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June 25, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Yeah, this one took me a while to get out. It’s been in progress for several weeks. I hope it’s worth it, but I’m sure someone will find a reason to complain. You always do. ;)


Recruitment of IDS.F: Slightly in Hindsight

For quite a while, IDS.F was a tribe of untouchables. Things changed back in December when Dos X tried to recruit part of the tribe and end the war between the two. Readers already know that the effort failed, but the incident greatly weakened IDS.F, and it began to crumble within a month. As IDS.F collapsed, members were absorbed into Dos X, KTA, and Nyuk.

This blog takes a look at how things have changed in the northwest since then.

First, a map from before the fall of IDS.F.

Nyuk (green), KTA (red), IDS & IF (blue), and Dos X (yellow) on 2011-02-17

And now a map for not long after the collapse. Tribes are represented by the same colors.

Kontinents Gained by Tribes (Feb. 17 to Apr. 9)
Nyuk – K21, K30, K31, half of K32, K40
KTA – K12, K13
Dos X – K4, K5, K6, K14, K23

Nyuk, KTA, Dos X, and Cara (IDS) on 2011-04-09

Now a more recent map. Colors are still consistent. When I started working on this issue, it was a recent map. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat less recent now… Sorry…

Substantial Changes (Apr. 9 to Jun. 11)
Nyuk pushes up along the southern border with Dos X
Dos X and KTA push down along the northern part of the border with Nyuk

STFU! (IDS, Cara), Nyuk, KTA, and Dos X on 2011-06-11

(Later changes: thedogfather left Nyuk for KTA; PrincessEli left KTA for Dos X)

And of course another glorious map for you all… This one shows conquers against barbs by the four tribes for the month leading up to June 12. Colors are still consistent. Numerous players in the region barbed out during this time, contributing to the large number of conquers (listed below). Despite the numerous players Nyuk has lost recently, the tribe has still managed to achieve positive growth over the past month and is currently at its highest total points to date.

Date Player Tribe Points
2011-04-15 Buster of Mountsorrel Nyuk 2,045,077
2011-05-29 brisr949 YAY 6,828,848
2011-05-29 yoshi31 Nyuk 4,388,067
2011-05-30 FlyHawk98 Nyuk 226,802
2011-05-30 ThunderingIce Nyuk 4,235,256

Barb conquers by STFU! (IDS, Cara), Nyuk, KTA, and Dos X; month before 2011-06-12

The last map here shows war conquers in the Nyuk vs. KTA and Dos X war for the month leading up to Jun. 12, which makes the gains described in the Jun. 11 map more apparent.

Key for conquer “X”s
Red – KTA conquers against Nyuk
Yellow – Dos X conquers against Nyuk
Green – Nyuk conquers against Dos X
Blue – Nyuk conquers against KTA

Nyuk vs. KTA and Dos X war conquers; month before 2011-06-12

And lastly, stats… Three sets of them, one each for the individual tribal wars, and one with the wars put together. Each set includes stats from the time frame in the map above and stats for the time since. The trend continues with Nyuk conquers outpacing Dos X’s, and KTA’s ex-IDS.F recruits are still faring better than Nyuk’s.

Dos X vs. Nyuk; May 12 to Jun. 12; 210 - 322

Dos X vs. Nyuk; Jun. 12 to Jun. 25 22:00; 76 - 114

KTA vs. Nyuk; May 12 to Jun. 12; 154 - 48

KTA vs. Nyuk; Jun. 12 to Jun. 18 22:00; 70 - 50

Dos X & KTA vs. Nyuk; May 12 to Jun. 12; 364 - 370

Dos X and KTA vs. Nyuk; Jun 12. to Jun. 25 22:00; 146 - 164

A Little Concluding Bit for my Rambling

Nyuk has caught a lot of flak for the loss of some of their recruits. However, their recruitment has still gained them a large swath of territory in the north. They’re steadily losing bits of ground there, but things may change once their older players solidify a front.

KTA’s recruitment gave them a bit of room to start expanding. They have yet to take full advantage of this because much of their attention has been diverted to fighting YAY, but I hope they do something interesting with this opportunity. The last chance they had to expand came after they recruited members of T~S in a highly criticized move. Their gains from that amount to a few villages in K31 that are certainly not enough to do anything substantial with. For KTA, the main issue is being cut in two by Dos X.

Dos X has a chunk of the rim and many new K’s from their recruitment. They’re holding out well in the north and making gains against Nyuk there, but this has not translated to success along the southern portion of the border.

(Apologies for old maps… Please forgive me?)



For the future… I want to get out at least one more blog before the end of the month. I’m hoping to have a compilation and comparison of stats from different wars for the first half of the year. As always, I’m open to suggestions. I’m also still looking for people interested in writing a guest blog or two.