BoM v.42: Side 2

March 6, 2011 in World 042 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

And here we go again! This blog is somewhat lacking in actual content. I’m sorry for that. There was some… difficulty… with a few certain people. They know who they are, and I hope I don’t have trouble with them again. ;)


Remember that Timeline?

As people saw in last week’s blog, I’ve been working on a timeline of major events in w42. Currently, it covers most of what’s happened in the world going back to July of last year.

However, I have a problem. Some people wanted the timeline to go back farther, but July was roughly when I started paying attention to everything that was going on in world affairs. Even when I was in Bio!, I didn’t read everything on the externals. I figured that if it didn’t have anything to do with my tribe directly (in other words, unless it was a war thread for my tribe), it wasn’t anything I needed to pay attention to. When I was in Pint, I only actively followed our one war thread. Before that, I barely looked at the externals at all. Was I incredibly foolish at the time? Yes, definitely. But now it’s too late to do anything differently.

I need help. I really don’t know world history. In order for this timeline to go back farther, other people need to tell me what happened. I’m looking for the founding of major tribes, war declarations, war terminations, the disbanding of major tribes, merges and mass recruitment involving major tribes, and anything else that the world community thinks is important. I need three things with each piece of history:

  • Event (What happened? This should be self-explanatory.)
  • Date (I need, at the very least, the month in which this event occurred. If you don’t know that much, go look it up! I’m too lazy to look for an event if I don’t even know where to look. If at all possible, give me a specific day or date range.)
  • Sources (Where can I find more information about this event? Link me to a relevant forum thread and tell me what posts to look at, or link me to TWstats and tell me where to look.)

I will keep begging for information (in a somewhat more pithy manner) over the next few weeks, but it is possible to bribe me to shut up. Information about w42 history is the best form of bribery, but I also accept fancy chocolate. I will post another draft of the timeline as soon as people give me enough information to work with. I will then ask for the w42 community to fill in any remaining gaps and run it through a bias-check. After that, I’ll go through however many drafts it takes until the history of w42 is satisfactorily recreated.

If you have anything for me, please message me on Skype or mail it to me on the forums or in game. Thank you!


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Anyway, I gave folks a lame blog this week, and I’m sorry for that. I suppose I shouldn’t be starting out on a boring note, but such is life. At least I’ve managed to stick to my weekly schedule for three weeks running! And feedback is, as always, appreciated.