BoM v.42: Side 14

June 20, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Okay, this is a lamesauce blog. I will not try to deny it. This is three weeks after my last blog, so I mostly just want to have something out there so y’all don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.


Just Some Updates and Announcements

Various random things… I’ve been meaning to mention some of these for a while, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. So I’m taking advantage of this week to get this all done.

Half-price Coins

Half-price coins have been implemented on w42! Under ordinary circumstances, I would have dragged various people into talking about this. Unfortunately, I was not able to, and I didn’t want to further delay the blog by trying to do so. :(

TribalWars Blog: Now on Facebook!

The TribalWars Blog has had a Facebook page for several weeks, as some of you may have seen in the little box about it to the right. You can click the link to the right, or click this link here! It’s still slightly in the developmental stage, and you’ll notice that there’s still very little there. That should change eventually. Additionally, it is possible to “like” individual posts. (Thank you to NML0089 for doing the bulk of putting this together.)

Subscribing to the Blog

This is just one of those little convenient things if you want to be automatically notified of new blogs. To subscribe, put your e-mail in the little box off to the left, under the heading Subscribe2 TW Blog. (There seems to be a glitch in this… >.< It should be fixed sometime soon.)

TribalWars Blog: Now Recruiting!

The blog is looking for new bloggers. If any world you play doesn’t have a blogger, and if you have an interest, go apply!


Guest Blogging

And so much for having more time to blog over the summer… It seems quite likely that I’ll end up having much less time to do blogging. If people want to settle for a blog every two weeks or so, fine. However, if anyone wants these to be more frequent, I’m going to need help. I would like to invite readers to help me out by writing guest blogs.

Anyone interested in contributing features of some sort (articles, pretty maps, interviews, etc.) should get in touch with me to sort out details, the sooner the better.


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World Map and Rankings SelectShow


My current plan is to put out a blog sometime mid-week. I have an idea in progress, and it involves maps. I was hoping to get it done last weekend and publish then, but I got into a fight with the images (no, I’m completely serious, the damn image turned yellow every time I tried changing any of the colors!). These were supposed to be current maps at the time of publication, but they’re going to end up being week-and-a-half old maps instead. It’s just too much of a nuisance to do most of it all over again now that I finally have it all set up.