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February 27, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

I had planned to start out by saying I’m disappointed with the lack of snow here, but I have a better idea. I want to publicly thank Samulis for making my blog banner. Samulis, if you’re reading this, I love you! Now then, my apologies to readers for taking a while in getting this out. I had some difficulties with the formatting, and I’ve also wanted to test out how some things work in this.


Playing with Ketchup

It’s been over 6 months since we last had a consistent blogger. I’m going to take advantage of my first actual blog to provide a recap of the major events of the past half a year. Some of these may seem inconsequential, and I may have missed something other people consider important. If so, just think of this as a rough draft. Tell me where I made an oopsie or what you think I could improve, and I’ll eventually make an updated version of this timeline. If I feel adventurous, I may even eventually extend this back to the start of the world. And for those who failed to “catch” my bad pun, “ketchup” is like “catch up”…

Earlier ongoing events

  • TDH! vs. W.O.H war (since March 15, for somewhat unclear reasons)
  • ~T~ vs. W.O.H war (since April 12, continued from NAKED vs. W.O.H war)
  • T~S vs. IDS.F war (unofficial, continued from when T~S was Pint)
  • T~S vs. Nyuk war (unofficial)
  • ModWar vs. W.O.H war (since June 8, because of W.O.H attacks before the expiration of a NAP)
  • Dos X vs. Nyuk war (since June 22, continued from the Bio! vs. Nyuk war)
  • Dos X vs. IDS.F war (since June 22, continued from the Bio! vs. IDS.F war)


  • 10- UBM makes his antepenultimate blog post (here).
  • 27- UBM makes his second to last blog post (here).
  • 27- Several T~S players jump to IDS.F.
  • 30- Most T~S players merge into KTA.


  • 8- Brisr949, co-duke of OKBI, and 5 others leave to reform Bio!. Dauthi, the other co-duke, also leaves. The downfall of OKBI is speculated.
  • 11- Some ex-T~S players in KTA begin jumping to IDS.F.
  • 17- W.O.H disbands after warring ModWar since June 7. ~T~ and TDH! had also been at war with W.O.H, but neither made as much of an impact on the war.
  • 10- UBM makes his final blog post (here).
  • 16- IDS.F vs. KTA war begins. IDS.F makes the public declaration, but both sides argue over which was the initial antagonizer.
  • 16- Nyuk declares “war” on KTA for recruitment of T~S refugees.
  • 30- ModWar declares war on ~T~ for recruitment of W.O.H refugees.


  • 8- OKBI changes its name to Dos X.
  • 9- Two KTA leaders leave for IDS.F in an attempt to draw out spies. Three days later, two more players move over, and then the leaders return.
  • 13- Three Dos X players on the frontline with IDS.F form a new tribe, Apoc. They enter into a NAP agreement with IDS.F.
  • 20- Dawn is formed, and players from ~T~ begin moving over in droves. ModWar acknowledges they will continue to fight as though the tribe change hadn’t taken place.
  • 20- Over the next 4 days, 14 Bio! members merge into Dos X.
  • 26- The first stats of ModWar vs. TDH! are posted, essentially amounting to a declaration.
  • 28- ~T~ essentially dies when the last player from ~T~ to make the move to Dawn leaves. Ten players remain in ~T~. Of these, three barb within a month, three barb within a month, and three more barb within two months.


  • 3- Jeho <3 asks for new bloggers.
  • 7- Dawn disbands after warring ModWar.
  • 20- ModWar celebrates VectoR Day to commemorate the anniversary of VectoR’s founding. Celebrations included changing the tribe’s name for a day and what ModWar duke hagermaster2 described as “obscene shenanigans” on the external forums. Three ModWar players noble five barbarian villages in K18, resulting in diplomatic issues between ModWar and KTA.
  • 20- USA merges into TDH!, which is then renamed TDHUSA. War continues with ModWar.
  • 23- The first stats of ModWar vs. TKWSN are posted, essentially amounting to a declaration.
  • 29- RAWK merges into Dos X.


  • 22- SU is formed by players from IDS.F.


  • 5- The Dos X vs. IDS.F war and KTA vs. IDS.F war end.
  • 7- SU reaches a membership high of 21 players.
  • 7- A total of 16 players from IDS.F and SU join Dos X over the course of three days.
  • 12- SU disbands. Most members return to IDS.F immediately; all return eventually.
  • 13- IDS.F players begin to return from Dos X.
  • 21- YAY is formed by five players from Dos X. They continue to fight the same enemies as Dos X.
  • 21- BEEP declares war on YAY to prove to the world its awesomeness.


  • 1- The number of ex-IDS.F members in Dos X stabilizes at three players and remains there until over a month later.
  • 15- TKWSN disbands after warring ModWar. Some players join TDHUSA; others form a new tribe, TNO.
  • 19- Dos X re-declares war on IDS.F.
  • 21- KTA re-declares war on IDS.F.
  • 24- BEEP announces victory against YAY. YAY does not object.


  • 20- w42 acquires a new blogger.


IDS.F Players Join Nyuk

Over the past week, six IDS.F players, ThunderingIce, yoshi31, kelnalevin, Yoyotu, FlyHawk98, and thedogfather, have moved to Nyuk. Both tribes have been fighting Dos X and KTA for several months, so this will not directly impact any of these wars. I spoke with leaders of each tribe about this after the first four players had switched tribe tags.

“I believe they are friendly, skilled, and active players who will be missed. They wanted to play with their friend, ThunderingIce, of whom we had management differences. We are glad they found a home in Nyuk. While we were reluctant to let them go, we wish them luck and will continue to work with them in battling our mutual enemies.”
-Rabidwolff, Duke of IDS.F

“Thank you for the questions – I’ll try to be as brief as possible in terms of answering them.
The invitations to all who were invited were decided upon at the same time, so no separate answers there.
The few players that Nyuk invited are players that have had some recurring disagreements with IDS and its leadership, Nyuk has turned them down before as they have sought recruitment more than once, but this time Nyuk council decided to give them a chance.
This is a game played for fun, and every tribe has something different to offer. I hope that these players find happiness in Nyuk – we are happy to have them.
I have a relationship with many IDS players, many of whom I consider friends. But I will not seek to pull any of them out of IDS. This is not a merge, and there are no current plans to recruit any other players from IDS, if any others have a desire to come over to Nyuk each case will be reviewed, and an intelligent decision will be made.
IDS has been and will remain a friend of Nyuk.
We have fought the same players and held some of the same discontent for many months, and I have absolutely no intention of altering that.
IDS has been through a lot, and I respect them very much.”
-BigT, Duke of Nyuk

One of the players put their reasons simply.

“Nyuk has great leadership. The rest kinda falls into place.”


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Thank you for reading this first issue. Commentary and suggestions on content and formatting are more than welcome. (^-^)