BoM v.42: Side 21

September 18, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Once again, it has been far too long since the last blog. It has also been far too long since this blog has included any player interviews, so here we go solving both problems at once.

In light of recent world changes, I bring you the perspectives of the two sides of w42’s newest war. This first installment features ModWar. The next will feature Nyuk.


ModWar vs. Nyuk (and a little more):

ModWar’s Perspective

DruidEarth: Why did ModWar establish the NAP with KTA?

Bcruss/Evocablepanic: LOL, we had more respect for the KTA players who were attacking us than for any of the Dos players except rebel and QA…who turned out to be the same person(s).
So when it became obvious that Dos X was giving up their war with Nyuk, it seemed sensible to NAP the only tribe that still wanted to fight them.

Druid: What do you consider the outcome of that war to be? Why?

Bcruss: I assume you mean the “war” with KTA? It never really got beyond the skirmishing phase, as we were mainly concentrating on Dos X and they were mainly concentrating on Nyuk. Tbh, I have never even checked the stats for that “war”.

Druid: What do you think about Nyuk declaring on ModWar?

Bcruss: Well, I was amazed it took them so long, but I understand they were afraid to take us on in a 3 way, and needed to make peace with Dos X first.

Druid: Why did you expect Nyuk to declare?

Bcruss: It was pretty obvious in our exchanges council to council that Nyuk was positioning themselves for a fight…and we had one duke who was very eager to war them as well. A 3 way would have been fun, too bad they didn’t have the courage to take us on at the same time as Dos X, but no doubt that has prolonged Dos X’s time on W42.

Druid: Nyuk is significantly ahead in conquers.

Bcruss: While it is true that Nyuk is well ahead in conquers, a closer look shows that all the conquers come from 4 players… er, not exactly all their conquers, but of all Modwar accounts, only 4 are behind in the conquers:
wazza125 is down 3 (left tribe August 23)
Marshall Bruce Mathers is down 11 (now down 12)
sctt29742 is down 412 (now down 449)
le bograt is down 472 (left tribe August 24 (before stats were given), now down 502)
(jerz1989 was down 1)

So the largest part of those stats are conquers on 2 accounts. If we were concerned we could have changed the stats so they would be in our favour merely by kicking those two accounts, which we decided to delay doing.
When it comes to actual fighting, and taking villages and keeping them, Modwar is doing fine.

Druid: Did you expect this? Do you have any comments about Nyuk’s fighting?

Bcruss: I was away when war was declared, so I am not sure why we were caught off balance, especially as one of our dukes was very eager to war them. Nyuk have taken advantage of one weak account, which we ought to have had much better supported, and I salute them for it…and while we did expect the sctt account to lose some villages, and to be a weak link, we did not expect quite the level of messedupness that it has been!

The other account that has bled villages was mostly bad luck for us, as the account holder had computer problems right as Dos X launched a major op on it. Nyuk has, of course, taken advantage of the hole created by Dos X. Once again, I am not complaining, it is to be expected.

Nyuk has sent more attacks at us in the few weeks of war than Dos sent in months of war, so it seems that if we can get over our ennui and actually fight, this could be fun. Sadly, so many of our players (and probably Nyuk and Dos players too)  have been so bored by the previous wars that there is a level of ho hum that is affecting us all.

Druid: Do you have anything to say about ModWar’s war with Dos X?

Bcruss: It seems like all the active Dos players were on the Nyuk front. The war with Dos X has been boring…it has hardly deserved the name war.

Druid: KTA recently passed Dos X in the rankings. What are your thoughts on that?

Bcruss: Not surprised…mind, I see signs of TDH tactics on Dos X’s part…the barbarian tribe is in for a rough time!

Druid: Could you elaborate on this comparison between Dos X and TDH?

Bcruss: Hmm, let me count the ways…

1) No tribal ops
2) Letting us take their villages with very little fight, and then turning around and nobling as many 2K barbs as possible with the nobles gained from losing villas
3) Lack of tribal teamwork and support
4) Generally a very poor quality of skills

I realize we have perhaps mainly been up against their poorer players, and maybe if we get a front with your their western and core players we will find some skills that the north eastern players definitely have lacked.

On another note, I am sad that this war was not started earlier. W42 has been getting progressively more and more boring, and even having an active tribe to fight has not really made it more exciting.

War Stats

(Since August 6, 2011)
ModWar: 470
Nyuk: 1,222
Difference: 752


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The interview with Nyuk will be coming in a few days. If you don’t see it soon, gentle reminders are suggested. :)