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May 31, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

What’s this? A blog that’s only two days late? I’m as shocked as you all are… Maybe it’s the end of the world getting to my head.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It
(And I Feel Fine!)

Our world was officially closed to new registrations this week. w42 has been open for 595 days (assuming I can count, which I probably can’t), since October 14, 2009.

Dear players,

Please be aware that registrations will be closing on this world on Tuesday the 24th. After this point it will no longer be possible for new players to join the world. It will still be possible to restart if you lose your villages.


Community Manager

So what does w42 think of this? I managed to drag a few people into answering my questions…

Original question set (poorly phrased):
“How do you feel about the world closing? Did this come too early, too late, or at the right time? Do you think that players should still be allowed to restart if they lose all their villages?
The world has approximately 1300 players left. Do you think that half-price nobles should be instituted now or at the usual 1000 players?”

“It seems to be around the average time of a closing world the few power tribes that are left will pretty much be end game tribes until mergers happen, etc. We’re losing people a lot lately due to activity. The restarting of players being rimmed may not affect anything since there are so many accounts that need players on them lately. I’m all for the half price nobles at this point. Man they’re costly anymore. lol. But I’d agree with the way the world is now, it’s the same players/tribe growing all the time. There is no one new that will pop up outta no1 and make a name for themselves.”

“I am glad the world has closed. In my opinion, it is long over due for two reasons.
1. They close worlds in batches, which works for the mods but is not in the players best interest. Worlds 40-45 are closing at once yet in that are all different settings and speeds. World 44 runs at speed 2, while world 45 runs at speed 0.5, according to the stats. Not even one months separates the opening of these two worlds, but world 44 which opened first runs 4 times faster. Apart from the speed, the number of active players seems not to influence the closing of a world. Our world has a little over 1300 players, yet 3 of the 6 worlds are closing with less than the 1000 player mark, and world 40 has nearly 4000 players left. Our world has higher than average speed with about the right number of players left for the time. If worlds where closed on a world-by-world basis, some of these world should maybe be remaining open while others should have been closed months ago. I would have liked to see our world closed months ago based on how far through into it we are, but the number of players left on its own would indicate now is around the right time to close it.
2. For months, players with millions of points have had huge clusters at the rim of the world able to eat anyone who joins and grows their towns up to a decent level before they could possibly have enough troops to put up a fight. Every major tribe at this stage (only counting top 5) has access to a part of the rim and could noble there without problem. The only way a new player could grow is with help from one of these tribes, but these players are much more likely to be offered to co-play bigger accounts or even offered the bigger accounts.
I still think people should be able to re-start as they have paid and played in this world beyond the point at which it has closed, but I don’t expect many to do so. More likely they will co-play with others or leave in such a mature world.
As to half price nobles, while it makes it easier for everyone to get nobles, the only things it is going to speed up is internals. Fighting on a front line is still going to take as many nukes and as much support as before, so in a way it is not going to have a massive effect on the world. It just means that internals are eaten faster and towns put back into good use which is always good, and that players with access to lots of internal food want it. Whereas for those who don’t get as many / any at all it, it is not going to really affect growth as much. I think that given the state of this world, it is a good move. Tidies up the inactives and gets everyone fighting on the front lines again. While I think it would be a good thing for this world, back in January it was turned down because we had over 1000 players in the world, so I don’t think it is likely to happen before we drop below that mark.”

“I am happier than a dominatrix with a new set of canes about the world closing. I would never presume to say Morthy was too early or too late. I am sure he was right on time.
Seeing as how we only have 350-ish players with more than 10k points, I would say that 1300 players is a huge overestimate of the amount of actual people playing this world. With the amount of people leaving 42, being banned or outright deleting, I would definitely institute reduced price nobles. A third is generally the way TW starts reducing the price of nobles, and that small amount would be helpful for the summertime. It would be very encouraging to those players who are left here.”

Second question set (better phrased):
“How do you feel about the world closing to new players? Did this come too early in the world, too late, or at the right time? Do you think it’s fair that players are still allowed to restart if they lose all their villages?
The world has approximately 1300 players left, fewer than 600 of whom have at least 1000 points. Do you think that half-price nobles should be instituted now or at the usual 1000 players?”

Closing the world: “Well, I am glad I made it under the gun – sounds like I would have been out in the cold if I hadn’t been “persuaded” to rejoin this world. :P”
Timing: “This one is a little harder to answer, but I think most will agree that it came too soon.”
Restarting: “This one is also hard, but if they really want the world to end they should limit it to one restart – one and done, I say!”
Half-price nobles: “While this will be a great advantage to those with large accounts it will also be helpful for those very small accounts as well – I think I would have to say with only 1300 players left, let the half priced nobles begin!”
-Grama Jo

World closing: “I’ve been through two world closings, and it’s always a good thing. By the time they decide to close a world, there’s really no chance for someone starting up to win the world or even do much unless they are truly gifted/lucky.”
Timing: “Seems really early to me simply because I started the world late, left, and came back, but in all honesty it probably came at the right time. There’s only a few big tribes left, so it was time.”
Restarting: “Doesn’t really matter to me. They won’t get very far in the world anyways. There are a few stubborn players who will restart right up until they are no longer allowed but many will quit.”
Half-price nobles: “At the usual 1,000 simply because once half priced nobles are introduced it seems there’s always an overabundance in nobles. It’ll seem like you can’t noble quick enough because you’re so used to full price nobles”

“The new players don’t have any kind of chance to survive so it’s a good thing it’s closing. I wouldn’t have minded it closing months ago. I don’t think we should be able to restart if we get rimmed. And yes, the half priced nobles should be instituted now.”
-keanosmagic (lodi1970)

“As to the closing of the world, I think it has been a pretty tough place for new starters for quite awhile. I think it is really more fair for people who want to start a world to go to one which they have a chance of getting ahead in…so I agree with that decision.
I think that the nature of the game is that people get to restart if they are rimmed, so I think that should be allowed until end game stages at least.
As for half price nobles, I am eagerly waiting for it…but I don’t see any reason for the game rules to be changed. I think if 1000 players is what the admins have set as the start of 1/2 price, then we will have to live with that. I guess we should see who the 300 lower points players are and get rid of them? rofl”
-Evocablepanic (Bcruss)

What’s Next?

No, don’t ask when noble prices will be reduced. The policy for the reduction of noble prices was changed and clarified in this announcement last week based on feedback from players on older worlds.

From the announcement, for the sake of the mods:
“Please note that no setting change happens automatically. There is also no guarantee it will be happen with a day or even a week of the criteria being met. We periodically check all worlds to see what settings need to be changed and implement the changes after the check. Please do not send in support tickets requesting settings changes after the criteria has been met.

At 1000 players: Coin price reduced to 1/2

At 500 players: Coin price reduced to 1/3

At 300 players: Morale removed, restarts disabled
(Additional criteria for this one…
World must be at least 2 years old, which it will be for us
Dominance of top two tribes must be 85%, which is too far off to contemplate)

At 200 players: Coin price reduced to 1/5


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Yawnity yawnity yawn… Now what the heck am I supposed to write about next week? >.<