BoM v.42: Side 11

May 18, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

So much for staying on top of this… Sorry about the lack of a blog last weekend. And the late blog this weekend. I blame it on my lack of a summer.

Speaking of summer…

Here We Go!

And so begins the summer exodus. I’m kinda jealous of all these people starting their summers already. We had some summer-esque weather here recently, but it’s mostly gone now. It was just a product of our bipolar (or perhaps polipolar would be a more accurate term) weather. We’re back to cold, overcast, foggy, windy, drizzle, rain… In terms of summer as defined by the school year, I still have over a lovely month to wait. I’m stuck until mid-June, and then I have finals to deal with. Meanwhile, my college friends are finishing up their courses and starting to laugh at me.

As it usually does in this game, the approach of summer means inactivity and quitting. The most high-profile losses so far have come from Dos X. AZgamer and xchopper have both gone barb.


The top ranked tribe has so far been holding out fairly well against inactivity, or at least that’s the outward appearance they give. Since the beginning of April, they have only had two inactive accounts leave the tribe. A rough guesstimation based on TWstats puts the current number of mostly inactive accounts at 10 to 15 out of 48.


In the last month and a half, Nyuk have lost four inactive accounts. Their inactivity falls in the same range as ModWar’s, again with between 10 and 15 out of 47 players showing distinct signs of inactivity.

Dos X

Dos X is in a similar situation to ModWar and Nyuk in terms of inactivity, if slightly worse off. Since April 1, they have lost six inactive accounts. Like the other two tribes, Dos X has approximately 10 to 15 inactive accounts currently in the tribe out of 41 total.


Of the top five tribes, KTA is by far the hardest hit by inactivity, although this has been a general issue for the tribe for a while. In the same time frame used with the other three tribes, the tribe has lost 10 accounts to inactivity. A further 20 or so of 52 show signs of problematic inactivity.


While YAY have had a lot of account turnover recently, none can be directly attributed to the coming of summer. Their greatest issue will be the banning of two accounts, making up a total of half their tribe. TROUT (or Cara, as they are now called) are just here to entertain themselves. I put them up here mostly as a formality so they won’t yell at me. (^-^) I ♥ you folk…

A Look at the Future

As summer comes, the usual pattern of increasing inactivity will strike. Currently, the top three tribes could easily fit all their active accounts into two tribes. Of the three, Dos X is finding itself in the most difficult position. Several battle-weary frontline accounts have gone inactive or have barbed, and several more are in the process of being eaten alive by Nyuk and ModWar. Since the start of the war, ModWar has been advancing the front between the two tribes, and the long-stagnant front with Nyuk is finally moving against Dos X. I hate to be pessimistic and fatalistic about my own tribe, but it does not look good at all. The event horizon (for you non-nerds, the point of no return with a black hole) has not yet been reached. Dos X still has enough active players and enough spirit left that, with considerable and organized effort, they can survive and maybe even push back (but maybe this is just wishful thinking and me failing at being unbiased… ;P). However, barring a massive turnaround very soon, Dos X will reach a point at which it will no longer stand a chance of making a comeback. The most likely turnaround would be KTA returning to take a more active part in fighting with their allies, which could perhaps inspire more members to activity. Currently, KTA have focused their resources primarily on fighting YAY. With two of YAY’s members banned and a third in the process of being eaten by KTA, this war shouldn’t last much longer.


Apologies to all you silly people in the southern hemisphere who don’t know what season it is. I hope you realize how upside down and backwards you are. (And Kriss, since I know you’re reading this, you’re the most upside down and backwards of all.)


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I hope the next blog will be the one I promised last time about YAY, but we shall see where I end up… Again, suggestions and comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged. Also, no one should feel shy about commenting directly on the blog. It makes me feel loved. *blushes*