BoM v.42: Side 22

September 22, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Several days ago, I featured an interview with a duke of ModWar, primarily about their war with Nyuk. Today I give you the other perspective in an interview with Nyuk’s duke.


Nyuk vs. ModWar (and a little more):

Nyuk’s Perspective

Druid: Why did Nyuk establish the NAP with Dos X?

Arith: Nyuk never liked the idea of ModWar declaring war on Dos X when they did. It would have been ideal back when Bio! and -AOK- merged, not after Dos lost their spunk. After ModWar declared, Nyuk never did a full tribal OP on them. We had some members get together and OP certain areas, but I don’t believe we ever had the tribe focus on Dos as a whole. So between us not really hitting Dos that hard and ModWar nobling our members, we slowly decided that ModWar needed to learn its place so we formed a NAP to begin preparations.

Druid: What do you consider the outcome of that war to be? Why?

Arith: I consider it a draw with us on the winning side. It’s kind of hard to consider it much more than that, as the tribe is still there but we were far from not being able to make ground anymore.

Druid: Why did Nyuk declare on ModWar?

Arith: I kind of already touched up on this on a prior question, but for the most part, respect. I know what “assuming” leads to, but I had assumed that even though we didn’t have diplomacy, we’d be working towards a common goal and could handle situations appropriately. They nobled 2 of our villages purposely. The first situation was blown off and we looked the other way. The 2nd time I had a council member say an apology was appropriate, which it wasn’t but that was our fault. But overall none of us were happy over those 2 situations and I had told my council if nobles were sent on another player we would be declaring. They also like to say that we supported players against them, but they would neither provide proof nor accused players. The situation they’re talking about I know for sure there was no support sent while either of my players had control over the account (or attacks). There was another situation that our council wasn’t aware of, nor do we know if it was a problem as of now, but is possible there could have been support going. Either way, they did support against us and then nobled the villages themselves in an area saying that the above reason was the justification. The last and final reason that made this happen, was the Beli Mawr account. We had been waiting for a time to internal the account for a while and when it left I requested to the Mod council that the player be left alone. They ignored it until their players were already nobling it. Of course they didn’t return the villages and at this point I was fed up with things and we began to prep for war.

Druid: “The 2nd time I had a council member say an apology was appropriate, which it wasn’t but that was our fault.”
Could you clarify this for readers?

Arith: Sure. My council and I didn’t discuss what we wanted to do about the nobling of our member and one of my council jumped in before we could discuss it and told Mod that an apology would be acceptable. The communication and organization of that situation wasn’t thorough on our end is all I meant, but I know multiple players on my end wanted the villages to be returned.

Druid: Nyuk is significantly ahead in conquers. Did you expect this?

Arith: I expected us to be in the lead, but didn’t think we’d be so far ahead.

Druid: Do you have any comments about ModWar’s fighting?

Arith: Overall let down. They have 3 players I’d consider “good” that I have seen fight so far. We went into this war with a player of theirs saying “we have 40 active and highly skilled members”. That along with the rep Mod has had up until we declared seemed like it’d be a hard war.

Druid: Most conquers against ModWar have been off two accounts, Sctt and le bograt. When the weakness of these two is gone, how do you think the rest of the war will go?

Arith: I think the war will continue in our favor. Sctt wasn’t inactive until he got hit and, as pointed out from a Mod player on the externals, the le bograt account had sitters that were too lazy to do anything. It really depends on the size of the front line we have with the player(s) on whether or not we’ll keep the large conquer rates. Both LB and sctt had a pretty massive line with us, so obviously if the player crumbled it’d be a feeding frenzy — so it’s kind of situational. I don’t expect LB and sctt to be the last of their kind though.

Druid: What about their response on the externals?

Arith: Big bark, no bite. I haven’t seen them post since their failed OP. It’s easy to talk a big game, but I guess it’s hard(er) to back it up.

Druid: Do you have anything to say about Nyuk’s war with KTA?

Arith: Not really. They’re more of a thorn in a side than anything spectacular. They like to cat and they pick off villages here and there. The only reason the tribe is still here is because no tribe in the world has been able to focus on them 1v1.

Druid: KTA recently passed Dos X in the rankings. What are your thoughts on that?

Arith: Dos needs to pick up the scraps and get things moving in a positive direction again. KTA does have more players and probably more actives (haven’t looked), so I guess it was just a matter of time with Mod eating them like they were/are.

Druid: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Arith: It’d be nice for the excuses to end. They had one or two players man up — but their interview, once again, seemed to be have excuses and even contradicted their own points. Would be nice if they could toughen up and do something before we crumble on our own boredom.

War Stats

(August 6, 2011 – September 21, 2011)
Nyuk: 1,252
ModWar: 457
Difference: 795


Coming next time… A long-overdue profile of the tribe KoL.