believe our world isn’t going to have the option to end the world until September 23, 2011 because it would be exactly 9 months after the world was closed. That is in exactly 13 days. I also believe the two top tribes would have to be allied to make the decision of how the world will end. ( Someone can correct me if I am wrong) In the amount of days it will take for them to actually figure out what they will do to end the world it is most certain some players will not like the idea and many tribes may try and fight back.

My Thoughts?

Well when I  first heard about this “nap” I didn’t think the two tribes would follow through on the nap, mostly because I know they are enemies and some people just doesn’t let things go.

Than as time flew by I heard about it more and more and I thought maybe they might nap but someone will backstab the other, considering the two tribes history of backstabbing!

But whatever it is they will do is their decision and my next blog topic.

There is no telling what will happen because I am simply guessing and telling my thoughts, but when it does you will read it here FIRST!