BoM v.42: Side 23

September 25, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Everyone’s heard of the top few tribes, and so I’d like to bring a little more awareness about a few of the smaller ones in our world. Presenting… Knights Of Light!


KoL Profile

Thank you to valtheran88 for this information. :)

Founded: June 2, 2010

History: My tribe was the original sister tribe to the tribe ~JA~ and was founded on the k40/50 border…It fought haze while assisting friends in Dos X in clearing a few inactive villages while growing strong. After a while Dos X had some members go rogue creating the tribe Apoc, which turned on us, allowing Nyuk to crawl into that territory tag teaming us with them. We then faced several Nyuk players down while slowly retreating to meet up with friends in KTA. Once in KTA territory we were invited into the tribe during the IDS/KTA initial truce. We left a few players behind to maintain forums and tribal relations while they grew in experience. Core members joined KTA for several months until framed for something they had not done. Core members of both ~JA~ and KoL returned to KoL to be attacked by pets of KTA, supressing us from going after our original founding locations fighting through Nyuk to get our homes back. Now we are in a fight for our life defending against KTA.

KoL Map SelectShow


Proudest moment: Proudest moment…was our survival against Nyuk’s back lines.

Why they play: I think we are still playing for the fun and experience of it.

Favorite quote: “Val….You know too many players on this world…At this rate we will not be able to war anyone.”