BoM v.42: Side 17

July 23, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Greetings, all! Welcome to yet another late blog. I’m really excited about this one, although there isn’t much in the way of actual content…



(Click on the map for a larger version.)


Maps correspond with stats from the last blog.

I am incredibly excited about this map. I’m not sure if it shows… It is the first map I’ve made in GIMP. And it’s animated too! I would like to thank Googly for explaining the animation process to me, armstrongrv for telling me how to make the individual maps look interesting, and Darkaniken2 for showing me how to get past WordPress’s upload limit.

I recommend watching the animation multiple times. Follow the progression of one tribe or one border throughout the past six months. It becomes very apparent which tribes are making headway in their wars and which aren’t.

Because the time interval between maps is relatively large, the changes are sometimes very sudden. Most notable in this is the collapse of IDS.F and the move of many of those players to Dos X, Nyuk, and KTA. Minor changes between the dates the maps are from may be missed.

Several things to note:

  • I labeled the cyan tribe as Mercs because that’s what the name was as of when I started working on the map. But it changes so often that I have trouble keeping track.
  • IF and Smile! are not included in the map. It was too much of a nuisance for me to figure out when each was a part of IDS.F. Also, Smile! was not in the top 20, so I couldn’t get an old map for it. IF had an… issue… with being the same color as the tribeless villages in one map, so it was easier to simply scrap that tribe as well.
  • TDHUSA was no longer in the top 20 as of July.

If you have any complaints about colors, timing of the animation, or anything else about the map, please let me know! If people like this, I might bother doing this more often.


Coming soon…

I hope to interview a few players from smaller tribes within the next few weeks. I’ll post those when I have them available.

Also, look for me to post a contest in the forums sometime next week!