Breaking Barriers

January 25, 2012 in Speed News, World News

A few days ago, the .net speed team took on the .de speed team in a practice round for the all-important TW Masters Speed Championships coming up. For speed players, this Championship could be the culmination of your successful career. To not be involved in an event like this would be social suicide.


Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. You’d only miss out on the camaraderie, the thrill, the ultimate chance to rub victory in the face of your enemy thousands of miles away without ever leaving your chair…

When you put it that way, its hard to imagine why any prideful, “better than you” .net speed player would pass it up ;)


The first real glimpse into an international speed round competition, the .net vs. .de round, offered a lot of perspectives on the way we play speed. Every aspect of the game is important in a round where a single mistake could prove very costly. In the rest of this blog, we’ll look at the different moves that were made in the speed round and the importance of learning from the past to benefit ourselves in the future.

At first glance the settings look pretty neutral; a very basic start, low-point barbs and bonuses, no sitting no morale no co-players. 4 hours of some of the most basic speed you’ll ever have. The competition couldn’t have been greater facing the .de team the notable favorite for the Championship most likely followed by our own .net players. 20 of the best german speed players versus the best 20 .net players we could scrounge up for the round.

Home court advantage would prove incredibly important right at the start. Even .net players will agree, we had the advantage from the beginning…

ArmyOfLoners: What was .net’s biggest advantage in the round?
Krazeh: Their farming ability, we were told .de didnt have FA and weren’t used to so many barbs, this came true when we scouted them and found high mines
ArmyOfLoners: What was the biggest .de mistake?
Krazeh: Not taking advantage of their barbs as they had a half of the map to themselves


There’s no doubt the german players weren’t prepared for the number of barbs the .net server provided. Some of them were forced to restart after joining right next to the bulk of the .net team, putting them back even further.

Krazeh: if they hadn’t of restarted they would’ve had no chance at all as .net are full of extreme farmers

The farming advantage determined the victor within the first hour. Our 2011 Speed Champion Adrian D passed along multiple reports of german players cleared and farmed shortly after BP ended.

Yet while every advantage pointed to a walk-over .net victory, the germans had plenty of kick left in them for a fun, friendly round…

 Junim|-TeamResistance: omg .de PRO SNIPING hahahuahua

Couldn’t have said it better myself. No matter how well .net could time, the .de players had well organized and coordinated snipes to match. The teamwork and skills they showed are a keen reminder of how well we will have to play to have a chance at achieving the goal of TW Speed Champions.

ArmyOfLoners: What was the general reaction with the .de speed team on the practice round?

Lisa <3: The reaction was fantastic , everyone was in high spirits, it was quite fun to be part of really. Winning certainly boosted everyones confidence.


Everyone involved had a blast playing against different competition and furthering the unity TW players share in their love of the game.

With one great practice round out of the way, the .net speed team look toward their next competition.


Lisa <3: Next is practice on Masters tomorrow, then I’m going to work on another friendly for the weekend, not sure with whom yet!


Regardless of who we play, barriers have been broken. Language, location, and distance will no longer separate the best of the best from battling head to head in the…