Blitz: A New Spark

July 16, 2011 in World 016 News, World News, Worlds 11-20 News

Hello to all W16 readers and welcome once again to the W16 blog. This week I bring you an inside look on Blitz, the tribe that split off from Plight. At this point in the world, it seemed highly unlikely that tribes would be splintering off into smaller tribes, but that’s exactly what happened. Normally this would be a bad thing, but the results may prove otherwise.

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Blitz seemed to form out of no where. From the point of view from an outsider, it seemed that very little had occurred to prompt this, other than perhaps a forum post questioning Plight game play posted in the externals. Then suddenly in the last few days of March and the beginning of April, sixteen players proceeded to leave Plight and join Blitz. Most of these members came from the northern portion of Plight, which can still be largely seen on the map above.

As surprising as this split was, what seemed even stranger was the pattern of players returning. A few returned to Plight within days of joining, bringing up the question, why leave in the first place? In the beginning of May, another six players returned to Plight and it seemed that whatever had happened had begun to be fixed, but then three more players left for Blitz between May 11 and June 14, including cyclopz who had already left Plight and rejoined once before. To top it all off, earlier today, three members returned to Plight, which once again included cyclopz.

This erratic seeming behavior just lead to more questions. To those of us not directly involved, nothing seemed to explained what was happening, and we were only left with theories, so I decided to interview two players involved with Blitz, crazyplayer4, the duke of Blitz, and RJGall, ex-duke of Plight and one of the members who joined Blitz and later returned to Plight.

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In my last blog I commented on the increase in activity from both Plight and Blitz. These two interviews confirmed that this was one of the major goals in the split, was to prompt an increase in activity from both tribes.

Lately, Blitz’s future seems questionable. They seemed to have reached their goals, at least in part, but with members returning to Plight, they are down to seven. In addition, another two members in Blitz are currently banned, while two more are losing points, leaving the tribe with only three members actively growing. Considering the trend of the past few months, it seems likely that Blitz will once again completely join with Plight, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

That’s all for this week. Originally I wanted to include a view from a C² member, but had trouble catching the person I had in mind online at a time when I could conduct an interview. However, during that time I decided it would be better to wait until after these other two interviews had been publicly posted, so that the opposing side could give their own view on their view of things as well as what was stated in the interviews. I’ll be including that in next weeks blog.

Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,