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April 11, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

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KTA vs. the World?

Congratulations to KTA for being the tribe at war with the most other major tribes. I won’t go into their war with TROUT because the latter is on its way out as any sort of world force and the history of this conflict is already documented.

Nyuk is the second tribe KTA is at war with. Both KTA and Nyuk have been recruiting from the pool of ex-IDS.F, ex-LYCANS, and ex-TROUT members, which has brought them very close together. KTA has sided with their allies Dos X in fighting Nyuk.

A little history… Any players who have been around since the middle of last year will remember that Nyuk declared on KTA back in August. At the time, KTA was confined to the northeast section of the world. They recruited a large portion of T~S in the lower northwest. Nyuk considered these players food, and so they declared for the purpose of removing KTA from their area. BigT’s uncustomarily un-poetic declaration can be found here giving more detail for anyone interested.

Since 2010-08-16
KTA vs. Nyuk

Past month
KTA vs. Nyuk

After some heckling, I managed to track down leaders of each tribe for mild interrogation.

“I proposed the recruitment of the ex-IDS players because I feel they could become an asset to my tribe one way or another. We were never really at “war” with KTA — but I guess you could consider it a continuation from it, as I don’t think we’d ever stop attacking them as long as we had a village to attack.

KTA got the first strike on us and considering their close proximity, with the split of IDS, we may drop behind momentarily. If that does happen, I have full confidence in my tribe to be able to regain lost territory and continue to push forward. We may not be able to give our full focus to Dos X, but I don’t feel that it will have any major effect on the war. We will handle things as we always have.”

-Arith, Duke of Nyuk

KTA leadership responded in a different format. I know it looks like an interview. It’s not. ;)

Why did you recruit from IDS.F/LYCANS/TROUT?
Why not? NYUK tried to as well but failed, in the end we realized that the past is just that – the past, here where some good people and some good players as well – why not recruit! NYUK were always going to get it – we were just patient.

Do you consider this a continuation of the old “war” from back when KTA recruited from T~S, or do you see it as a new war (and if it’s a new war, why)?
No, this is a new war. The recruitment of T~S members last year served i’s purpose very nicely. It actually achieved what it was designed to do wonderfully – what you may ask? Well, have a think about the time it took NYUK to take them, how distracted did they get, blowing their own trumpet, their leader prancing around declaring this and declaring that. While his ego (BigT) was calling the shots, we and our allies worked on more important things. At best we would hold an area and maybe a few new players, at worst we distracted and upset NYUK, either way it was a win for us and our allies. Funny thing is that they were never able to eliminate us from that small area of K31 – still can’t…

How do you expect this war to go?
We will see but it should be bloody which is how we like it here at KTA. I don’t know that NYUK in its current form will be around for much longer anyway, I hear there are a few ‘issues’ over there.
I also heard ModWar are trying to recruit a few of them to help the process of ‘waste elimination’.

Why did you choose to fight with Dos X instead of against them (which would probably have been easier, at least in the short term)?
Well where I come from you stand by your mates, you live up to your agreements, something many here scoff at because they don’t understand the concept.
We have always been allied with these guys, why the heck would we betray our friends for the likes of NYUK and/or ModWar! I mean it is only a matter of time before ModWar hits NYUK as well, I hope NYUK wake up and see whats coming their way.
Then again ModWar haven’t shown anything excitingly wonderful with their style of warfare either thus far – they just got their timing right, not hard given what was going on in the world.

-mikeptm2, Duke of KTA

The third tribe is ModWar. Similarly to the situation with Nyuk, this war is a result of KTA siding with Dos X. I will not be covering the war at this time because it has yet to reach a point where the tribes have enough of a front for an exciting war.

YAY is the final tribe. This war has yet to be publicly declared or acknowledged, but it is definitely going on. It is a result of KTA’s recruitment policy with regard to certain ex-IDS.F/LYCANS/TROUT players who were under attack by YAY at the time of their recruitment.

And for Comparison…

ModWar – 2 wars (Dos X, KTA)
Dos X – 3 wars (ModWar, Nyuk, TROUT)
Nyuk – 3 wars (Dos X, KTA, YAY)
YAY – 3 wars (Nyuk, KTA, TROUT)
TROUT – 3 wars (Dos X, KTA, YAY)


Up Next Week…

Apparently I’m supposed to write about TROUT’s unorthodox leadership system… If anyone has an issue with this subject, feel free to blame BaronCunedda and QueenAngel for making me do it.


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