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March 20, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Greetings from the desk of your poor, heckled w42 blogger! It’s been a rough week with far too much chaos for my liking. Seriously, people? One event at a time, please…


A Eulogy of Sorts for IDS.F

I’m sorry I don’t have more here. I feel bad about that. This was my tribe for a time and, even though I did not leave on the most friendly of terms, I still have a soft spot for the folks who were there. However, it’s been way too difficult to figure out what the heck is going on over there. I went through four dukes, and I had some sort of issue communicating with all of them. Anyway, this won’t be a very exciting wrap-up… Again, I’m sorry for that. :/

First off, a summary of IDS.F’s time on w42, or at least the parts that I’m aware of… Yes, I realize most readers already know this. Just skip over this paragraph unless you want to yell at me for the mistakes I will undoubtedly make. The IDS family was composed of IDS, IF, and Smile!. Judging by TWstats, IDS.F started warring STACHE early in February 2010. Pint entered the war on March 5th, and tensions rose between them and IDS.F upon STACHE’s collapse ten days later as each tribe claimed that it had been the larger factor in defeating STACHE. This culminated in Pint’s declaration on IDS.F on April 3rd, with the expectation that the war wouldn’t last long. When Pint merged into Bio!, the war continued, as it did again when Bio! and -AOK- merged to form OKBI (later renamed Dos X). In December of last year, IDS.F went through a lot of internal chaos during an attempted recruitment/merge (look, it’s all semantics, pick whichever word you prefer >.<) by Dos X. This effort eventually collapsed, and IDS.F mostly reformed, minus several players. In late February of this year, a trickle of southern players began to leave for Nyuk.

On March 9th, every player except the dukes was dismissed from IDS, which was the rank 4 tribe at the time. Simultaneously, IDS declared itself no longer attached to IF (Smile! had been released several weeks prior) and renamed itself LYCANS. Many players were invited back, and most would return quickly, but several players went to Dos X, Nyuk, and KTA. Of the players who returned, several left later. LYCANS now stands at rank 6 with 18 members.

Now, I don’t know exactly what happened. What I have here is just what I’ve managed to piece together from talking to former members of IDS.F. Please correct any factual inaccuracies. I’m sure there are some. I’ve heard way too many versions of what happened for this to even possibly be completely correct.

Rabidwolff made Chinstrap a duke. Someone made Robi a baron. Chinstrap, potentially with the help of others, dismissed almost all members. The tribe was renamed, and the family tribe status was eliminated. Some dismissed players rejoined LYCANS. Others joined IF, Dos X, and Nyuk, and a few remained tribeless. Robi was elevated to the position of duke, and he dismissed Rabid. I have heard it said that this was done on Chinstrap’s behalf, but Chinstrap denies this. Chinstrap quit w42 shortly thereafter. Robi and several others then jumped to Nyuk, and more players moved to Dos X as well. Some, including Rabid, also joined KTA. At this rate, LYCANS isn’t long for this world. And that puts us roughly where we are now. As said above, please correct any mistakes I have here, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get one definite story from anyone.

Rambling aside, I would like to congratulate IDS.F on surviving and thriving for so long despite the forces arrayed against them. From the time of Pint’s declaration, they expanded from dominance in 3 Ks to controlling the equivalent of 7 Ks. They lasted far longer than anyone else had expected, and they deserve recognition for it.

Final War Stats

IDS.F (IDS & IF): 1,280
Dos X: 2,044
Difference: 764
June 19, 2010 – March 9, 2011

IDS.F (IDS & IF): 1,147
KTA: 1,749
Difference: 602
August 16, 2010 – March 9, 2011

IDS.F (IDS & IF): 60
YAY: 163
Difference: 103
December 21, 2010 – March 9, 2011


ModWar Declares…

And so it begins. ModWar has declared on Dos X after months of the two tribes maintaining a friendly relationship.

[Insert biased paragraph promoting own tribe here.]

So far, ModWar is up in stats by quite a lot without having run any ops. ModWar is known for dramatic stats, as they had with ~T~, Dawn, TKWSN, and TDHUSA. However, as Dos X adjusts its frontline 180 degrees away from LYCANS, I expect the gap to decrease. Anyway, my opinion that the current war stats aren’t representative of the skill of the tribes isn’t gonna stop me from posting them.

Dos X: 27
ModWar: 273
Difference: 246
10:00st March 16, 2011 – 21:00st March 20, 2011

I believe this may be ModWar’s first war against a top tribe that doesn’t crumble almost immediately, or at least I hope Dos X will last for a while. This is partly from my natural bias as a member of Dos X (yes, bad biased blogger, I’m sorry, please don’t report me :S), but it’s also partly a desire to finally see ModWar go up against a tribe that will give them a good fight.

Leadership in both tribes did not fulfill requests for comment from the poor blogger.


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Blagha, blagha, blogger stress. Until next week. ;P