BoM v.42: Side 16

July 14, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Whoopee, we’ve made it half-way through 2011! Somewhat belatedly, I have a collection of war stats here covering the last six months.


Six Months of War Stats

We so excited! I have pretty stats! I would like to start off by saying that formatting this all was awful and miserable. I would also like to thank TWstats for finally cooperating with me, and I would like to apologize to Morthy for whining at him when it didn’t. (He told me the problem was between the keyboard and the chair… He was right.)

General notes:

  • Mercs has been known by several other names recently – STFU!, Cara, TROUT, Lycans, and IDS. I have not included IF in any stats because it was more complications than I was willing to deal with.
  • War descriptions are the same for both tribes involved in the war. For example, if you read the “War with Dos X” paragraph in the ModWar section, you can skip the “War with ModWar” paragraph in the Dos X section.
  • Sorry I don’t have pretty maps to accompany this. I’m hoping to have those for next blog. I’m still teaching myself how to use GIMP.
  • Any point where I say that a tribe is in trouble should be treated as moderate exaggeration. At the current pace of things, it will be months or years before any tribe here can be wiped out, and none (with the possible exception of YAY) show signs of being on the verge of collapse. Or at least no more about to collapse than they all normally are. :P
  • My opinions might piss some people off. Or many people. If you want to criticize, please at least give some sort of evidence for your case. Thank you for your cooperation! Also, please correct any factual errors I may have made… I tried to check everything, but I may have missed some.
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Coming next time… Exciting maps and probably something else! Any suggestions? (Also, if anyone is still interested in guest blogging to help make these more frequent, please let me know!)