BoM v.42: Side 10

May 5, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

So much for starting to get blogs out on time… Yeah… I think I failed at that. Anyway, I finally have the explanation of TROUT and their leadership policies that was promised several weeks ago.



As many people know, I’m a very awkward person. This results in awkward interviews. Fortunately for me, Cara (Cantilever) was quite happy to simply scrap our interview about her tribe and compose a story to replace it. And so, instead of my own awkwardness, I bring you the less-awkwardness of TROUT!

Once upon a time, there was a tribe called IDS. A terrible blizzard came down upon our tribe, creating a period of coldness and darkness. The relationships were frozen, and many of the members felt as though they were left out in the cold.

A brave soul came forward, dressed in furs and snowshoes, trailing blood behind him.


He found homes for each player. With some, he had to hit them over the head and drag them into other tribes, because they wanted to stay with the mighty warrior. As the once mighty warrior tribe members found new homes, we noted the changes and growth of them all, and it was good.

Eventually, the TROUT was left with a few individuals: the Dragon, a fierce fighter and protector; the Iceberg, who left behind him a swath of destruction; and Cantilever, the support and guiding light of all. They sat together in a circle, gnawing on the rare treat of “barb” discussing their future.

“No one wants me,” cried the mighty TROUT.

“Everyone wants me!” boasted the Berg.

The Dragon and Cantilever smiled at each other, “We must travel together, for the fighter must always have his defender by his side.”

They looked at one another, and realized that some of the frost had diminished.

Soon, the games began. The TROUT was lonely. He wanted one of the others to share his title, and so he created the rotating duke.  Each of the other magical three would step forth and co-duke. The Dragon was able to shine in his abilities, getting a alliance with a mighty tribe with no points or players. The Bergman created whims and found us a new song for us to sing when the coldness settled in.

Now, as the world warms, each of them looks to the future, unsure where it will lead them, but sure that it will be a fun trip!

I also dragged a former duke of TROUT out into the open and forced him to answer my questions about his whims and his time as leader of TROUT.

“I chose my whims based upon a combination of inside tribal jokes and the first few things that popped into my head. As for my period of rule, it was pretty much just like being a regular member. In TROUT, we are equals striving for a common goal. There are no real “positions” within our tribe. We are a family, and we look out for each other. Plain and simple. Although, when I was duke I did make an ultra top-secret mega alliance as Cara mentioned earlier. However, I cannot say anything else about said issue…”

Thank you to the TROUT folks for putting up with my interrogation.


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So… If I can get it together to have a blog out this weekend, I’m hoping it will be about YAY. If it’s not about them, no idea what I’ll be up to. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged, particularly when I’m too busy and stressed to come up with my own ideas, let alone get these blogs out to you on time.