BoM v.42: Side 5

March 27, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Eep! I survived the week… Somehow… I think life owes me some serious relaxation after these past few weeks. Anyway, I don’t think anyone cares too much about my stress level. On to the blog! It may piss some people off, but I’d appreciate not being killed over it. As a little background and explanation, the main piece is based off something I wrote for my blog application a month and a half ago. I’d planned to save it for a time when I desperately needed an article, and I also wanted to wait until people were more acclimatized to having me around as a blogger. ModWar’s declaration threw a wrench in that though, so here it is. I essentially rewrote the entire thing because the original was crap, but it’s still the same idea…


Similarities and Differences

Yay, it’s time machine time! (Yes, I realize that sounds awkward. And no, I don’t have a better way to say it, so hush.) Last June, Bio! and -AOK- merged to form OKBI (now Dos X). Before the merge, KTA had been at war with Bio! and allied with -AOK-. KTA shared a much larger border with the ex–AOK- members, and so it was the alliance that carried over as their relationship with the newly formed tribe. At the time, KTA was confined essentially entirely to the northeast of the map. To the west lay IDS.F, with whom KTA also had an alliance. And so it was that KTA was boxed in by allies to the south and west, and by the rim to the northwest. Consequently, they were not at war with anyone for a time after the formation of OKBI. Despite receiving a lot of heat on the externals for not doing anything and for being a tribe of huggers, it wasn’t until almost two months later in mid-August that KTA entered a war. They were declared upon by IDS.F, although it was never completely clear which side initially made the decision to go to war.

ModWar was in a similar situation up until very recently. Ever since the collapse of ~T~ in late September, followed by Dawn’s disintegration in early October, they have not been in a real war. Nestled into the southeast of the map along the rim, they had Dos X to the north and Nyuk to the west. They were on friendly terms with Dos X, as they had been since the merge. Before that, they’d been allied with -AOK-, and they were the only major tribe bordering Bio! that didn’t declare on them. The Nyuk border, on the other hand, was a new one. However, it was composed on both sides of players from ~T~ and Dawn, players who had been tribemates until then. It was only a couple weeks ago, five and a half months after the end of their last major war, that ModWar finally declared on Dos X.

The public response to the lack of war was vastly different in each case. KTA was given a lot of flak about their situation. With ModWar, the number one tribe at the time, comments were few and far between. ModWar went without any major war for almost three times as long as KTA, but there was one crucial difference. Beyond the simple fact that KTA is generally the far less popular of the two, ModWar had a public war going on against TDHUSA (formerly TDH!) during the intervening time, and they had highly impressive stats to go along with it. Throughout the war, the stats favored ModWar by more than 50:1. ModWar captures off TDHUSA exceeded TDHUSA’s total conquers. I could call it a slugfest, but that would be disrespectful to slugs. On the other hand, KTA did not have this easy access to food and stats to deflect attention away from themselves. Instead, they were ridiculed for inactivity and inaction.

Had the major difference been reversed, if it had been KTA with the dramatic stats and easy villages, who knows? Would ModWar have been applauded as much as they were, and would KTA have been lambasted so much? Just food for thought. :D


A Wee Request…

Erm… So there’s an idea I have to improve TWstats. Specifically, it relates to the conquer map. I mentioned it to Morthy, but he said almost no one ever uses the conquer map, so it wouldn’t be worth it. I want to see if there’s anyone around who does actually use it or who would use it if my suggestions were implemented. I made a thread about this in the forums here, and if people could look at it and, if they support it, say so there, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!


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