BoM v.42: Side 19

August 20, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Presenting the winners of the first semi-irregular w42 blog contest!


The Contest:


Pretty simple. What unit would be the most epic-awesome-sauce ever? This could be something serious, like a trebuchet that acts as a souped-up catapult. Alternatively, choose something completely ludicrous like a giant slug to assault your enemies. Perhaps the game really needs flying magicians, or maybe just a humble and undervalued shield-bearer. Take your pick, and tell the world!

Entries must include:
1. Unit name [self-explanatory]
2. About [general idea of stats, recruiting, strategy]
3. Paladin weapon [name, bonuses]
4. Why this unit is the most epic-awesome-sauce ever [your final pitch to voters]

1. All entries must follow forum/in-game rules.
2. All entrants must play on w42, and in-game names must be told for prem to be awarded.
3. All entries must be posted in this thread. One entry per person.
4. Minimum of 4 entries required for the competition to go ahead. (So yes, there will be a loser. I’ll also try to think up a good consolation prize though.)
5. Have fun. Any entrant who does not have fun will be disqualified. Believe me, I’ll know. How? You don’t want to ask…

The entry period closes August 9 at 23:59. Voting for the most epic-awesome-sauce unit ever will start a few days later (once I bug kdeb to make a poll) and last for three days. Bloggers will do any necessary tie-breaking.

1st prize – 200 pp
2nd prize – 100 pp
3rd prize – 50 pp
Winning entries will be featured in the blog, along with a bit of bonus stuff.

The Entries:

I had expected a slightly larger set of entries, but I suppose I should have known better. The contest drew five entries, but at least they came from a variety of inspirations. The poll had fewer voters than I had expected as well. I suppose I just hadn’t realized how dead our world is.

A massive thank you to Samulis for creating images for each winning entry!

Without further ado… (drumroll please…)

The Winners:

Coming in first with nearly twice as many votes as the runner up and a whooping 41% of the total is shanemn’s entry. Even before the entry period was closed, this sexy unit found support from many posters – and even other entrants! Presenting… the Fairy Princess!

WINNER SelectShow

In 2nd place, with 23% of the vote, is a truly soulless entry. What better to defeat your enemies with than 3lite mage’s Ginger Ninja?

2nd Place SelectShow

The first entry submitted was the only medieval-themed one of the contest. With 18% of the vote, I give you queenangel’s Siege Tower/Belfry!

3rd Place SelectShow


The Final Two SelectShow