BoM v.42: Side 12

May 26, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Hello again! It’s yet another of those late blogs. Maybe I should just change my target day to Thursday… Anyway, I finally have that profile of YAY that I was going to do several weeks ago…

YAY, it’s YAY!

Meh, people already know I’m bad with puns. No need to point it out. >.<

Everyone knows what YAY is. Plopped primarily in the middle of the world and mostly surrounded by Dos X, this tribe has had a presence in the top 20 since its formation. Despite the size of some members, the tribe is currently only rank 6 in the world because of their small member base. I recently dragged two members of YAY into telling me about their tribe.

“We have no purpose.  We just want to have fun.  It’s not a cop out, it’s the truth.  Our diplomacy is loose so we can move in whatever direction the wind takes us.  Which is why we’re skirmishing with KTA.  We ate some of their food, they took offense.  Simple as that.”
-Ying (ying-ling)

The following responses about the tribe came from Ying’s coplayer, Nystagmus.

– What is YAY’s purpose? Do you hope to make it to endgame? If so, what is your plan to do so? If not, why not and what else will you be doing?
“As Ying said, YAY really has no purpose.  We’re here to make the best out of what has become a rather dismal world and turn some sort of excitement out of it.
YAY has never been in the running for endgame [as far as keeping the tribe name and careless mindset].  I know Ying and I plan on being here for that phase, but it likely wont be in YAY.  If we don’t play for endgame, I’ll assume that RL has gotten the better of us.”

– If forced to choose between fighting with Dos X against ModWar and Nyuk or fighting against Dos X with ModWar and Nyuk, which would you choose, and why?
“After being in a constant conflict with the folks over at Nyuk for over a year, I’m unlikely to choose that route.
Modwar would likely be relatively fun, but the distance really uninterests me with that prospect.
Dos X was were I was before YAY, and I can’t say I’d be all up in arms to pick up and go after them now – especially given the past couple weeks for YAY.
I’m perfectly content with the little mudslinging with KTA – keeps us on our toes and is relatively entertaining.”

– If forced to merge YAY into one of the top four tribes, which would you choose, and why?
“I don’t think YAY is in a position to make a decision like the question points to at this time.  For now, I can just give my thoughts on what the top 4 have to offer.

KTA:  I think it would be tough to make that work.  The ex-Bio in YAY is, I’d say, too apparent to come to any reasonable terms with them.  However, they have shown themselves to be pretty durable amidst all of the negativity focused at them.
Dos X:  Unless some serious changes were offered, I wouldn’t look at going back.  We left for a reason, and to now I haven’t seen much change.  Seeing a few of my old friends go also doesn’t help this case.
Nyuk/Modwar:  Both have a very prospect for the duration of the world, but should we choose either of these presently, we’d be in a bit on an uncomfortable situation.

Until the wars at hand are settled, Dos X is really our only option and that likely would only put us behind.”

– What do you expect to happen with the current major wars in w42? (Dos X/ModWar, Dos X/Nyuk, KTA/Nyuk, KTA/YAY, and any others I should be listing and didn’t.)
“Dos X v. ModWar – I expect it to last, probably not as long as Nyuk, but they will not give up without a fight.  I think the losses of Sarg, AZGamer, Mesiba, etc. are really going to hurt Dos the most in the coming months.
Dos X v. Nyuk – Nyuk will remain persistent in taking a few villages here, few villages there.  This war will remain relatively stagnant until an outcome starts coming out of Dos X v. ModWar.
KTA v. Nyuk – I guess I don’t really know much about this part of the world, but I know this war is mostly ex-IDS v. ex-IDS so I don’t really expect much to come out of it.  I think once Nyuk starts focusing a bit more with it, the stats will be in their favor.
KTA v. YAY – Again, I don’t really call this a full-fledged war, more of a “I don’t like you, you don’t like me, lets cuddle [with nukes, obviously]”.  We [being YAY] got knocked a bit with the original scuba leaving to take care of his newborn twins, and a mind-numbing mishap regarding the brisr/preston accounts.  Regardless, I think this will remain entertaining, but both sides [moreso KTA] will likely be prepping for endgame situations rather than all-out on one another.”

– Which tribe do you expect to win the world, and why?
“At this point, their is no clear-cut winner.  ModWar definitely has the momentum, and Dos X has been here forever.  I feel like Nyuk has kind of been the dark horse for the majority of this world, and will definitely be one of the last to duke it out.
“If I really had to choose right now, it’d be between Nyuk and ModWar – with the edge going to ModWar purely on size.  Nyuk plays very well collectively, so it would definitely be a fun one to let unfold.”

– Tell your side of the story for the war/conflict/whatever-you-want-to-call-it with KTA. Causes, who started it, how things are going with each tribe, etc.
“I can just tell you the whole story and save you some time, since it’s not really that special.
As Ying said in his first response, we targeted a KTA inactive that resided closer to the core than we had previously realized.  There ended up being a cross-noble or cross-nuke between myself and Cardman, and from that came their declaration, about a week after we had started, giving them the “stats” lead as they sent it within a couple hours of their OP landing [which failed].  Since then it’s been a lot of back-and-forth nuking/noble slinging with even the smallest of players getting in on it [easiest to pick out with their 40+ second trains].  They took advantage of the fact that scubadiver hasn’t had a player, and I’ll give them the fact that a gain is a gain.
Other than Cardman’s defensive mindset [and a damn good one it is], we really haven’t seen anything special yet; though they can probably go around and say the same.  It  is what it is, a little scuffle before things start getting “serious”.  I personally am curious where KTA views themselves coming into late/endgame – whether it be partnered with Dos X, remaining separate in their corner, or something else.”

This is where I do some speculation on the future of YAY, right? They’ll do their own thing until their own thing ceases to amuse them, and that essentially summarizes YAY.


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The world’s closing, as players have certainly already heard. I’d like to get perspectives on that from a few people. I’ll be asking around in the world Skype chats I’m in to see who’s interested, but if anyone isn’t with me in those and wants to say something, message me somewhere (Skype, forums, or in game).